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Joseph P. Hallock
Family Bible

Located in the DAR Family Bibles Collection, Volume 79 at the State Library at Albany, NY
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Family of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Duplicate of original from Family Bible. I wrote both. Lillis H. Lusk


Joseph Potter Hallock and Lillis Stevens married Jan. 4, 1829
Leonard E. Vincent and Hannah Hallock married Jan. 13, 1852
Ansel R. Elliot and Augusta Hallock married Oct. 7, 1866
Franklin Lusk and Josephine Hallock married June 10, 1867
Stanley Vincent and Florence Cole married October 7, 1902, Catskill, NY
J. Everett Vincent and Anna McKeon married Dec. 22, 1894, Newark, NJ
Frank Bagley and May Vincent married Dec. 25, 1894, Freehold, NY
John Bonar and May A. Elliot married at Ludlow, KY
George W. Burdick and Emily Lusk married June 27, 1897 at Chatham, NY
Frank Lusk and Daisy Curran married Aug. 21, 1914 at Freehold, NY


Joseph Potter Hallock, March 15, 1808
Lillis Stevens (Stephens), March 6, 1809
Adaline Hallock, Dec. 6, 1829, Norton Hill, NY
Hannah Hallock, May 30, 1832, Norton Hill, NY
Stanley Vincent, Nov. 17, 1857, Freehold, NY
J. Everett Vincent, Oct. 8, 1860, Freehold, NY
May Vincent, Dec. 25, 1866, Freehold, NY
Augusta Hallock, June 10, 1836, Norton Hill, NY
May A. Elliott
Adaline H. Elliott
Josephine Hallock, Jan. 1, 1839, Norton Hill, NY
Emily Lusk, July 4, 1870, Freehold, NY
Lillis Hallock Lusk, June 24, 1874, Freehold, NY
Frank Lusk, June 29, 1877
Franklin Lusk, June 27, 1830, Freehold, NY

Children of Frank Lusk Jr.:
Frances Lillian Lusk, b. April 29, 1916, East Durham, NY
Mary Emily Lillis Lusk, b. July 23, 1917, Port Kent, NY
William Lusk, b. Dec. 19, 1919, Freehold, NY


Joseph P. Hallock, Jan. 12, 1885, Greenville, NY
Lillis Stevens, July 7, 1884, Greenville, NY
Adaline Hallock, Aug. 7, 1910, Ludlow, KY
Hannah Hallock Vincent, 1895, Freehold, NY
Augusta Hallock Elliott, July 4, 1886, Ludlow, KY
Josephine Hallock Lusk, June 8, 1909, Freehold, NY
Franklin Lusk, Feb. 2, 1896, Freehold, NY
Stanley Vincent, Feb. 25, 1914, Catskill, NY
J. Everett Vincent, July 17, 1917, Freehold, NY
Adaline H. Elliott, Feb. 17, 1922, Ludlow, KY
Frank Lusk, Apr. 5, 1927, Coeymans, NY

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