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Joshua Nelson Family 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 83, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.

Copy of Bible in the possession of Mrs. Wm. (nee Jessie Palmer) Waldron at time Mrs. Rossi made the copy (circa 1955)


Joshua Nelson and Hannah Crapper were married 1798
Hannah Nelson and Gideon E. Palmer were married August 13, 1818
Mason Pirce (Pierce) and Charity Nelson were married December 17, 1822
William Nelson Palmer and Adah Bishop were married May 13, 1857 by Elder C.W. Havens
William Nelson Palmer married 2nd Louisa Augusta Burgess July 2, 1872
Rev. John W. Morrison and Frances A. Palmer were married January 9, 1882
Ernest E. Lamb and Hannah C. Palmer were married October 17, 1883
Miron (Myron) Keefer and Susan Palmer were married September 22, 1847 by Rev. Silas Fitch
Nelson Palmer and Elizabeth Martin were married July 5, 1853 by Rev. Slater
Zerah Palmer and Joannah Palmer were married November 3, 1861
Jessie L. Palmer and William P. Waldron were married January 3, 1900


Hannah Crapper, w/o Joshua Nelson was born 1775
Joshua Nelson was born 1769

(Believe these are the parents of these children)
Hannah Nelson was born April 17, 1799
John Nelson was born April 28, 1802
Charity Nelson was born April 16, 1804 (married a Smith)
Permelia Nelson was born March 26, 1806
Sarah Nelson was born September 30, 1808
Stephen Nelson was born February 12, 1813
Gilbert Nelson was born November 1, 1816
George Washington Nelson was born September 30, 1825

Parents Hannah Nelson and Gideon E. Palmer:
Sally Ann Palmer born July 13, 1819
Susan Palmer born March 1, 1821
William Nelson Palmer born November 4, 1822
Nelson Palmer born July 3, 1825
Joannah Palmer born March 17, 1835
Adah Bishop, w/o Wm. Nelson Palmer born February 22, 1830
Louisa Augusta Burgess born October 30, 1843
Gideon E. Palmer born September 8, 1794

Parents Wm. Nelson Palmer and Adah Bishop:
Frances Amelia Palmer born June 4, 1858
Hannah Celicia Palmer born June 28, 1860
James Wm. Palmer born May 26, 1863
Sheriden Palmer born September 12, 1865
Gideon Palmer born May 9, 1868

Parents Wm. Nelson Palmer and Louisa Augusta Burgess:
Sabrina Palmer born May 16, 1873
Gertrude B. Palmer born August 25, 1874
Jennie Palmer born November 6, 1877
Jessie L. Palmer born November 6, 1877

William P. Waldron born July 29, 1875, husband of Jessie L. Palmer)

Parents Wm. P. Waldron and Jessie L. Palmer:
Marion Louise Waldron born Grapeville, NY September 9, 1901
Dorothy Edith Waldron born Ravena, NY January 10, 1906
Catherine Waldron born Ravena, NY October 9, 1909
Ora Elizabeth Waldron born Ravena, NY May 27, 1914


Marion L. Waldron and Robert C. Townsend were married Ravena, NY June 30, 1921 by Rev. W.L. Comstock
Dorothy Ellen Waldron and Earl Jensen were married April 29, 1925
Catherine Waldron and Peter Dumary were married August 1933
Ora E. Waldron and Donald M. Chapman were married Coxsackie M.E. Church November 16, 1935


Robert C. Townsend born Coxsackie, NY July 4, 1898
Earl Jansen born Coxsackie, NY (May 17) 1902
Peter Dumary born (no date)
Donald M. Chapman born (no date)

Parents Marion L. Waldron and Robert C. Townsend:
Dorothy Ellen Townsend born June 11, 1922
Jane Louise Townsend born January 12, 1924
Robert C. Townsend Jr. born February 8, 1927
Roger I. Townsend born June 26, 1931

Parents Dorothy E. Waldron and Earl Jansen:
Jean Jansen born February 22, 1926
Warren Van Schaack Jansen born September 6, 1938
Mary Ann Jansen born January 3, 1943

Parents Catherine Waldron and Peter Dumary:
Kathryn Jessie Dumary born February 7, 1936


Sally Ann Palmer died July 13, 1842 age 23, buried Stanton Hill
Joshua Nelson died January 6, 1843, in his 74 year
George Washington Nelson died September 18, 1848 age 22 years 11 months 19 days
Gideon E. Palmer died March 23, 1852, aged 57 years 6 months 15 days ( buried Stanton Hill)
Hannah Crapper, wife of Joshua Nelson, died December 7, 1852, age 77 years
Hannah Nelson, w/o Gideon E. Palmer, died September 21, 1862, aged 63 years 4 days (on stone 3 days) buried Stanton Cemetery
Adah Bishop, wife of Wm. Nelson Palmer died October 26, 1869 age 38 years 8 months 4 days
Jennie Palmer (twin) died June 8, 1878 age 7 months 2 days
Nelson Palmer died December 26, 1880 age 55 years 5 months 23 days
Permelia Nelson died August 26, 1886 age in 80th year
Gilbert Nelson died March 27, 1889 age 73
Charity Nelson Smith died November 6, 1889 age 85
Wm. Nelson Palmer died July 10, 1890 age 67 years 4 months 25 days (buried Greenville Cemetery)
Gertrude B. Palmer died February 4, 1892 age 17 years 6 months 21 days (buried Greenville Cemetery)
Sabrina Palmer died February 11, 1892 aged 18 years 9 months 11 days (buried Greenville Cemetery)
Myron Keefer died 1893, husband of Susan Palmer
Joannah Palmer died February 28, 1894 age 59
Louisa Augusta Burgess, wife of Wm. Nelson Palmer died July 6, 1911 age 67 years 8 months 6 days (buried Greenville cemetery)

Children of Nelson Palmer and Elizabeth Martin:
Infant son born May 12, 1856, died May 12, 1856 (buried Stanton Cemetery south of Dormansville)
Elizabeth (Libbie) Palmer born March 21, 1867, died September 20, 1867, age 6 months (buried same)
Oscar B. Palmer born October 1863, died December 1874 aged 11 years 2 months (buried same)
(Note: was to cemetery - 2 plain stones with these, with no marks on them)

Copy made 1955.
In Bible of Jessie L. and Wm. P. Waldron is the following grandchildren of theirs


Marian L(ouise) W. and Robert C. Townsend
Dorothy Ellen Townsend and George Person Saulpaugh were married June 17, 1944 by Rev. Robert L. Mauterstock, Coxsackie
Jane Louise Townsend and Harold W. Ek were married August 2, 1947, Coxsackie
Robert C. Townsend Jr. and Joan were married

Dorothy E. Townsend and Geo. P. Saulpaugh
Philip Saulpaugh was born
Sheril Saulpaugh was born

Jane L. Townsend and Harold W. Ek
Patricia Ek was born

Robert C. Townsend Jr. and Joan
Johanna Townsend was born

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