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Jump Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Town of Greenville on Red Mills Road, just south of the intersection with East Red Mills Road. It is surrounded by a stone wall and is well tended.

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Transcribed by Sylvia, Britni and Derick Hasenkopf on June 27, 2000

  1. Levi Rogers, d. March 24, 1839, aged 84y
  2. Julia, d. February 23, 1835, aged 3y3,9d, d/o Samuel and Emeline Horton
    George, d. December 21, 1835, aged 7d, s/o Samuel and Emeline Horton
  3. Ashel Craw, d. February 13, 1835, aged 64y
  4. Sarah, d. October 29, 1852, aged 76y, w/o Ashel Craw
  5. In memory of Morris Jump, d. June 22, 1851, aged 60y11m28d
  6. Mary, d. May 13, 1863, aged 68y4m29d, w/o Morris Jump
  7. Alma, d. July 24, 1857, aged 2y7m, d/o Alexander and Augusta Ann Jump
  8. Newton, d. August 3, 1857, aged 6m, s/o Alexander and Augusta Ann Jump
  9. Wilton, d. February 4, 1864, aged 5y4m21d, s/o Alexander and Augusta Ann Jump
  10. Nancy E, d. December 30, 1843, aged 33y7m10d, w/o William Rogers
  11. Martin Hartshorn, d. April 4, 1843, aged 48y3m11d

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