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Kenyon Family Bible

Bible records courtesy of the Durham Center Museum.
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible belonging to Frances Coggeshall


Lewis Kenyon, b. June 15, 1843
Frances M. Coggeshall, b. September 14, 1849, w/o Lewis Kenyon
Clayton L. Kenyon, b. November 19, 1873
Etta A. Kenyon, b. November 17, 1883
Sarah E. Coggeshall, b. December 4, 1847, 2nd w/o Lewis Kenyon, sister of Frances Coggeshall
Nellie C. Kenyon, b. February 17, 1889
Harold J. Kenyon, b. July 19, 1902
Doris Jean Kenyon, b. September 24, 1928
Janet Lynn Marr, b. February 2, 1952
Robert Kenyon Marr, b. November 17, 1954
Kathryn Anne Plourde, b. October 4, 1974
James Kenyon Plourde, b. July 13, 1977
Robert Kenneth Marr, b. April 4, 1978

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