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Kiskatom Circuit
Methodist Church


Contributed by Audrey Klinkenberg and transcribed by Scott Wichmann


A            Asbury
b             born
C             Catskill
cert         certificate
Ch           Church
cong       congregation
dau         daughter
disc         discontinued
HF           High Falls
K             Kiskatom
m            married
P             Palenville
p/pro    probationer
Q            Quarryville
R             Received
R/l         Received with letter
RIF         Received in full
RFP       Received from probation
RT         Round Top
rem       removed
rem/l    removed with letter
rem/nol     removed without letter
rem/no cert     removed without certificate
S              Steward
s              single
Saug       Saugerties
T             Trial member
trans       transferred
w/Wd    widow/widower
W             Withdrawn
wits          witnesses  

All probationers and members were expected to attend a class meeting.  The book has three columns, class number, names and remarks.


page 253            Written by J. H. Champion, class number 1 

                        James Grant, leader                            David J. Shaffer

                        Catharine Grant                                   Martha Shaffer

                        Walter Pine, Steward                           John D. Shaffer

                        Caroline Pine                                       Lewis S. Shaffer

                        Rebecca E. Pine                                   A. Webster Shaffer

                        Smith Pine                                            Catharine Crapser

                        Jacob C. Barringer                               Peter Linzy

                        Jane Barringer                                      Gibert Lane

                        Conrad A. Barringer                            Roxanna Overbaugh

                        Cordelia Barringer                               John F. Westervelt

                        Written by J. H Champion, class number 2

                         William Dodd, leader                            page 254

                        Anna N. Dodd                                          Ida C. Lawrence

                        Mary C. Dodd                                          Frederick W. Lawrence

                        Margaret A. Dodd                                   Martha Caroline Lawrence

                        Phebe Morrison                                       Henry W. Lawrence

page 254        Phebe Maria Morrison                           Ferdinand Lock

                        Neely Lawrence                                       Sarah Lock

                        Catharine Lawrence                                Magdaline Linzy

                        Merchant Lawrence                                Louisa Crapser

                        Written by J. H. Champion, class number 3

                         William Fiero, leader                             Wm. Chidester

                         Eliza Fiero                                                Charity Chidester

                         Ira T. Smith, Exhorter                              Ira Egnor

                        Ann E. Smith                                             Catharine Lampman

                        Rosanna Smith                                          Sarah Wilber

                        Mary Fiero                                                 Catharine Palmatier

                        Sally Wright                                              Marthy Covel


page 255        Written by J. H. Champion, class number 4, meets at the church,
                       Sunday noon, F. M. Jones, leader.

                        Sarah Jones                                                Elisabeth Wright

                        Harvey Stoddard                                     George Stoddard

                        Emily Stoddard                                       Maria Stoddard

                        Deborah Hunt                                         Catharine Hart

                        Sally Titus                                               Elisabeth Ross

                        Christian Schoonmaker                        Gitta A. Schermerhorn

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker                              Joshua T. Smith

                        Mary E. Stoddard                                  Nancy Smith

                        Elisabeth Cochran                                John P. Warner

                        John Edgeley                                          Ann E. Warner

                        Mary Edgeley                                         William Schermerhorn

                        Chester Stoddard                                  Susan Beach

                        Elisabeth Stoddard                               Frederick Fiero

                        Sally Jones                                               Christina Fiero

                        Alpheus Wright                                      Hannah Hart

page 256       Class number 4, continued.

                        Phebe A. Bullis                                      Philo Richards

                        Emeline Roe                                          Jeremiah Heusted

                        Gertrude Bullis                                      Delia Schermerhorn

                        Hannah Schermerhorn                          Mary Austin

                        Adaline Mead                                       Hannah C. Haines

                        David Stoddard                                    Angeline Garrisson

                        Mary Stoddard                                      Mary Garrisson

                        Sarah K. Jones                                        Warren Titus

                        Miranda Garrisson                               John Titus

                        Jacob Garrisson                                     Andrew Aldrich

                        Lucinda Garrisson                                Lavinia Garrisson

                        Hannah M. Slater                                  Joseph Garrisson

                        Baltis Moak                                           Nelson Bullis

                        Margaret A. Moak                                Elisabeth Boice

                        George Garrisson                                 Julia Fiero (her name under

                        John W. Fiero, exhorter                       John W. Fiero in the listing)

page 257            Class number 4, continued

                        Eliza Fiero                                            Cornelius J. Elmendorf

                        Hellen Allen                                        Catharine Elmendorf

                        Mary Aldrich                                       Eliza S. Boice

                        George Aldrich                                   Mary Jane Richards, on pro

                        Martha J. Mulford                                *next six names on pro since 1 Apr

                        Sarah M. Elton                                      1859

                        Harriet Ross                                         Asula Richards

                        Augusta Edgerly                                  Edgar O. Warner

                        Judith Yeadon                                      Sarah E. Slater

                        Almira E. Mulford                               Charles Bullis

                        Charles Webster                                   Merrit Haines

                        Susan Webster                                      Jeremiah Schermerhorn

                        Josiah Bullis, in full membership many years, aged and infirm.                        missing Yeadon, on pro since Feb 1861 

page 258          Class number 5, written by J.H. Champion, meets at P Ch,                        Sunday 12 M, Talmadge Lawrence, leader.

                         Catharine Lawrence                              Laura Bonesteal

                        John Goodwin                                         James H. Gardiner

                        Catharine Goodwin                                Montgomery Landt

                        Charles Teal                                             Matilda Landt

                        Pelina Teal                                               Maria Palen

                        Martha Teal                                              Mary Trumpbour

                        Phebe Carnwright                                   Rebecca Burger

                        Ann Morris                                              Mary J. Fox

                        Leah Bonesteal                                       Mary Cole

                        Jemima Brett                                          Sarah A. Landt, Morton added

                        Jane Pelham                                         Harriet Obrine

                        Louisa Bogart                                       Mary E. Goodwin

                        Betsy Goodwin                                     Catharine Merrit

                        Lewis Ward                                           Stephen Merrit

                        Clarissa Ward                                        Phebe Merrit

page 259          Class number 5, continued.

Ann E. Hinman                                       Rhoda A. Barton

                        Catharine Rightmire                              Harriet Root

                        Louisa Rightmire                                   Christoph August Bauman

                        Edgar Goodwin                                      Magdalene Bauman

                        Charlotte A. Goodwin                            Sarah Hare

                        David N. Gardiner 

                        Class number 6, written by J.H. Champion, meets at the church on Sunday, William Lewis, leader. 

                        Mary A. Lewis                                         Christina Moon

                        Charles Cherritree                                  Ann E. Gardiner

                        Mary Cherritree                                      Lydia M. Gardiner

                        Adeline Cheritree                                   William Merrit

                        John D. Morris                                        Margaret Merrit

                        Margaret E. Morris                                Henry Moon

                        Maria Frear, rem/1                                 Elisa Moon

Augusta Frear                                          G.R. Berry

Samuel Moon

page 260          Class number 6, continued.

                        Eliza E. Berry                                           Jacob D. Morris

                        John W. Hungerford                               Catharine A. Dedrick

                        Margaret Hungerford                            John L. Moon

                        Marcena Hitchcock, exhorter                Margaret Moon

                        Hannah E. Myers                                    Sarah Lewis

                        George Taylor, Steward                        Rufus S. Lewis

                        Margaret Taylor                                     Leah Dedrick

Martha Myers 

                        Revised March 23 1862
P. R. Brown Elder
Pratsville District
Kiskatom Circuit

                                                            AdeerVail Pr in ch 

page 261          Revised March 23 1862 AdeerVail, Pr in ch.
 Class number 1, meets at church in Kiskatom.

                         James Grant

                        Catharine Grant

                        Walter Pine, Steward, died Aug 5, 1862, aged 53 years,  was a member of this church about 38 years.

                        Caroline Pine

                        Rebecca E. Pine

                        Smith Pine, Steward

                        Jacob C. Barringer, very feeble

                        Jane Barringer

                        Conrad Baringer

                        David J. Shaffer

                        Martha Shaffer

                        John D. Shaffer, rem/cert to C

                        A. Webster Shaffer

                        Lewis S. Shaffer

                        Peter Linsey

                        Gilbert Lane

                        Roxanna Overbaugh, died 2 Nov in Christ

                        Cordelia Barringer

                        John F. Westervelt, on Pro Feb 1862

                        William Pine, on pro changed to full connexion

                        Mary Shaffer, on pro changed to full connexion

                        Adaline Bogardus, on pro changed to full connexion

                        Addelaide Bogardus, on pro changed to full connexion

                        Morris R. Ostrum, R/l, Steward

                        Mary Ostrum, R/l

                        Griffin Halbrook

                        Elizabeth Halbrook

 page 262       Class number 2, meets in church at Kiskatom, Isaac G. Bogardus, leader, rem/l

                        William Dodd, trans to P class

                        Anna N. Dodd, trans to P class

                        Mary C. Dodd, trans to Bro Grant’s class

                        Margaret A. Dodd, Withdrawn

                        Phebe Morrison

                        Phebe M. Morrison

                        Neely Laurance

                        Catharine Laurence

                        Merchant Laurance

                        Ida C. Lawrance

                        Frederick M. Lawrence, Steward

                        Martha C. Lawrance

                        Henry W. Laurence, withdrawn

                        Ferdinand Lock

                        Sarah Lock

                        Seymour C. Vail, rem

                        Charles S. Vail, rem

                        The next names were all on pro Feb 1862 and RIF 28 Sep 1862

                        Charles G. Bawers

                        Lovina C. Bawers

                        Levi Woolverine, rem/cert

                        John Laurance

                        Albert Greene

                        Sister Woolverine, rem/cert

                        Luphemia Laurence

                        Amelia Laurence

 page 263       Class number 3, meets in church at Kiskatom, William Fiero, leader

                        Eliza Fierow

                        Ira T. Smith, exhorter changed to Local preacher

                        Ann E. Smith

                        Rosanna Smith

                        Mary Fiero

                        Sally Wright

                        Ira Eggnor

                        Catharine Lampman

                        Martin W. Fierow

                        Ann Elizabeth Fierow

                        James Morse, on trial Feb 1862

                        Sylvester Waite, gone to the war

                        Catharine Waite, rem/l

                        Class number 4, at RT church, F. M. Jones, leader.

                         Sara Jones

                        Harvy Stoddard, died in the Lord, 28 June 1862, aged 58.

                        Emily Stoddard

                        Deborah Hunt

                        Sally Titus, very old & bed ridden, dead

                        Christian Schoonmaker and under his name Sylvia Schoonmaker

                        Mary Stoddard

                        Elizabeth Cochran

                        John O. Edgerley                                        Sally Jones

                        Mary Edgerley                                           Alpheus Wright

                        Chester Stoddard                                      Elisabeth Wright

                        Elisabeth Stoddard                                   George Stoddard

page 264          Class number 4, continued.

                        Mariah Stoddard                                       Sarah R. Jones

                        Catharine Heart                                         Miranda Garrison

                        Elisabeth Ross                                            Jacob Garrison

                        Gitty A. Schermerhorn                              Lucinda Garrison

                        Joshua T. Smith, dead                              Hannah M. Slater

                        Nancy Smith                                               Baltis Moak

                        John P. Warner                                           George Garrison, rem

                        Amos Warner                                             John W. Fiero

                        Susan Beach, rem/l                                   Julia Fiero

                        Frederick Fiero                                          Margaret A. Moak

                        Christina Fiero                                           David Stoddard

                        Hannah Hart

                        Phebe Bullis, trans to class #1

                        Emeline Ro

                        Gertrude Bullis, trans to class #1

                        Adaline Stoddard                                     Philo Richmond

                        Mary Stoddard                                         Delia Schermerhorn

page 265          Class number 4, continued

                        Mary Austin

                        Hannah C. Hains, rem

                        Angeline Garrison, rem and under her name Mary Garrison, rem

                        Warren Titus

                        John Titus, withdrawn

                        Andrew Aldrich, rem

                        Lovina Garrison

                        Joseph Garrison, withdrawn

                        Nelson Bullis, withdrawn

                        Elisabeth Boice                         The following are probationers

                        Eliza Fiero                                 Number 4 class at RT

                        Hellen Allen                                          Droped all 6

                        Mary Aldich                                         Mary J. Richards

                        George Aldich                                      Arsula Richards

                        Martha J. Mulford                                 Edger O. Warner

                        Sarah M Elton                                         Sarah E. Slater

                        Harriet Ross                                            Charles Bullis

                        Augusta Edgley                                     Merrit Heames

                        Judith Yeaden                                       The following joined Jan 6th 1862

                        Almira E. Mulford, rem                       Joel C. Slater RIF

                        Charles Webster                                   Mary A. Slater, RIF

                        Susan Webster                                       Robert B. Johnson

                        Cornelius Elmondorf, withdrawn      Catharine Johnson

                        Elsa S. Boice                                            Sally Bruce, rem/l

                        Joshua Bullis, trans to # 1                     Mary E. Worner, RIF

                        Catharine Elmondorf                             Sarah E. Titus

                                                                                          Emily J. Titus

                                                                                         Mrs. Sarah Allen, on pro, joined
April 1863

page 266          Class number 5, meets in church at P, Talmage Lawrence, leader, and steward.

                         Jane Andrus                                          Montgomery Landt

                        Catharine A. Laurence                         Matilda Landt

                        John Goodwin, withdrawn                  Muriah Palen, rem/l

                        Catharine Goodwin                              Mary A. Trumpbour

                        Charles Teal                                           Rebecca Burger, withdrawn

                        Pelina Teal                                             Mary Cole

                        Martha Teal                                           Sarah A. Martain, rem

                        Phebe Carnwright                                 Harriet Obrine

                        Leah Bonesteal                                      Mary E. Goodwin

                        Jemimah Brett, died 10 Nov 1862       

                        Jane Pelham, died                                 Catharine Merit

                        Louisa Bogart                                        Stephen Merit

                        Betsey Goodwin, infirm, died suddenly & in the Lord, 1862

                        Lewis Ward                                           Phebe E. Merrit, w

                        Clarrissa Ward                                     Ann E. Hinman, w

                        Laura Bonesteal, w                              Catharine Rightmire, w

                        James H. Gardiner

page 267

                        Louisa Rightmire

                        Edgar Goodwin, sick, died in the Lord, 1862

                        Charletta A. Goodwin

                        David N. Gardiner, rem/l

                        Rhoda A. Barton                                      Catharine Crapser

                        Harriet Root, aged, dead                        Lucinda M. Gardiner, R/l

                        Sarah Hare                                                 Robert Burger, R/l

                        Eliza A. Hawver                                      Maranda T. Burger, R/l

 page 267            Probationers received March 21st & 22, 1863

                         Wm. Turnacliff, gone to war                 John Stewart, dropped

                        Ravilla C. Hinman, R/l                          Charles Stewart, dropped

                        Wm. Hawver                                            John Hidell, dropped

                        Salomon Merit, dropped                       Margaret Hidell

                        Charles Griffin, dropped                       Sarah Hidell, dropped

                        Franklin Grungrer, dropped                 Lucy Griffin, dropped

                        Wm. S. Post                                              Ann Catharine Stewart

                        Isaac Newkirk                                          Ellen Lant, rem/l

                        Mary Hallock, dropped                          Joseph Canright, dropped

                        Elisa Morton, dropped                          Phebe J. Marton

                        Tammy C. Cole, withdrawn                   Augusta Moon, dropped

                        Hellen C. Herrold                                   Nelly Post

                        Emma Lumeree                                       Martha Mower, rem/cert

                        Ann E. Hinman                                       Adelaide Goodwin, dropped

                        Jane E. Lant                                              Hoseah Lasher, dead

                        Mary M. Newkirk                                   Harriet Lasher

                        Emma F. Burger                                     Alfred Lasher

 page 268            Class number 6, meets in church at Falls, Wm. Lewis, leader

                        Mary A. Lewis                                          G.R. Berry

                        Charles Cheritree, withdrawn               Eliza E. Berry

                        Mary Cherritree                                        John W. Hungerford

                        Adeline Cherritree                                   Margaret Hungerford

                        John D. Morris, rem/l                              Mercena Hitchcock, exhorter,

Margaret E. Morris, rem/l                      crossed (out) local preacher, Samuel Moon, dead                                               rem/l, trans to P

Christina Moon, withdrawn                    Hannah E. Moon, died 8 Jul 1862

Anio E. Gardiner                                       Martha Myers

Wm. Merrit                                                Geo Taylor, Steward, rem/l

Margaret Merrit                                       Margaret Taylor, rem/l

Henry Moon                                               Jacob D. Morris

Eliza Moon                                                Catharine A. Dedrick

Lydia M. Gardner                                      Sarah Lewis, very aged, died in Apr                                                                         1862

         Rufus S. Lewis, rem/cert

         Leah Dedrick

page 269            Class # 6, continued.


                        Jesse Taylor, RIF 12 Oct 1862

                        Wm. W. Lewis, RIF 12 Oct 1862, rem/cert

                        Wille Davis, Jr., dropped

                        Sally A. cole, RIF 12 Oct 1862

                        Emily P. Kerr, dropped

                        Theresa Kerr, dropped

                        Probationers joined Dec 1862:

                        Jenet Morton, dropped

                        Nathan B. Lewis, dropped

                        Gideon S. Schermerhorn

                        T.W. Merrit

                        Hellen E. Gardner, dropped

                        Lovina C. Moon, dropped or disc

                        Phebe A. York, rem/cert

                        William R. York, rem/cert

                        Mary E. Fisher, dropped

                        Sally Ann Folan

                        Margaret Bauce, dropped

                        Ann L. Minkler, dropped

                        Catharine Smith, dropped

                        Mary C. Plough

                        Addy C. Swart

                        Almira J. Taylor, dropped

                        Hyram T. Winans, dropped

                        George Ostrum, transferred

                        Josiah Minkler, gone to war

                        Rebecca Sheamaker

                        James A. Ostrum, dropped

                        Laura Haynes, rem

 page 270            Revised 12 April 1865 by James M. Burgar, Pr.

                         Class Number 1, James Grant, leader                    

                        Catharine Grant                                   Garret Whitney

                        Caroline Pine                                       E.C. Whitney

                        Smith Pine                                           Adam Ham

                        William Pine                                       Elizabeth Ham

                        Jacob C. Barranger, aged & feeble

                        Jane Barringer

                        Conrad Barringer, rem/25 Jul 1865

                        Cordlia Barringer, as Conrad             John W. Ham

                        David G. Shaffer                                 Mary C. Ham

                        Martha Shaffer, died 1867                  Charles Ham

                        Mary Britt                                             Anna Ham

                        Peter Lindsey                                       Elizabeth Whiting, m Olmstead, rem/Apr                                                                                            1867

                        Gilbert Lane                                              

                        Griffin Holbrook                                 Gertrude Bullis

                        E. Holbrook                                          Phebe A. Bullis, m Swart, rem/l

                        Henry Hoosten                                   Anna M. Bloom, joined 26 Feb 1864

                        Mary E. Hoosten                                 Ann M. Westervelt, joined

13 Jul 1863

                                                                                        Josiah Bullis

page 271            Class number 2, revised 12 Apr 1865 by James M. Burgar, Pr

                        William Fiero, leader

                        Eliza Fiero, rem/cert 1867

                        Ira T. Smith, local preacher

                        Ann E. Smith

                        Rosanna Smith

                        Catharine Lampman

                        Charles Bowers

                        Lavina Bowers

                        Martin Smith, exhorter

                        Sally Smith                                                        Ferdinand Lock

                        William Morrison, died suddenly 1866

                        Phebe Morrison                                               Sarah Lock

                        Phebe M. Morrison, m Betts                          Sarah Olmstead

                        Neely Lawrence                                               Israel Olmstead

                        Catharine Lawrence                                         John O. Olmstead, rem/l Apr 1867

                        Fredrick Lawrence, steward                          Hellen E. Olmstead, m Saxe

                        Martha C. Lawrence                                        Elizabeth M. Dedrick

                        Luphemia J. Lawrence                                    Robert W. Lawrence

                        Amelia Lawrence                                             Sarah A. Fiero. rem/ 1867

                        Merchant W. Lawrence, rem                          Henry W. Lawrence, joined

Martin L. Lawrence, died Aug 1865             25 Feb 1864

Ida C. Lawrence

John R. Linsey

 page 272            Class number 3, revised 12 April 1865 by James M. Burgar, Pr

                         F.M. Jones leader                             Adaline Stoddard

                        Sarah Jones                                         Emily Stoddard

                        Sally Jones                                         Mary M. Stoddard

                        Sarah K. Jones                                   Alphus Wright

                        Deborah Knapp                                 Elizabeth Wright

                        C.S. Schoonmaker, steward              Hannah Hart

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker                          Catharine Hart

                        Elizabeth Cochran                              Elizabeth Ross

                        John Egerly                                          G.A. Schermerhorn

                        Mary Egerly                                         Delia Schermerhorn

                        Augusta Egerly                                    Philo Richards

                        Chester Stoddard, steward                 Mary Auston

                        Elizabeth Stoddard                              Jacob Garretson

                        George Stoddard                                  Elijah Smalling, R/l

                        Maria Stoddard                                     Lovina Smalling, R/l

                        David Stoddard                                    Mary E. Whitcomb, R/l

                        Mary Stoddard

 page 273            Class number 3, continued

                        Lucinda Garretson                                George Aldrige

                        Lovina Garretson                                 Mary Aldrige

                        Warren Titus                                         Eliza S. Boice

                        Martha J. Mulford                                Nancy Smith

                        John P. Warner                                     Sarah M. Elting

                        Ann E. Warner                                     Judith Yeadon

                        Mary E. Warner                                  Charles Webster

                        Baltis Moak                                         Susan Webster

                        Margaret A. Moak                              Catharine Elmondorf

                        Fredrick Fiero, rem                            Joel C. Slater

                        Christine Fiero, rem                          Mary A. Slater

                        Emeline Roe                                       Mary E. Marquat

                        Hannah M. Slater                               George E. Elmondorf

                        John W. Fiero                                      Sarah M. Yeadon

                        Julia Fiero                                           Hellen Allen

                                                                                       Mary Georgia

 age 274            Revised April 13th 1865, James M. Burgar, Pr.
Class number 4, Talmage Lawrence, leader.

                        Catharine Lawrence                             Emma F. Burgar

                        Catharine Goodwin                              Catharine Johnson

                        Charles Teal                                          Stephen Merritt

                        Pelina Teal                                             Phebe E. Merritt

                        Martha Teal                                          Ann E. Hinman

                        Phebe Conwright                                  Louisa Rightmire

                        Leah Bonesteal                                      Charlotte A. Goodwin

                        Louisa Bogart                                        Eliza A. Hawver

                        Lewis Ward                                           Mary Cole

                        Clarissa Ward                                       Mary E. Goodwin

                        Laura Bonesteal                                   Catharine Rightmire

                        James Gardner                                      Lucinda M. Gardner

                        Harriet Obrine                                      Rhoda A. Barton

                        Marsina Hitchcock, local preacher

                        Montgomery Lant                                Sarah Hare

                        Matilda Lant                                         Wm. Dodd, Steward

                        Mary A. Trumper

 page 275            Class number 4, continued, Wm. Goss, P.E.

                         Anna Dodd                                          Margaret Herrold

                        Catharine Craper                                 James H. Linsey

                        Harriet Lasher                                      Jane Andrus

                        Alfred Lasher                                      Probationers, joined 12 Feb ‘65

                        Wm. S. Post                                         Isaac Lameree, RIF Dec 1865

                        Nelly Post                                           Annette Lumeree, RIF Dec 1865

                        Isaac C. Newkirk                                Jane Morton, died 1867

                        Mary N. Newkirk                               Margaret A. Mower, dropped

                        Ann E. Hinman                                   Mary Lasher

                        Emma Lammeree                               Hannah C. Graham, RIF Dec 1865

                        Hellen C. Herrold                               Kate Stewart, dropped

                        Wm. Hawver                                       Henrietta Baker

                        Eliza J. Morton                                     Julia Trumper

                        Peter Britt                                             Jennis B. Barton, dropped

                        Mary J. Britt                                         Jane Lant

                                                                        Mar       J.H. Van Gelder, R/l 9 Jul 1865, m

                                                                          1865    Rebecca P. Van Gelder, R/l 9 Jul 1865

                                                                                      Miss Sabrina Williams, R/l Jul 1865,

                                                                                      Rem/Dec 1865, W.S.S.

 page 276            Class number 5 of High Falls, revised 13 Apr 1865,
                      James M. Burgar, Pr, Wm. Goss.

                        Wm. Lewis, leader and steward            M. Hungerford

                        Mary Lewis                                               Martha Myres

                        Ruffus Lewis                                             C.A. Dedrick

                        Sally Lewis                                                G.W. Shomaker

                        Wm. W. Lewis                                          R. Shomaker

                        Mary Cherrytree                                       Mary C. Plough

                        Adalade Cherrytree                                J.A. Lant

                        Ann E. Gardner                                       George Taylor, rem/l

                        Wm. Merritt                                              Margaret Taylor, rem/l

                        Margaret Merritt                                     Addie Swart, rem/l

                        Henry Moon, Steward                             S.A. Folan, joined 20 Dec 1862

                        Eliza Moon                                                Jacob Sheckenberg, joined 26 Sep

                        G.R. Berry                                                 1864

                        Eliza E. Berry                                           Susan Sheckenburg

                        J. W. Hungerford                                     Sabrina A. Williams, R/l 23 Jul

 page 277           April 1865                                        William Goss, P.E. 2nd year
                        April 1865                                        William S. Stilwell, pastor, 1st year
                                                                                    April 1866 Re appointed
                      Kiskatom Class                                 April 1867

 page 278            Revised March 1866, W.S. Stilwell, Pastor.
                         Class number 1, Kiskatom meets on Sabbath at church

                        James Grant, leader, m, died in the Lord

                        Catharine Grant, m, rem

                        Caroline Pine, w

                        Smith L. Pine, s, recording steward, rem/l

                        William Pine, s

                        Jacob C. Barringer, m, aged and infirm, died in the Lord Aug 1868

                        Jane Barringer, m

                        David J. Shaffer, m

                        Martha Shaffer, m, died in the Lord 2 Mar 1867

                        Mary Britt, m

                        Peter Linzey, m

                        Gilbert Lane, m, died in the Lord, 1870

                        Griffin Holbrook, m

                        Elizabeth Holbrook, m

                        Henry Hooston, m

                        Mary E. Hooston, m

                        Garret Whitney, m

                        Elizabeth C. Whitney, m

                        Adam Ham, m

                        Elizabeth Ham, m

                        John W. Ham, m

                        Mary C. Ham, m

                        Charles Ham, s, changed to m

                        Elizabeth Olmsted, m, rem/l

                        Gertrude Bullis, m

                        Phebe A. Swart, m

                        Anna M. Bloom, m, rem

                        Ann M. Westervelt, m

                        Josiah Bullis, w, aged & infirn, died 1868

                        Nelson Bullis on pro, s, dropped

                        Phebe E. Gorse

                        Emma E. Gorse

page 279

Class number 2, Kiskatom, revised March, W.S. Stilwell, Pastor, meets at church on Sabbath, Ferdinand Lock, m, leader

Sarah Lock, m

Melissa C. Stilwell, m, rem

Eunice Stilwell, rem

Eliza Fiero, m, rem/l

Ira T. Smith, m, local preacher

Ann E. Smith, m

Rosanna Smith, w

Catharine Lampman, m Overbaugh

Charles Bowers, m, rem/cert

Lavina Bowers, m, rem/cert

Martin Smith, m, exhorter

Sally Smith, m

Phebe Morrison, w, rem Apr 1866, returned 1867

Phebe M. Betts, m, rem Apr 1866, returned 1867 and rem

Neeley Lawrence, expelled 1867, m

Catharine Lawrence, died July 1867, m

Frederick W. Lawrence, m, steward

Martha C. Lawrence, m

Luphemia J. Lawrence, s, m S.L. Pine & rem

Amelia Lawrence, s

Ida C. Lawrence, s, m Ham & rem

John R. Linzey, w, died in the Lord

Sarah Olmstead, m, rem

Israel Olmsted, m

John O. Olmsted, m, rem/l

Helen E. Saxe, m

Elizabeth M. Dedrick, s, rem/Apr 1866

Robert W. Lawrence, s

Sarah A. Fiero, s, rem/l

Henry W. Lawrence, s, rem/l

Jacob Sheckenburgh, rem

Susan Sheckenburgh, rem

 page 280            Class number 1, RT, revised March 1866, W.S. Stilwell, pastor,
meets on Sabbath at church, F. Miller Jones, leader, m.

                        Sarah Jones, m                                   Mary M. Stoddard, s

                        Sally Jones, s                                                Alpheus Wright, m

                        Sarah K. Jones, m                              Elizabeth Wright, m

                        Deborah Knapp, m                              Hannah Hartt, w

                        Chester Stoddard, m, Steward                       Catharine Hartt, s

                        Elizabeth Stoddard, m                          Elizabeth Rofs, w

                        Christian S. Schoonmaker, m, steward

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker, m                     Gertrude A. Schermerhorn, s

                        Elizabeth Cochran, m                            Delia Schermerhorn, s

                        John Edgerly, m                                Philo Richards, m

                        Mary Edgerly, m                                Mary Austin, m, died 21 Mar 1868

                        Augusta Edgerly, s, m Hommel & rem

                        George Stoddard, m                             Jacob Garretson changed to

                        Maria Stoddard, m                                         Garrison, m

                        David Stoddard, m                             Lucinda Garretson, as above, m

                        Mary Stoddard, m                             Lovina Garretson, as above, m

                        Adaline Stoddard, m

                        Emily Stoddard, w

page 281            Class number 1, continued.


                        Warren Titus, w

                        Martha J. Mulford, m S. Horton, rem

                        John P. Warner, m

                        Ann E. Warner, m

                        Mary E. Warner, s, rem/cert

                        Baltis Moak, m, died 1869

                        Margaret A. Moak, m

                        Emeline Roe, m

                        Hannah M. Slater, m

                        John W. Fiero, m, died Nov 1867

                        Julia Fiero, m

                        George Aldrige, m

                        Mary Aldrige, m

                        Eliza S. Boice, m, rem/l  25 Mar 1867

                        Nancy Smith, w

                        Sarah M. Elton, s, m Brooks, rem

                        Judith Yeadon, m

                        Charles Webster, m

                        Susan Webster, m

                        Catharine Elmandorf, m

                        Joel C. Slater, m

                        Mary A. Slater, m

                        Mary E. Marquat, rem

                        George E. Elmandorf, s

                        Sarah M. Yeadon, s, crossed out

                        Hellen Allen, s, married Moak (next name is Eliza Fiero, s) THEN

                        Mary Georgia, s

                        Elijah G. Smalling, m

                        Lovina Smalling, m

                        Mary E. Whitcomb, m

                        Ambrose Hadden R/cert, m

                        Eveline Hadden, R/cert, m


                        Probationers 13 Feb 1866

                        S. Y. Hooston, dropped

                        Mrs. Horton, dropped

                        W. H. Whitbeck, dropped

                        W. Schermerhorn, RIF

                        S. Schermerhorn, RIF

                        David Slater, RIF

                        Elizabeth Slater, RIF

                        James Linsey, RIF  James and Caroline were added on 13 Feb 1867

                        Caroline Linsey, RIF, died in the Lord


page 282            Revised Mar 1866 by W.S. Stilwell, pastor

                        Palenville Class number 1, meets on Sabbath at church,

                        James H. VanGelder appointed leader on the resignation of

                        T. Lawrence 18 March 1866, m

                        Rebecca Van Gelder, m

                        William York, m

                        Phebe A. York, m

                        Talmage Lawrence, m                          Stephen Merritt

                        Catharine Lawrence, m                     Phebe E. Merritt

                        Charles Teal, m                         Ann E. Hinman

                        Paulina Teal, m                         Louisa Rightmire

                        Martha Teal, s                                      Charlotte A. Goodwin, w

                        Phebe Conwright                                Eliza A. Hawver, m

                        Leah Bonesteal, rem                          Mary Cole

                        Louisa Bogart                                      Mary E. Goodwin, m Wyncop

                        Harriet OBrien                         Catharine Rightmire

                        Marsena Hitchcock, local preacher

                        Montgomery Lant                                 Lucinda M. Gardner, m

                        Matilda Lant                                         Rhoda A. Barton, m

                        Mary A. Trumper, on pro, dropped

                        Emma F. Burgar                                  Sarah Hare, in the lunatic asylum

                        Catharine Johnson                               William Dodd, m, steward, resigned


page 283            Class number 1, continued, Of Palenville


                        Anna Dodd                                       Isaac Lamoree, died in the Lord,

                        Catharine Crapser                                           Jan. 1868

                        Harriet Lasher                                      Probationers next 8 names

                        Alfred Lasher                                      Lewis B. Barton, dropt

                        Wm. S. Post                                         Jane Morton, died

                        Nellie Post                                         Margaret A. Mower, dropt

                        Isaac O. Newkirk                              Mary Lasher, continued on trial

                        Mary M. Newkirk                             Henrietta Baker, continued on trial

                        Ann E. Hinman                         Julia Trumper, dropt

                        Emma Lameree                                   Jane Lant, m Mr. Valk, dropt

                        Helen C. Herrold                                James H. Linsey, RIF

                        Eliza J. Morton                         John M. Goodwin, m, RIF

                        Wm. Hawver                                                Catharine M. Goodwin, m, RIF

                        Peter Britt                                          Annett Lamoree, m, RIF

                        Mary J. Britt                                          Elizabeth Hallock, on pro

                        Margaret Herrold, died in the Lord

                        Jane Andrews                                              Robert Burgar

                        Lewis Ward                                       Miranda Burgar

                        Sarah A. Adsit, m                               Jacob Scheckenburgh, R/l

                        James Gardner, m, steward                        Susan M. Scheckenburgh, R/l

                                                                                    Melinda A. Gardner

page 284            Revised Mar 1866 by W.S. Stilwell, pastor,

                        Class number 1, HF, William Lewis, leader, meets

                        on Sabbath at church.  WL also m.

                        Mary Lewis, m

                        Rufus Lewis, m

                        Sally Lewis, m

                        William W. Lewis, m, rem/cert & returned

                        Mary Chirrytree

                        Adalaid Chirrytree, m Teal, gone

                        Ann E. Gardner, w, m Conwright and rem to P

                        William Merritt, m

                        Margaret Merritt, m

                        Henry Moon, m, steward

                        Eliza Moon, m

                        Garrett R. Berry, m

                        Eliza E. Berry, m

                        John W. Hungerford, m, rem/no cert

                        Margaret Hungerford, m, rem/no cert

                        Martha Myres, s, m Mr Clum Feb 1867

                        Catharine A. Dedrick

                        missing Shoemaker, m, rem/no cert

                        missing Shoemaker, m, rem/no cert

                        Mary C. Plough, s, m Mr. Taylor

                        Jane A. Lant, m, rem/l


                        Tobias Lane, s, rem/no cert

                        Henry E. Lane, s, rem/no cert

                        Orrin Taylor, m, RIF, rem/l  July 1867

                        Margaret Taylor, m, RIF, rem/l  July 1867

                                    Elizabeth Rogers, m, on pro Mar 1867, died in the Lord


page 285          Kiskatom, Revised Mar 16, 1871 by John W. Gorse, Pr., T.W. Chadwick, P.E.   Class number 1.

                        Fredrick W. Lawrence, m, Steward      Elizabeth C. Whitney, m

                        Martha C. Lawrence, m                        Adam Ham, m

                        Amelia Lawrence, s                              Elizabeth Ham, m

                        Robert W. Lawrence, s                        John W. Ham, m

                        Merchant Lawrence, m             Mary C. Ham, m

                        Caroline Pine, w                                   Charles Ham, m

                        William Pine, m                         John O. Olmstead, m

                        David J. Shaffer, w                               Elizabeth Olmstead, m

                        Mary Britt, m                                        Gertrude Bullis, m

                        Peter Linzey, m                         Phebe A. Swart, m

                        Griffin Holbrook, m                              Ann M. Westervelt, m

                        Elizabeth Holbrook, m              Phebe E. Gorse, m

                        Henry Hooston, m                                Ira T. Smith, m, local preacher

                        Mary E. Hooston, m                             Ann E. Smith, m

                        Garret Whitney, m                                Rosanna Smith, w


page 286          Class number 1 of Kiskatom, continued.

                        Cathrine Overbaugh, m

                        Martin Smith, m, local preacher

                        Sally Smith, m

                        Phebe Morrison, w, aged & infirm

                        Israel Olmstead, m

                        Sarah Olmstead, m

                        Hellen E. Sax, m

                        Probationers, 25 Mar 1871:

                        Emma A. Lawrence, m

                        George Lawrence, s


Page 287          Class number 1 of RT, revised 16 Mar 1871 by John W. Gorse, preacher-in-charge

                        F. Miller Jones, leader                          Mary _. Olmstead, m

                        Sally Jones, s                                        Alpheus Wright, m

                        Sarah Jones, m                         Elizabeth Wright, m

                        Sarah K. Jones, m                                Hannah Hartt, m

                        Deborah Knapp, m                               Cathrine Hartt, s

                        Chester Stoddard, m, steward              Elizabeth Ross, w

                        Elizabeth Stoddard, m                           Gertrude A. Schermerhorn, s

                        Christian S. Schoonmaker, m                Delia Schermerhorn, s

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker, m                        Philo Richards, m

                        Elizabeth Cochran, m                            Jacob Garrison, m

                        John Edgerly, m                                    Lucinda Garrison, m

                        Mary Edgerly, m                                   Lovina Garrison, m

                        George Stoddard, m                             Warren Titus, m

                        Maria Stoddard, m                               John P. Warner, m

                        Adaline Stoddard, m                             Ann E. Warner, m

                        Emily Stoddard, w


page 288          Revised 16 Mar 1871 by John W. Gorse, preacher-in-charge,

                        RT Class number 1, continued.


                        Margaret A. Moak, w                          Hellen Moak, m

                        Emiline Roe, m                         Eliza Jones, m

                        Hannah M. Slater, m                             Elijah G. Smalling, m

                        Julia Fiero, w                                        Lovina Smalling, m

                        George Aldrige, m                                Mary E. Whitcomb, m

                        Mary Aldrige, m                                   Ferdinand Lock, m

                        Nancy Smith, w                                    Sarah Lock, m

                        Judith Yeadon, m                                  Cathrine M. Knowles, m

                        Charles Webster, m                              Adam Bartholomew, m

                        Susan Webster, m                                Lavina Bartholomew, m

                        Cathrine Elmandorph, m                       Anna E. Edgerly, m

                        Joel C. Slater, m                                   Cathrine M. Garrison, m

                        Mary A. Slater, m                                 Fannie A. Garrison, m

                        George E. Elmandorf, s             Isaac G. Bogardus, m

                        Sarah M. Yeadon, s                             Elizabeth L. Bogardus, m


page 289          Class number 1 of RT, continued, probationers 1 Dec ‘70


                        George S. Mulford, m                           James Fiero, s

                        Daniel D. Gosline, m                             William Slater, s

                        Elizabeth Fiero, s                                  Sarah Titus, s

                        George M. Woodbeck, s                      Nancy Slater, s

                        Samuel M. Jones, m                             George W. Knowles, m, rem/l

                        Georgana Purdy, s                                            27 Dec 1884

                        Sylvia E. Bogardus, s                            James B. Edgerly, m

                        Mary J. Aldrige, s                                 Sylvester Caniff, s

                        Orselia Allen, s                         Stephen Caniff, s

                        Eliza Allen, s                                         Lodwin Woodbeck, s

                        Elizabeth Caniff, s                                 Loisa Georga, s

                        Emilez R. Garrison, s                            Sarah Maria Pitcher, w

                        Ida May Pierce, s                                 Jennie Anson, s

                        Rachel Ann Garrison, s             George Austin, w

                                                                                    Harrison Jones, m


page 290          Class number 1, Palenville, revised 16 Mar 1871 by John W.

                        Gorse, preacher, meets at the church on Sabbath morn,

                        Talmadge Lawrence, m, leader


                        James H. Van Gelder, steward & district steward, m, rem/l

                        Rebecca P. Van Gelder, m, rem/l          Ann E. Hinman, w

                        Cathrine Lawrence, m, dead                 Louisa Rightmire, s

                        Charles Teal, m                                    Charlotte A. Goodwin, w

                        Paulina Teal, m                         Eliza A. Hawver, m

                        Martha Teal, s                                      Mary Cole

                        Phebe Canright, w                                Mary E. Winicoupe, m

                        Leah Bonesteal, w, rem/l                       Rhoda A. Barton, m

                        Louisa Bogart, w                                  Harriot Lasher, w

                        Harriot O Brian                                    William S. Post, steward,

                        Marsena Hitchcock, w, local preacher.             and resigned.

                        Montgomery Lant, m                            Nellie Post

                        Matilda Lant, m                                    Ann E. Hinman, s

                        Cathrine Crapsier, w                             Emma Lumeree, m

                        Stephen Merrit, s, steward                    Eliza J. Morton, s

                        Phebe E. Merrit, w


page 291          Class number 1 of Palenville, continued.


                        Peter Britt, m                                        John M Goodwin, m

                        Mary J. Britt, m                                    Cathrine M. Goodwin, m

                        Jane Andrews, w                                  Annett Lumeree

                        Lewis Ward, w                         Robert Burger, m

                        Sarah A. Adsit, m                                 Miranda Burger, m

                        James Gardiner, m, rem/l                      Ann E. Canwright, m

                        Malinda A. Gardener, m, rem/l  Jacob Woodard, m

                        Margaret A. Mower, m                        Lucy A. Woodard, m


page 292          Class number 1 of HF, revised 29 Mar 1871, John W. Gorse, pastor.

                        William Lewis, m, steward                    Henry Moon, m

page 293          Mary Lewis, m                         Eliza Moon, m

blank                Rufus Lewis, m                         Garret R. Berry, m, moved to P

                        Sally Lewis, m                          Eliza E. Berry, m, moved to P

page 294          Mary Cherrytree, m                             

official              William Merrit, m

members          Margaret Merrit, m


page 295          Class number 1 of RT, revised 1 Apr 1874 by L.S. Brown


                        F. M. Jones, leader died 18 Feb 1875

                        Sarah Jones, m

                        Sally Jones, s

                        Sarah K. Jones, m

                        Deborah Knapp, m

                        Christian Schoonmaker, m, died 27 Nov 1875

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker, m

                        Elizabeth Cochran, m, crossed out

                        John Edgerly, m

                        Mary Edgerly, m

                        Chester Stoddard, m                            Delia Schermerhorn, s

                        Elizabeth Stoddard, m                           Philo Richards, m

                        George Stoddard, m                             Lucinda Garrison, m

                        Maria Stoddard, m                               Lavina Garrison, m

                        Adline Stoddard, m                              Warren Titus, m

                        Emily Stoddard, w                                John P. Warner, m

                        Mary Olmstead, m                                Ann E. Warner, m

                        Alpheus Wright, m                                Margaret A. Moak, w

                        Elizabeth Wright, m                               Emeline Roe, m

                        Catharine Hart, s                                  Hannah M. Slater, m

                        Gertrude A. Schermerhorn, s

page 296         

                        Julia Fiero, w                                        James B. Edgerly, m

                        Geo. Aldrige, m                                    Ferdinand Locke, m

                        Mary Aldrige, m                                   Sarah Locke, m

                        Nancy Smith, w, died 17 Mar 1876

                        Judith Yeadon, m                                  Elizabeth Cochran, m

                        Joel Slater, m, rem/l                              Cathrine Knowles, m

                        Mary A. Slater, m, rem/l                       F.H. Jones, m

                        Geo Elmendorf, s                                  Eliza Jones, m

                        Cathrine Elmendorf, m              Mary E. Whitcomb, m

                        Simon Schermerhorn, s             Elijah J. Smalling, w

                        Sara Titus, m                                        Sara M. Pitcher, s

                        Adam Bartholomew, m             Samuel M. Jones, m

                        Laura Bartholomew, m             Eliza J. Jones, m

                        Isaac Bogardus, m                                Elizabeth Feiro, s, m Johnson

                        Elizabeth Bogardus, m              Zillah Scherhorn, m

                        Annie Edgerly, m

page 297                                                                      names added 7 Feb 1875

                        Ceilia Allen, s                                       Walter Schoonmaker, m, RIF 17 Oct

                        Emily R. Bogardus, m                                       1875

                        James N. Feiro, s                                 Esther M. Schoonmaker, m, RIF

                        George S. Mulford, m                                       17 Oct 1875

                        Cathrine Mulford, m

                        Daniel Goolinge, m, died 22 Jan 1875

                        Abey Goseline, m, rem             Joseph A. Locke, s, RIF 2 Apr 1876

                        Loe Ann Smalling, s                              Oscar S. Allen, s

                                                                                    Ella M. Smalling, s, dropped

                                                                                    Elisabeth Yeadon, s, RIF 2 Apr 1876

                                                                                    Maria Mulford, w, RIF 2 Apr 1876

page 298          Kiskatom Class number 1, revised 1 April 1874.


                        Merchant Lawrence, m, died Feb 18 1875

                        Emma A. Lawrence, m

                        Frederick W. Lawrence, m

                        Martha C. Lawrence, m

                        Amelia C. Webber, m

                        Robt. W. Lawrence, m

                        Caroline Pine, w

                        David J. Shaffer, w, rem/l  Sep 1874

                        Mary Britt, m                                        Ira T. Smith, local preacher

                        Peter Linzey, m                                     and leader, m

                        Henry Hooston, m                                Ann E. Smith, m

                        Mary Hooston, m                                 Phebe Morrison, w, aged

                        Garrett Whitney, m                               Sarah Olmstead, w

                        Elizabeth C. Whitney, m                        Hellen Saxe, m

                        Adam Ham, m                                      Nathan Lounsberry, m

                        Elizabeth Ham, m                                  Anna Lounsberry, m

                        John W. Ham, m                                 

                        Mary C. Ham, m                                  31 Jan 1875

                        Charles Ham, m                                    William Hitchcock, s, rem

                        John O. Olmstead, m                            Rosa Mower, s, rem

                        Elizabeth Olmstead, m              Anna M. Saxe, s, on 21 Feb ‘75

                        Gertrude Bullis, m                                 Neely Lawrence, w, RIF 26 Sep

                        Phebe A. Swart                                                1875

                                                                                    Jonas and Ida C. Ham, trans from HF

                                                                                    Catharine Garrison, from RT

                                                                                    Emma R. Garrison, from RT

page 299          Kiskatom class number 1, continued, 1874.


                        J. W. & Mary Cunningham, R/l  10 Jan 1875

                        George Austin, m

                        George Lawrence, s

                        Cornelia Barringer, m

                        Anna N. Dodd, w

                        Smith L. Pine, m

                        Luphemia Pine, m

                        Sarah Gertrude Brown, m, rem


                        10 Jan 1875

                        William Garrison, m, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Lucinda Garrison, m, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Charles W. Garrison, s, RIF 9 Jan 1876

                        Ella M. Garrison, RIF 26 Sep 1875, s

                        Katie M. Garrison, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Frank B. Person, m, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Harriet Person, m, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Ida B. Person, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Dora Person, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Charles Person, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Lucinda R. Bogardus, m, rem/l

                        William Bogardus, s, rem/l

                        Emerson Webber, m

                        Clarence Smith, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Charles Smith, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        H.L. Webster, s, RIF 9 Jan 1876

                        W.L. Dodd, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Dora J. Austin, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Lillian Lounsberry, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        F. Y. Saxe, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Mary E. Saxe, s

                        Glenford Lawrence, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875

                        Edward Hoostan, RIF 26 Sep 1875, s

                        Carrie Peer, s, RIF 26 Sep 1875, her name was added on 17 Jan 1875


page 300          Palenville class number 1, revised 1 Apr 1874.


                        Talmage Lawrence, m, leader               Marsena Hitchcock, s, local

                        Sara A. Lawrence, m                                        preacher, died 21 Mar 1875

                        Charles Teale, m                                   Mary E. Winecoop, m

                        Paulina Teale, m                                   Rhoda A. Barton, m

                        Martha Teale, s                                    William S. Post, m, steward

                        Garret R. Berry, m                                Nellie Post, m

                        Eliza E. Berry, m                                   Emma Lumeree, m

                        Loisa Bogart, w                                    Annette Edwards, m

                        Stephen Merritt, s, steward, died

                        Phebe E. Merritt, w                              Eliza J. Morton, s, m

                        Louisa Rightmire, s                                           Cherritree

                        Anna Hinman, w, a word possibly “mother”

                        Anna Hinman, s                                    Eliza Hawver, m

                        Ada Hinman, s, m Teale                        Lucinda M. Gardiner

                        Charlotte A. Goodwin, w, “mother”      John M. Goodwin, m

                        Sara F. Goodwin, s                              Cathrine M. Goodwin, m

                        Jacob Woodard, m, steward                 Peter Britt, m

                        Lucy A. Woodard, m                           Mary J. Britt, m


page 301          Palenville class number 1, continued


                        Sara A. Adsit, m                                   Louella Gardner, rem/l, s

                        Lewis Ward, m                         Gertie Teale, s

                        Matilda Lant, m                                    Peter C. Ostrum, w, rem/l

                        Ann Dederick, m, “mother”                   Mary A. Trumper, m

                        David Dederick, s                                 Amelia A. Lamouree, m, R/l

                        Katie Dederick, s                                             28 Feb 1875

                        Effe Deederick, s                                  Mary Lasher

                        Madison Andrews, s                             Names added 24 Feb 1875:

                        Frederick Krans, s                                Solomon L. Merritt, RIF 7 Nov

                        Harriett Goodwin, m                                         1875, m

                        Josephine Goodwin                              Names added 28 Mar 1875

                        Mary E. Ward, s                                  Nancy M. Merritt, RIF 7 Nov

                        Edith Lant, s, m Giles                                        1875, m

                        Ida Griffin, s                                         Cornelius Dubois, m, R/l

                        Ella Baker, w                                                    18 Apr 1875

                                                                                    Adalaide Dubois, m, R/l

                                                                                                18 Apr 1875, m

                                                                                    William Merritt, trans from HF

                                                                                    Margaret Merritt, m, trans from HF

                                                                                    A. Fanny Garrison, m, trans from RT

                                                                                    Sarah Hare

                                                                                    Jane Andrews, s


page 302          Class number 1 of HF, revised 1 April 1874


                        William Lewis, m

                        Mary A. Lewis, m                                Henry Moon, m

                        James Kerr, m                                      Eliza Moon, m

                        Susannah G. Kerr, m                            Cathrine A. Myre, m

                        Rufus S. Lewis, m                                 Mary C. Taylor, m, rem/l

                        Sally A. Lewis, m                                 Matilda Everitt, m, RIF 24 May 1874

                        Mary Chiritree, m                                 Jonas A. Ham, m, RIF 24 May ‘74

                        William Merritt, trans to P, m                            trans to K

                        Margarett Merritt, m, trans to P            Ida C. Ham, m, RIF 24 May ‘74

                        John W. Merritt, m, died 26 May 1875 trans to K

                                                                                    Mary Moon, previously left off by



page 303          Palenville class, meets at P church, revised 1876


                        Talmadge N. Lawrence, m, leader        Sarah F. Goodwin, s

                        Sarah A. Lawrence, m                          Jacob Woodard, m

                        Charles Teale, m                                   Lucy A. Woodard, m

                        Paulina Teale, m                                   Mary E. Wynkoop, m

                        Martha J. Teale, s                                 Rhoda A. Barton, m

                        Garret R. Berry, m                                William S. Post, m, steward

                        Eliza E. Berry, m                                   Nellie Post, m

                        Louisa Bogart, w                                  Emma Lamouree, m

                        Phebe E. Merritt, w                              Eliza J. Cherritree, m

                        Solomon L. Merritt, m              Eliza A. Hawver, m

                        Nancy M. Merritt, m                            Lucinda M. Gardner, m

                        Louisa Rychtmyer, s, m Sherman, rem/l

                        Ann Hinman, w                         John M. Goodwin, m

                        Annie Hinman, s                                   Catharine M. Goodwin, m

                        Ada j. Teale, m                         Peter Britt, m

                        Charlotte A. Goodwin, w                      Mary J. Britt, m


page 304          P class, continued

                        Sarah A. Adsit, m                                 Gertrude Teale, s, crossed (out)

                        Lewis Ward, m                                     and A. Hinman added

                        Matilda Landt, m                                  Mary Lasher

                        Ann Dederick, m                                  Amelia A. Lamouree, m

                        Kate Dederick, s                                  Cornelius Dubois, m, steward

                        Effie Dederick, s                                   Adalaide Dubois, m

                        Madison Andrews, s                             William Merritt, m, died in

                        Frederick Kraus, s                                            peace 19 Mar 1878

                        Harriet Goodwin, m                              Margaret Merritt, m

                        Josephine Goodwin, s                           A. Fanny Garrison, m

                        Mary E. Ward, s                                  Sarah Hare

                        Edith Giles, m, rem/l                              James Andrews, s

                        Ida Griffin, s                                         Francis Colman, m, R/l 23 Apr 1876

                        Mary A. Trumpbour, m                        Mary A. Colman, m, R/l

Etta Baker, w                                                            23 Apr 1876

                                                            Laura Bonesteal, w

                                                            Montgomery Landt


page 305            HF Class revised 1876 by E. Clement, meets at HF church

                        William Lewis, leader and steward, m

                        Mary A. Lewis, m                              Henry Moon, m, steward

                        James Kerr, m                                                Eliza Moon, m

                        Susannah Kerr, m                                Mary Moon, m

                        Rufus S. Lewis, m                              Catharine Myers, m

                        Sally A. Lewis, m                                  Matilda Everitt, m, rem/l 1877

                        Mary Cherritree, w


Page 306            Round Top Class, meets at the church, written by E. Clement,

                        probably 1874-1876. 

                        Isaac Bogardus, m, leader               Geo. N. Stoddard, m

                        Elizabeth Bogardus, m              Maria Stoddard, m

                        Sarah Jones, w                                               Adaline Stoddard, m

                        Sally Jones, s                                                Emily Stoddard, w

                        Sarah K. Jones, m                              Mary Olmsted, m

                        Ferdinand Locke, m                             Alpheus Wright, m

                        Sarah Locke, m                                  Elisabeth Wright, m

                        Deborah Knapp, m                              Catharine Heart, s

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker, w                     Gertrude A. Schermerhorn, s

                        Walter Schoonmaker, m                     Delia Schermerhorn, s

                        Esther M. Schoonmaker, m                     Philo Richards, s

                        Elisabeth Cochran, m, died June 1876

                        John Edgerly, m                                Lucinda Garrison, s

                        Mary Edgerly, m                                Lavina Garrison, s

                        Chester Stoddard, m, steward                        Warren Titus, s

                        Elisabeth Stoddard, m                          Sarah Titus, s

                                                                                    John P. Warner, m

page 307            Round Top, continued


                        Ann E. Warner, m                                M. Elizabeth Johnson, m

                        Margaret A. Moak, w                          Mary A. Whitcomb, m

                        Emeline Roe, m                         Elijah Smalling, w, steward

                        Hannah M. Slater, m                             Sarah M. Pitcher, w

                        Julia Fiero, w                                               Samuel M. Jones, m

                        Judith Yeadon, m                               Eliza J. Jones, m

                        Catharine Elmendorf, m                     Zillah Schermerhorn, m

                        Geo. Elmendorf, s                             Celia Allen, s

                        Simon Schermerhorn, s                       Emily R. Bogardus, w

                        Adam Bartholomew, m                     James N. Fiero, s

                        Laura Bartholomew, m                     Geo s. Mulford, m, rem/l

                        Catharine Knowles, m, rem/l  6 June 1876                28 Jan 1876

                        James B. Edgerly, m                           Catharine Mulford, m, as Geo.

                        Annie E. Edgerly, m                            Lo Ann Smalling, s

                        F. Harrison Jones, m                                 Joseph A. Locke, s

                        Eliza Jones, m                                               Elisabeth Yeadon, s


page 308            RT, continued


                        Maria Mulford, w                               Oscar S. Allen, s


page 309            Kiskatom class, written by E. Clement, 1874-1876

                        Ira T. Smith, m, leader and local preacher, meets at the

                        M.E. Church, Kiskatom.


                        Ira T. Smith, m, rem/l, was leader and local preacher

                        Ann E. Smith, m, rem/l             Ella M. Garrison, s

                        Charles Smith, s, rem/l               Kate M. Garrison, s

                        Clarence Smith, rem/l                           Robert W. Lawrence, m

                        Emma A. Lawrence, w, rem              Caroline Pine, w, rem/l  May ‘76

                        Frederick W. Lawrence, m, steward, rem/l

                        Martha C. Lawrence, m, rem/l            Mary Britt, m

                        George Lawrence, s, rem/l                 Peter Linzey, m

                        Glenford Lawrence, s, rem/l                 Henry Hoostan, m trans to P

                        Amelia C. Webber, m                          Mary Hoostan, m, trans to P

                        William Garrison, m, steward                        Garret Whitney, m

                        Charles W. Garrison, s              Elisabeth Whitney, m

                        Lucinda Garrison, m (after                Adam Ham, m

                                    William)                                   Elizabeth Ham, m

                        John W. Ham, m

                        Mary C. Ham, m

                        Charles Ham, m

                        Jonas A. Ham, rem.l, m

                        Ida C. Ham, rem/l, m

                        John O. Olmsted, rem, m

                        Elisabeth Olmsted, rem, m


page 310            Kiskatom class continued.

                        Sarah Olmsted, w

                        Helen Saxe, m

                        Phebe Morrison, w

                        Gertrude Bullis, m

                        Phebe A. Swart, m

                        Nathan lounsbury, m, rem/l

                        Anna Lounsbury, m, rem/l

                        Lillian Lounsbury, s, rem/l

                        Geo W. Austin, m

                        Dora J. Austin, s

                        J. W. Cunningham, m

                        Mary Cunningham, m

                        Cornilia Barringer, m, died 1 June 1876

                        Smith L. Pine, m, rem/l

                        Luphemia Pine, m, rem/l

                        Anna N Dodd, w

                        Wm. L. Dodd, s

                        Catharine Garrison, m

                        Emma R. Garrison, s, m Pelham

                        Neely Lawrence, w

                        Frank B. Person, m

                        Harriet Person, m

                        Ida B. Person, s

                        Dora Person, s

                        Charles Person, s

                        Henry L Webster, s

                        Carrie Peer Hitchcock, s, probably m Mr. Hitchcock as the name

                                    was added later.

                        Edward Hoostan, trans to Palenville, s

                        Frederick G. Saxe, s

                        Emerson Webber, m, Trial member

                        Mary E. Saxe, s, T

                        Anna M. Saxe, s, T

page 311            Peter F. Thorpe, m, R/l  2 Apr 1876

                        Rachel Thorpe, m, R/l  2 Apr 1876

                        Lucas B. Wood, m, R/l  9 July 1876

                        Martha J. Wood, m, R/l  9 July 1876

                        Sarah A. Heusted, w, T 6 July 1876, deceased

                        Iantha Clement, m, R/l, rem/l

                        Ella J. Clement, s, R/l, rem/l

                        Mary Conchman, m, trans to A. class

                        Emma A. conchman, s, trans to A. class

                        A.G. Westervelt, w, R/l

                        Adaline Lawrence, m, R/l

                        Edward Houghtaling, m, T

                        Orpha Houghtaling, m, T

                        Jeremiah Pelham


page 312            Revised March 1878, by M. Conchman, meets at the

                        church in Asbury.

                        Valentine T. Whitney, m, leader

                        Sarah c. Whitney, m

                        John F. Crawford, m, steward, died in peace

                        Christina A. Crawford, m, changed to w

                        Elijah L. Crawford, m, steward

                        Lana Crawford, m

                        Jacob Bear, m

                        Hattie Bear, m

                        Clarifsa Selleck, m, rem/l

                        Elizabeth Trumpbour, m

                        Samuel W. Goodsell, m

                        Christina Goodsell, m

                        Nellie Dederick, w

                        Peter Dederick

                        Margaret Dederick

                        William P. Chidester, m, steward

                        Charity Chidester, m

                        Rachel N. Dederick

                        Jacob Peary, m

                        Julia Peary, m, died in peace

                        Mary Jane Taylor, s

                        Addie Van Gelder, m

                        Rachel Crawford, m

                        Jeremiah Genthner, s

                        Walter Taylor, m

                        Eliza j. Taylor, m

                        Annie E. Chidester, s

                        Mary H. Conchman, m

                        Emma A. Conchman, s


page 313            Revised March 1879 by M. Conchman, meets at the

                        church in Asbury.

                        Valentine T. Whitney

                        Sarah C. Whitney                               Annie E. Chidester

                        Christina A. Crawford                          Mary H. Conchman

                        Elijah L. Crawford, S                         Emma A. Conchman

                        Lana Crawford                                 J. Wesley Conchman

                        Wm. P. Chidester                                  probationers  Amanda Post, RIF

                        Charity Chidester                                  Edgar Chidester, RIF

                        Jacob Peary                                       Mary Magee, RIF

                        Jacob Bear                                                     9 Feb 1879

                        Hattie Bear                                         John Burhance Smith, disc

                        Samuel W. Goodsell                             Ella Conchman, RIF

                        Christina Goodsell                                Maggie J. Chidester, RIF

                        Elizabeth Trumpbour                            Josephene A. Taylor, RIF

                        Nellie Dederick                                  Kate Peary, RIF

                        Rachel A. Dederick                             Ara Belli Smith, RIF

                        Mary Jane Taylor                               Sarah Whitney, RIF

                        Addie Van Gelder                               Antonette Peary, lives at German-

                        Rachel Crawford                                             town

                        Jeremiah Genthner                                David Schoonmaker, RIF

                        Walter Taylor                                      Eudore Peary, RIF

                        Eliza J. Taylor                                      Maggie Whitney, RIF

                        Peter Dederick & Margaret                      Bea N. Chidester

                        Dederick very neglectful of duty      Estelle Trumpbour

                                    and so not brought forward.


page 314            A record of classes written by Mr. Conchman, date and place

                        unspecified, probably March 1879.  This class meets

                        as appointed from week to week.  The first twenty named are

                        full members, the rest probationers.


                        Mansfield Gardner, leader, rem/l  May 1880

                        Martha Jane Teal                                  Amelia A. Lamouree

                        Charlotte A. Goodwin                          Edith Giles, rem/l

                        Sarah F. Goodwin                              Emma C. VanSteenburg

                        James H. Gardner                               Annetta Edwards

                        Malinda Gardner                                 Probationers

                        Luella Knox                                        Frances E. Dederick

                        George Herrold                                    Hattie Dederick

                        Hellen Herrold                                    Cora Row

                        Abraham S. Hanes                               Loretta Bloodgood

                        Lillie E. Hanes                           Mary G. Bloodgood

                        Margaret A. Craft                                Lester H. Cass

                        Frank Craft                                        Betsey C. Cass

                        Charles E. Post                         Stephen Henry Merritt

                        Matilda Post                                         Nellie Post

                        Margaret A. Mower                            Lovina Craft

                                                                                    Hannah E. Cline


page 315            Record of classes written by Mr. Conchman, probably

                        in March 1879, Palenville, meets wherever appointed and when.

                        The first thirty are full members, the last three are


                        Cornelius Dubois, leader and S

                        Adalaid J. Dubois                                  George W. Hanes

                        Charles Teal                                          Julia P. Hanes

                        Paulina Teal                                          Mary A. Berry

                        Lewis Ward                                       Lucy A. Griffin

                        Garret R. Berry                                   Mary E. Ward

                        Sarah E. Berry                                               Richard T. Gardner

                        Hattie Goodwin                                  Anna Gardner

                        Laura Bonesteel                                 Mary J. Sax

                        Louisa Bogart                                      Philip H. Simons

                        Ann E. Hinman                         Gertrude A. Hinman

                        Annie E. Hinman                                Ada J. Smith

                        Ada J. Teal                                          Jane Andrews

                        Eliza A. Hawver                                    probationers

                        Lucinda M. Gardner                              Frances Webster

                        Mary A. Trumpbour                          Adaline Teal

                        Etta Baker                                       Mary C. Simons

                        Margaret Merritt

                        Ida Griffin


page 316            Class list written by M. Conchman, probably March 1879,

                        Palenville Church.

                        P.V. Spencer, leader                                    Kate Griffin

                        _____ Spencer                                                Effie Dederick

                        Phebe E. Merritt                                 Herbert Dederick

                        Solomon L. Merritt                               Joseph H. Dederick

                        Nancy M. Merritt                                Mary C. Mower

                        Jacob Woodard                                 Ella L. Mower

                        Lucy A. Woodard                             Fanny Garrison

                        Mary E. Wyncoop                             Henry Hustan

                        Peter Britt                                          Mary Hustan

                        Mary Z. (?) Britt                                Edward Hustan

                        Sarah A. Adsit                                               Rodell S. Obryon

                        _____ Adsit                                        Sarah Garrison

                        Montgomery Landt                               Ella M. Garrison

                        Matilda Landt                                       Carrie Lamouree

                        Hezekiah Dederick                              Harriet Pettit

                        Ann Dederick                                              probationers

                                                                                    Adam Krows

                                                                                    Frederick Lasher

                                                                                    Libbie Sax

                                                                                    Anna Pelham


page 317            Class list written by M. Conchman, probably March 1879.

                        Talmage N. Lawrence, leader               Hellen Lasher

                        Sarah A. Lawrence                            Jane Falk

                        Roda A. Barton                                 Libbie E. Sax

                        Wm. S. Post, steward                           Alfred Lasher

                        Nellie Post                                         Sarah Ann Carnwright

                        Emma Lameree                                   Charlotte Smith

                        Eliza J. Cherritree                                 Isaac Newkirk

                        John M. Goodwin                             Mary M. Newkirk

                        Catharine M. Goodwin                        probationers

                        Mary Lasher                                      Roland Post

                        Sarah Hare                                         Nellie Trumpbour

                        Frances Coleman                                   Henry Morton

                        Mary A. Coleman                              Mary Morton

                        Maggie Barton                          Christina Newkirk

                        Charles W. Newkirk                             Jonathan Graham

                        George A. Trumpbour                          Lottie Graham

                        Anna R/B Lasher                               Frances Graham

                        Gabrel S. Merritt

                        Jane A. Merritt


page 318            Class list written by M. Conchman, probably March 1879,

                        meets in church after preaching.

                        A.G. Westervelt, leader  

                        William Garrison

                        Lucinda Garrison

                        Charles W. Garrison

                        Ella M. Garrison

                        Kate M. Garrison

                        Amelia C. Webber

                        Robert W. Lawrence

                        Adaline Lawrence

                        Mary C. Britt, rem/l

                        Peter Linzey

                        Garret Whitney                                    J.W. Cunningham

                        Elizabeth Whitney                                 Mary Cunningham

                        Adam Ham                                         Ann N. Dodd

                        Elizabeth Ham                                      Wm. L. Dodd

                        John W. Ham                                               Lucas B. Wood, rem/l

                        Mary C. Ham                                                Martha J.Wood, rem/l

                        Charles Ham                                         Catharine Garrison

                        Sarah Olmstead                                  Emma R. Pelham

                        Hellen Saxe

                        Phebe Morrison

                        Gertrude Bullis

                        George H Austin, S

                        Dora J. Austin

page 319            Same class continued

                        Neely Lawrence                                 probationers

                        Henry D. Webster                              Emmerson Webber

                        Carrie Hitchcock                                 Jeremiah Pelham

                        Frederick S. Saxe                                Edward Houghtaling

                        Elisha R. Lucas                                   Orpha Houghtaling

                        Sarah L. Lucas

                        Andrew Lucus

                        _____ Stiner


                        High Falls Class, meets in church Sunday mornings, written

                        by M. Conchman, probably March 1879.


                        Wm. Lewis, leader and S               Charles W. Lewis

                        Mary A. Lewis                                  Lydia D. Lewis

                        James Kerr, trans to A                                 Irena Cherritree

                        Susannah Kerr, trans to A                 probationers

                        Rufus S. Lewis                                   Hannah M. Moon

                        Sally A. Lewis                                       29 Dec 1878

                        Mary Cherritree                                 George F. Moon, RIF 10 Aug 1879

                        Henry Moon, S, died

                        Eliza Moon

                        Mary Moon

                        Catharine Myres

                        Mary A. Shook

page 320            Revised 20 March 1880 by M. Conchman, class meets in church

                        after preaching, Kiskatom.

                        George H. Austin, leader and S

                        Dora J. Austin, m C. Smith, 24 Nov 1880

                        Amelia C. Webber, rem/l  15 Mar 1881

                        Catharine Garrison

                        Emma R. Pelham, rem/1  March 1882

                        Sarah Olmstead, rem/l  7 March 1881

                        Hellen Saxe

                        Phebe Morrison, rem/nol

                        Gertrude Bullis

                        Anna N. Dodd, died in peace 20 Dec 1887

                        Willie L. Dodd

                        Amos Stiner, withdrawn

                        Robert Lawrence

                        Adeline Lawrence

                        John W. Ham, trans to P

                        Mary C. Ham, rem/l  21 Mar 1883

                        William Garrison

                        Lucinda Garrison

                        Charles W. Garrison                             ADDENDUM

                        Katie M. Garrison, rem/l                 Ella M. Garrison

                        Henry D. Webster, rem/nol

                        Peter Linsey

                        Adam Ham, died 27 Mar 1887, aged 66

                        Elizabeth Ham, died 21 March 1881, Happy, aged 62

                        Charles Ham, rem/nol  11 Jan 1886

                        Amy Deyo

                        Garret Whitney

                        Elizabeth Whitney

                        Alonzo G. Westervelt, rem/l to Catskill, 14 May 1880

                        Neely Lawrence, died 17 March 1882, aged 90

                        J or G. W. Cunningham

                        Mary Cunningham

                        Andrew Lucas, rem

                        Elisha T. Lucus, rem

                        Sarah L. Lucas, rem


                        Emerson Webber, rem/l  15 March 1887

                        Anna Mary Sax, R, now Morey

                        Jeremiah Pelham, rem/cert March 1882

                        Catharine Deyo, drop

                        Carrie Hitchcock, rem/nol


page 321            Revised March 25th 1880 by M. Conchman

                        Valentine T. Whitney, leader, meets in the Asbury

                        Church after preaching.


                        Sarah C. Whitney, died Feb 1887

                        Christine Crawford, died 4 Feb 1883, aged 72 1/3, all right

                        Elijah L. Crawford, S and district S

                        Lana Crawford

                        Wm. P. Chidester, S

                        Charity Chidester, rem/l

                        Jacob Peary

                        Jacob Bear

                        Hattie Bear

                        Samuel W. Goodsell

                        Christina Goodsell, died 3 June 1882, aged 71, ready

                        Elizabeth Trumpbour, lives in Saugerties  (crossed out)

                        Nellie Dederick, rem/nol

                        Rachel Crawford

                        Rachel A. Dederick

                        Mary Jane Taylor

                        Addie Van Gelder, rem/l  30 June 1882

                        Jeremiah Genther

                        Annie E. Chidester, married F. Lewis

                        Edgar Chidester

                        Mary Magee

                        Augusta Post

                        Kate Peary

                        Ara Belle Smith

                        Josephene Taylor, Married B. Teetzell

                        Sarah Whitney

                        Maggie Whitney

                        David Schoonmaker, died 11 Feb 1881, aged 30, all well

                        Eudora Peary, rem

                        Mary H. Conchman, rem/ l  3 April, died 13 June 1882

                        Emma A. Conchman, reml  3 April


page 322            James Kerr

                        Susanna Kerr

                        Ella Conchman, rem/l

                        J.W. Conchman, rem/l

                        Maggie J. Chidester


                        Antonette Peary, rem/nol

                        Bea N. Chidester, drop

                        Estelle Trumpbour, drop

                        John Crawford

                        Fanny Crawford

                        Effie Smith, from P class

                        Revised 16 March 1880

                        High Falls Class, meets in High Falls Church after preaching

                        William Lewis, leader and S

                        Mary A. Lewis

                        Rufus S. Lewis, S, trans to P

                        Sally A. Lewis, trans to P

                        Mary Cheritree

                        Eliza Moon

                        Mary Moon

                        Catharine Myers

                        Mary A. Shook, rem/nol

                        Irene Cheritree, rem/nol

                        Charles W. Lewis

                        Lydia Lewis

                        George F. Moon, S

                        Clara Powell

                        Hattie Teetzell

                        Alfred Teetzell



page 323            Class # 2, Revised 25 March 1880 by M. Conchman, meets

                        at Palenville church after preaching.

                        Peter V. Spencer, leader, rem/l  see alphabetical list

                        Amelia A. Spencer, as Peter

                        Harriet Pettit

                        Henry Hoostan

                        Mary Hoostan

                        Edward Hoostan, rem/nol and dropped

                        Jacob Woodard, died 7 Feb 1883, aged 77, ready

                        Lucy A. Woodard, rem/l  see alphabetical list

                        Phebe E. Merrit, rem/nol, died in peace 1 Nov 1884, aged 76 years

                        Mary E. Wyncoop

                        Peter Britt

                        Mary J. Britt

                        Harriet Adsit

                        Sarah A. Adsit

                        Montgomery Landt

                        Matilda Lant

                        Hezekiah Dederick

                        Ann Dederick

                        Kate Griffin

                        Effie Dederick Smith, trans to A

                        Fanny Garrison

                        Rhodell Obryon, rem/l

                        Mary A. Obryon, rem/l

                        Solomen L. Merritt, rem/nol

                        Nancy M. Merritt, rem/nol

                        Mary C. Mower, m Geo Warrington and lives in Catskill,

                                    rem/l  26 March 1883

                        Ella G. Mower, rem/l  26 Mar 1883

                        Herbert Dederick

                        Joseph H. Dederick

                        Sarah Garrison

                        Ella M. Garrison, m Haines and lives in Tannersville


                        Edward Houghtaling, drop

                        Orpha Houghtaling, drop

                        Frederick Lasher, drop

                        Lillie Sax, Full marked before name, drop after

                        _____ Wasson


page 324            Class # 3 revised 25 March 1880 by M. Conchman

                        Cornelius Dubois, leader and S

                        Adalaid J. Dubois                                  ADDENDA

                        Charles Teale, died                               Mary A. Trumpbour

                        Paulina Teal, died                                 Etta Baker, attends P.E.Church

                        Lewis Ward, born 22 Dec 1831 in Jefferson, Schoharie Co.,

                                    died 24 March 1881 in Palenville, happy

                        Garret R. Berry, W

                        Sarah E. Berry                                   (same)            Etta Baker, died 9 Aug 1885

                        Hattie Goodwin                                              aged 43

                        Lura Bonesteel, died 13 July 1880 in her 83rd year

                        Louisa Bogart

                        Ann E. Hinman

                        Annie E. Hinman, m O.F. Payne, 12 Oct 1881

                        Ada J. Teal

                        Eliza A. Hawver, died 7 Jan 1885

                        Lucinda M. Gardner, attends P.E. Church

                        Margaret Merritt

                        Ida Griffin

                        Lucy A. Griffin

                        George W. Haines

                        Julia P. Haines

                        Mary E. Ward, probationer, drop

                        Richard T. Gardner

                        Anna Gardner

                        Mary J. Sax, rem/nol

                        Philip H. Simons, died 4 May 1884

                        Gertrude A. Hinman

                        Ada J. Smith, rem/l  29 Aug 1883

                        Janes Andrus, died 1885

                        Martha Jane Teal

                        Charlotte A. Goodwin


page 325            Class continued.


                        Sarah F. Goodwin, married Haines

                        Abraham S. Haines, rem

                        Lillie E. Haines, rem

                        Margaret A. Craft

                        Frank Craft, rem/nol

                        Matilda Post

                        James H. Gardner

                        Malinda Gardner

                        Luella Knox, rem/nol

                        Edward Osborn, rem/nol

                        Emma Osborn, rem/nol

                        Amelia A. Lamouree

                        Annie Haley

                        Edith Giles, rem/nol

                        Orland F. Payne, crossed out


                        Frances Webster, drop

                        Adaline Teal, drop

                        Mary C. Simons, drop

                        Frances E. Dederick, drop

                        Hattie Dederick, drop

                        Cora Row, drop

                        Nellie Post, drop

                        Clarence W. Peirce, RIF  25 Sep 1881, rem/l

                        Mansfield Gardner

                        Mrs. Mansfield Gardner

                        Lila Chidgester


page 326            Class # 1, revised 25 March 1880 by M. Conchman


                        T.N. Lawrence, leader, died 1 Sept 1881, aged 59

                        Sarah A. Lawrence

                        Rhoda A. Barton

                        Maggie Barton

                        Margaret A. Mower, rem/l to Quarryville  1 May 1880

                        Emma Lamouree

                        Eliza J. Cheritree, at HF                   ADDENDUM

                        John W. Goodwin, died                  Catharine Goodwin

                        Mary Lasher

                        Leah Hare, rem/nol

                        Alfred Lasher

                        Frances Coleman, connected with P.E. Ch

                        Mary A. Coleman, connected with P.E. Ch

                        Charlotte Smith

                        Sarah Ann Canwright

                        Anna R. Lasher

                        Gabriel S. Merritt, died

                        Jane A. Merritt

                        Mansfield Gardner, rem/l   27  May 1880

                        George A. Trumpbour

                        Isaac Newkirk

                        Mary M. Newkirk

                        Charles H. Newkirk

                        Hellen Lasher

                        Jane Falk

                        Emma C. VanSteenburg, rem/nol

                        Annett Edwards

                        Ada J. Smith, mistake, she is on Be Dubois class

                        Carrie Lamouree, m Schoonmaker

                        Libbie E. Sax, rem/nol

                        William S. Post, S, rem/l to Saugerties April 3

page 327            Nellie Post,           rem/l to Saugerties April 3

                        Charles E. Post, rem to Saugerties


                        Mary J. Bloodgood, drop

                        Lorette Bloodgood, died in the faith

                        Josephene Goodwin, drop

                        Nellie Trumpbour, drop

                        Christian F. Newkirk, drop

                        Henry Morton, drop

                        Mary Morton, drop

                        Jonathan Graham, drop

                        Stephen Henry Merritt, drop

                        George Herrold, RIF, rem/nol

                        Hellen Hummell Herold, drop (crossed out) now Teetzel

                        Lovina Craft, drop

                        Hannah E. Cline, drop

                        F. Orland F. Payne, R/l from East Jewett, April 1882


page 328            Class list written by Rev. White  (I think)


                        C. Dubois, leader                          Catherine Goodwin

                        Harriet Adsit                                        Charlotte Goodwin

                        Sarah A. Adsit                                               Hattie Goodwin

                        Maggie Barton                          John Graf

                        Rhoda Barton                                      Adelia Graf

                        Sarah E. Berry                                               Charles Griffin

                        Louisa Bogart                                      Kate Griffin

                        Francis Brandt                                      Lucy Griffin

                        Mary Britt                                          Samuel Griffin

                        Peter Britt                                          Geo. W. Haines

                        Sarah A. Carnright                             Julia P. Haines

                        Margaret A. Craft                                Sarah F. Haines

                        Ann Dederick                                              Martha J. Hilliger

                        Eva Dederick                                              Ann E. Hinman

                        Herbert Dederick                                  Gertrude Hinman

                        Hezekiah Dederick                              Henry Hoostan

                        Joseph Dederick                                  Mary Hoostan

                        Catherine Deyo                                   Matilda Hoostan

                        Nicholas Deyo                                     Amelia H. Lamouree

                        Antoinette Edwards                              Annie Lamouree

                        Jane Falk                                         Emma Lamouree

                        Annie E. Fuller                                   Hattie Landt

                        Ann Gardner                                                Matilda Landt

                        James H. Gardner                               Montgomery Landt

                        Lucinda Gardner                                    Annie R. Lasher

                        Matilda Gardner                                    Alfred Lasher

                        Richard Gardner                                    Helen Lasher

                        Mansfield Gardner                                Mary Lasher

                        Gardner                                               Sarah A. Lawrence

                        Fanny Garrison                                   Rufus Lewis

                        Sarah Garrison                                   Sally Lewis

page 329

                        Mary Margison                                  Mary E. Wynkoop

                        Jane A. Merritt                          probationers

                        Jennie Merritt                                      Francis Dederick

                        Margaret Merritt                                  Adelbert Fuller

                        Mary E. Morton                                Micheal Hilliger

                        Charles Newkirk                                   Rachel Lamouree

                        Isaac Newkirk                                               Isaac Stewart

                        Mary Newkirk                                               Jeremiah Pelham

                        Harriet O Bryon                                   James Terns, R/l 1 Sep 1888

                        Annie E. Payne                                   Mrs. James Terns, R/l 1 Sep 1888

                        Alice E. Pelham

                        Ida J. Pierce, rem/l  5 Sep 1888

                        Susie F. Ploss

                        Mary E. Renne

                        Celia A. Saxe

                        Elizabeth Saxe

                        A. Scribner                                               class # 2 Palenville

                        Mary Shabura                                                O.F. Payne, leader

                        Thomas Shabura                                    Jennie Berry

                        Charlotte Smith                                    Lester Bloodgood

                        Louisa Stewart                                    Maud Brant

                        Addie J. Teal                                      Lydia Deyo

                        Martha J. Teal                                      Rosa Deyo

                        Geo. A. Trumpbour                          Ernest Elmendorf

                        Mary Trumpbour                               Will A. Garrison

                        Jennie Secor                                       Elizabeth Gardner

                        Nettie Walker, rem/l  8 Feb ’89            Fanny W. Goodwin

                        Charlotte Wasson                                Willie Graf

                        Martin F. Wasson                                Wesley Haines

                        Francis Webster                                   Calvin Newkirk

                        Elizabeth White                                    Geo. H. Newkirk, rem/l to Jersey

                                                                                                City, 1 May 1888

page 330            Class # 2 cont.                                  Class # 3

                        Bennie O Bryon                                   Adelaide J. Dubois, leader

                        George Post                                         Bertha Wasson

                        Nellie Post                                         Lizzie Post

                        Aretus Saxe                                         Arthur Elmendorf

                        Zaidu Scribner                                               Irvine Post

                        Annie M. Smith                                  Eddie White

                        Minnie L. Smith                                   Kate Stewart

                        Annie B. White                                   Peter Craft

                        George H. White                                  Percival Falk

                        Lillie E. White                                       Harry Falk

                        Probationers                                       Minnie Stewart

                        Alfred Brandt                                      Claude Wasson

                        Julia A. Depee                                      Vera White

                        Carrie Lewis

                        Alida Mervinstock

                        Tina M. Post


page 331            Class # 4 Kiskatom                          Class # 5, Kiskatom

                        Edward Houghtailing, leader               John W. Cunningham, leader

                        Lizzie Bogardus                                  Geo. W. Austin

                        Ward Bogardus                                  Charles Chidester

                        Florence Brandow                               Lucinda Chidester

                        Fred Brandow                                              Lillian Chidester

                        Catherine Garrison                               Helen Chidester

                        Charles Garrison                                   Elnora Cunningham

                        Lucinda Garrison                                   Mary Cunningham

                        William Garrison                                   Rose Cunningham

                        Peter Hagadorn                                 Gertrude Bullis

                        Orpha Houghtailing                              Dora J. Dodd

                        Sheridan Houghtailing               William Dodd

                        Adeline Lawrence                                 George Haines

                        Robert Lawrence                                 Mary Lindzay

                        Anna M. Morey                                Parker Lindzay

                        Belle Saxe                                         Peter Lindzay

                        Catherine Saxe                                    Edith Holdrich

                        Charles Saxe                                         Alvira Moore

                        Helen Saxe                                         Claudia Stewart

                        Rachel Saxe                                         Fanny Swart

                        Frank Saxe                                         Elizabeth Whitney

                        Legrand Scribner                                Garrett Whitney

                        Maggie Scribner                               P            Eugene Stewart

                        Ella Steiner                                      Philip Haines

                        Martin Steiner                                      Eliza Haines

                        Izora V. Reed                                               Martha Winter

                        Mary Whitbeck, rem/l

                        Ezra Whitbeck, rem/l

                        Martha Winter, crossed out


page 332            Class # 6, High Falls, written by Rev. White.

                        William Lewis, leader                            Warren Minkler

                        Mary A. Lewis                                  Paul S. Teetsel

                        C. Wilson Lewis                            Alfred Teetzell

                        Lydia Lewis                                       Hattie Tetzell

                        Mary Cheritree                                  ------ Teetzell

                        Eliza Cheritree                                  Lottie Simmons

                        Eliza Moon                                       Micheal Edwards

                        Mary Moon                                       Margaret Edwards

                        George Moon                                       Willie Cheritree

                        Rosa A. Moon                                              Watson Maxwell

                        Catherine Myers                                  Carrie Maxwell

                        Lydia Magee                                      Peter Shoemaker

                        Clarissa Powel                                       Alvaretta Shoemaker

                        Herman Hermance                                 Joseph Shoemaker

                        Margaret Hermance                             probationers

                        Peter Leeshart                                               Estella Acker, RIF  2 Sep 1888

                        Delia Leeshart                                               Satie Smith, dropped

                        A continuation of the list of probationers

                        Isaac Powell, dropped

                        Gertrude Aman, continued

                        Stephen Ennist, RIF 2 Sep 1888

                        Sarah Ennist, RIF 2 Sep 1888

                        Wilson Ennist, dropped

                        Daniel Ennist, RIF 2 Sep 1888

                        Lillie Lezart, continued

                        Rueben Dederick, RIF 2 Sep 1888

                        Lavina Dederick, RIF  2 Sep 1888

                        Maggie Dederick, RIF 2 Sep 1888

                        John A. Myers, RIF 2 Sep 1888

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