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Kiskatom Circuit
Methodist Church


Contributed by Audrey Klinkenberg and transcribed by Scott Wichmann


A            Asbury
b             born
C             Catskill
cert         certificate
Ch           Church
cong       congregation
dau         daughter
disc         discontinued
HF           High Falls
K             Kiskatom
m            married
P             Palenville
p/pro    probationer
Q            Quarryville
R             Received
R/l         Received with letter
RIF         Received in full
RFP       Received from probation
RT         Round Top
rem       removed
rem/l    removed with letter
rem/nol     removed without letter
rem/no cert     removed without certificate
S              Steward
s              single
Saug       Saugerties
T             Trial member
trans       transferred
w/Wd    widow/widower
W             Withdrawn
wits          witnesses  

page 294

I submit the following as an accurate record of the officers and members of the M.E. Ch  (1874) Kiskatom Circuit. L. S. Brown, Pastor

On missions, Geo. H. Austin, J. Woodard, Wm. Lewis 

On S. Schools, H. Jones
                          H. Hooston For 1875
                          T. Lawrence Board of Stewards

On Tracts          Mrs. Amelia Webber                       
                           Miss M. Teil
C. Stotard
                           Mrs. M. Jones                                      
   . Smalling Residence RT

On Ch Extension    F.W. Lawrence
                        G. H. Austin
                                  J. I. Smith 
                                  F. Lawrence
                                  F. Lock   Residence K   
C. Stotard                               
J. Woodard
On Ch Records       S. Merritt
                               M. Jones Residence P 
J. Edgerly                                               
                               Geo. Mulford                                               

On Ch Music           H. Jones
Wm. Lewis                                             
Geo H. Austin  Residence HF
Lewis Ward
                                  T. Lawrence  

Comm on Missions, S., Schools, Tracts, and Ch Ex    Le G Smalling, F.W. Lawrence, J. Woodard

Comm on Ch Records, Parsonage, & furniture and Ch. Music G.H. Austin, S. Merritt, C. Stodard

Comm to estimate the pastor’s salary. The Stewards & Leaders

page 302            The following pages contain the revised record

March 1 1876             E. Clement, Pastor

Committes for 1876.            On Mission, Church Extension & to estimate the pastors salary,  Leaders and Stewards.

Sunday School & Tracts, G.H. Austin, J Bogardus, & R.S. Secors

On Church Records & parsonages & furniture, F.W. Lawrence, W. Garrison (changed to J.T. Smith) J. Woodard.

Stewards for 1876, F.W. Lawrence, Wm. Garrison changed to J.T. Smith, C. Stodard, E. Smalling, Wm. Lewis, W. L. Post, C. Dubois.

District Steward            F.W. Lawrence

Sunday School Supt,  G.H. Austin changed to C. Dubois

There follows on the next page the listing of classes which will be transcribed later.



The membership list consists of 6 columns, name, residence, time and mode of joining, class leader (omitted) and remarks.

page 170         

                        Written up by W.S. Stilwell, February 1866. 

                        Mary Austin of RT

                        Hellen Allen of RT

                        George Aldrige of RT

                        Mary Aldrige of RT

                        Jane Andrews of P

                        J. C. Barringer of K

                        Jane Barringer of K

                        Mary Britt of K

                        Gertrude Bullis of K

                        Phebe A. Bullis of K, m Swart, rem Mar 1867.

                        Ann M. Bloom of K

                        Joshua Bullis of K, died Feb 1868.

                        Charles Bowers of K.

                        Lavina Bowers of K.

                        Eliza S. Boyce of RT, rem Mar 1867.

                        Leah Bonsteal of P, died 13 July 1880 in her 83rd year, all right.

                        Louisa Bogart of P.

                        Laura Bonsteal of P.

                        Emma Burgar of P.

                        Rhoda A. Barton of P.

                        Peter Britt of P.

                        Mary J. Britt of P.

                        Henrietta Baker of P.

page 172

                        Lewis B. Barton of P.

                        Van Renisselaer Berry of HF.

                        Eliza Berry of HF.

                        Phebe M. Betts of K, rem/1  Mar 1866

                        Elizabeth Cochran of RT

                        Mary Cole of P

                        Catharine Crapser of P

                        Adelaid Cherrytree of HF

                        Mary Cherritree of HF

                        Elizabeth M. Dedrick of K, rem/l  Mar 1866

                        Catharine A. Dedrick of HF, m Myres.

                        William Dodd of P

                        Anna Dodd of P

                        Anna E. Edgerly of RT

                        John R. Edgerly of RT

                        Mary Edgerly of RT

                        Augusta Edgerly of RT, m and rem

                        Sarah M. Elton of RT

                        Catharine Elmandorf of RT

                        George E. Elmandorf of RT

page 174

                        Eliza W. Fiero of K, rem/1  Feb 1867.

                        John W. Fiero of RT, died 19 Nov 1867.

                        Frederick Fiero of RT, rem

                        Christine Fiero of RT, rem

                        Julia Fiero of RT

                        Sarah A. Fiero of K, rem/l   Feb 1867

                        S.A. Foland of HF

                        Henry G. Frost of K, R/1 from Oak Hill

                        Ann E. Gardner of HF

                        H.C. Graham of P


                        Lucinda Gardner of P

                        Mary E. Goodwin of P

                        Lottie A. Goodwin of P

                        Catharine Goodwin of P

                        James Gardner of P, Steward

                        Jacob Garretson of RT

                        Lucinda Garretson of RT

                        John Goodwin of P

                        James Grant of K, died 25 Dec 1867

                        Mary C. Grant of K, rem/1  March 1868

                        Cathrine M. Garretson of RT, R/1 from Ref Ch

                        Fannie A. Garrison of RT, R/1 from Durham

                        Griffin Halbrook of K

                        Halbrook of K

                        Henry Hooston of K

                        Mary E. Hooston of K

                        Adam Ham of K

                        Elizabeth Ham of K, died 21 Mar 1881, aged 62, Happy.

page 176

                        Mary E. Ham of K

                        Charles Ham of K

                        Anna Ham of K

                        John W. Ham of K

                        Hannah Hartt of RT

                        Catherine Hartt of RT

                        Marsina Hitchcock of P, local preacher

                        Ann E.M. Hinman of P

                        Eliza A. Hawver of P

                        Sarah Hare of P, rem no cert

                        Ann E.S. Hinman of P

                        Helen C. Herald of P, m Teitzel

                        John Hungerford of HF, rem

                        Margaret Hungerford of HF, rem

                        F. Miller Jones of RT

                        Sarah Jones of RT

                        Sally S. Jones of RT

                        Sarah K. Jones of RT

                        Deborah Knapp, w, of RT

                        William Lewis, m, of HF

                        Mary Lewis, m, of HF

page 178

                        Rufus Lewis, m

                        John R. Lindsey, w, of K

                        Peter Lindsey, m, of K

                        Gilbert Lane, m, of K

                        James H. Lindsey, m, of P, rem/1

                        Catharine Lampman of K

                        Neeley Lawrence of K, expelled 1866

                        Catharine Lawrence of K

                        Frederick W. Lawrence of K

                        Martha C. Lawrence of K

                        Suphema J. Lawrence of K, m Pine

                        Amelia Lawrence of K

                        Ida C. Lawrence of K

                        Robert W. Lawrence of K

                        Henry W. Lawrence of K

                        Ferdinand Lock of K, rem to RT

                        Sarah Lock of K, rem to RT

                        Tobias Lane of HF, rem 1867

                        Sister Lant of HF, rem 1867

                        Henry Lane of HF

                        Sally Lewis of HF

                        Phebe Morrison of K

                        Martha J. Mulford of RT

                        Baltis Moak of RT, died in the Lord

                        Margaret A. Moak of RT

                        Mary E. Marquat of RT

                        Stephen Merritt of P

                        Phebe E. Merritt of P

                        Eliza Morton of P            middle initial J.

                        Jane Morton of P

                        Margaret A. Mower of P

                        William Merritt of HF

                        Margaret Merritt of HF

page 180

                        Henry Moon of HF, Steward, died in 1880

                        Eliza Moon

                        Martha Myres

                        Maria E. Mulford, w

                        Isaac Newkirk of P

                        Mary M. Newkirk of P

                        Israel Olmsted of K

                        Sarah Olmsted of K, rem/1  7 Mar 1887

                        John O. Olmsted of K

                        Elizabeth Olmsted of K

                        Harriet O’Brien of P.

                        Caroline Pine, w, of K

                        Smith L. Pine of K

                        William Pine of K

                        Wm. S. & Nellie Post of P, rem/1  Apr 1880 to Saug

                        Clarence W. Peirce of P, RFP 25 Sep 1881

                        Elizabeth Ross of RT

                        Emeline Roe of RT

                        Melissa Stilwell of K, rem

                        Euince Stilwell of K, rem

                        David J. Shaffer of K

                        Martha Shaffer of K, died March 1867

                        Ira T. Smith of K

                        Ann E. Smith of K

                        Rosanna Smith of K

page 182

                        Eunice Stilwell of K, R/1  Nov 1867

                        Martin Smith of K

                        Sally Smith of K

                        Christian S. Schoonmaker of RT

                        Sylvia Schoonmaker of RT

                        Chester Stoddard of RT

                        Elizabeth Stoddard of RT

                        Maria Stoddard of RT

                        David Stoddard of RT

                        Mary Stoddard of RT

                        Adaline Stoddard of RT

                        Emily Stoddard of RT

                        Mary M. Stoddard of RT

                        Gertrude A. Schermerhorn of RT

                        Delia Schermerhorn of RT

                        William Schermerhorn of RT

                        Simon Schermerhorn of RT

                        Hannah M. Slater of RT

                        Mary A. Slater of RT

                        Joel C. Slater of RT

                        Nancy Smith of RT

                        Shoemaker of HF, rem

                        Shoemaker of HF, rem

                        Phebe Swart of K

                        Jacob Shickenburgh of K

                        Susan M. Schickenburgh of K

                        David T. Slater of RT

                        Elizabeth H. Slater of RT

                        Charles Teal of P

                        Paulina Teal of P

                        Martha Teal of P

                        Julia Trumper of P

                        Orin Taylor of HF  rem/1  July 1867

page 184

                        Margaret Taylor of HF  rem/1  July 1867

                        Warren Titus of RT

                        James H. Van Gelder of P

                        Rebecca Van Gelder of P

                        Mary E. Warner of RT

                        John P. Warner of RT

                        Ann E. Warner of RT

                        Garret Whitney of K

                        Elizabeth C. Whitney of K

                        Ann M. Westervelt of K

                        Alpheus Wright of RT

                        Elizabeth Wright of RT

                        Charles Webster of RT

                        Susan Webster of RT

                        Wm. H. Whitbeck of RT

                        Lewis Ward of P, died 24 Mar 1881, aged 49 years, ready.

                        Judith Yeaden of RT

                        Sarah M. Yeaden of RT

                        William York of P

                        Phebe York of P

 page 186       Entered March 1883, written by Ezra Peirce.

                        Jane Andrus of P, died May 1885, absent from P at the time

                        Harriet Adsit of P

                        Sarah A. Adsit of P

                        Geo. H. Austin of K

                        Louisa Bogart of P

                        Rhoda A. Barton of P

                        Maggie Barton of P

                        Garret R. Berry of P, withdrew by request of pastor, March 1883

                        Sarah E. Berry of P, withdrew by request of pastor

                        Gertrude Bullis of the Toll Gate, Catskill

                        Peter Britt of Britt’s Corners

                        Mary G. Britt of Britt’s Corners

                        Jacob Bear of Smith’s Landing

                        Hattie Bear of Smith’s Landing

                        Charles N. Bunt of P, R/1  30 May 1885, rem/nol

page 188

                        Sarah Ann Carnwright of P

                        Eliza J. Cherritree of HF changed from P

                        Maggie A. Craft of P, withdrawn

                        John W. Cunningham of K

                        Mary Cunningham of K, insane and in the asylum

                        Elijah L. Crawford of A

                        Lana Crawford of A

                        Rachel Crawford of A

                        Wm. T. Chidester of A

                        Charity Chidester of A, died 1888

                        Edgar Chidester of A

                        Maggie J. Chidester of A

                        Mary Cherritree of HF, died 1887

                        Mary Chidester of A, RFP 9 Dec 1883, withdrawn

                        John Crawford of Smith’s Landing, RFP 2 Nov 1884

                        Fanny Crawford of Smith’s Landing, RFP 2 Nov 1884

                        Lila Chidester of Smith’s Landing changed to P, R/1 5 Feb 1885

                        Augusta Chidester of HF changed to Asbury, formerly Augusta Post

page 190

                        Cornelius DuBois of P

                        Adelaide J. DuBois of P

                        Hezekiah Dederick of P

                        Ann Dederick of P

                        Joseph H. Dederick of P

                        Rachel A. Dederick of Caatsban, attends the Dutch Ch, rem/l

                        Ann M. Dodd of K

                        Willie L. Dodd of K

                        Amy Deyo of K, m Thomas White 26 Nov 1883, rem

                        Eva Dederick of P, R/1 22 May 1887

                        Elizabeth Dederick, R/1  2 Jan 1889

                        Antonette Edwards of P

                        Katie M Embree, rem to Catskill

page 192         

                        Jane Falk of P

                        Annie E. Fuller of P, R/1  12 Feb 1886

                        Etta M. Frost, R/1  12 Sept 1887

                        John W. Goodwin of P, died 1887

                        Catharine Goodwin of P

                        Charlott A. Goodwin of P

                        Hattie Goodwin of P

                        Richard T. Gardner of P

                        Ann Gardner of P

                        Jas H. Gardner of P

                        Malinda Gardner of P

                        Fanny Garrison of P

                        Catharine Garrison of P

                        Sarah Garrison of P

                        Maggie Garrison of P, m Eugene Abeal, rem to Blue Mt Ch

                        Wm. Garrison of K

                        Lucinda Garrison of K

                        Chas W. Garrison of K

                        Ella M. Garrison of K

                        Katie M. Garrison of K m Mr Embree 14 Oct 1884, rem/l

                        Edith Giles of P, rem/nol

                        Saml W. Goodsell of A

                        Jeremiah Genther of A

page 194

                        Kate D. Griffin of P

                        Lucy A. Griffin of P

                        Ida G. Griffin of P, rem/l  5 sep 1888

                        Phebe E. Gorse of A, rem/l  28 Oct 1885

                        Eveline R. Gorse of A, rem/l  28 Oct 1885

                        John W. Gorse of A, rem/l  28 Oct 1885

                        Charles G. Gorse of A, rem/l  28 Oct 1885, RFP 14 Dec 1884

                        Lucinda Gardner of P

                        Mansfield Gardner, R/l  1 Nov 1886

                        Mrs. Mansfield Gardner, R/l  1 Nov 1886

                        Emma Goodwin, R/l  Sep 1887

                        William A. Garrison, RFP 6 Nov 1887, rem/nol

page 196

                        Henry Hoostan of Britt’s Corners changed to P

                        Mary Hoostan of Britt’s Corners changed to P

                        Edward Hoostan of Britt’s Corners, does not consider himself a member

                        Annie E. Hinman of P

                        Gertrude A. Hinman of P

                        Eliza A. Hawver of P, died in peach 7 Jan 1885, aged 74

                        Sarah F. Haines of P

                        Geo. W. Haines of P

                        Julia P Haines of P

                        Abram S. Haines of P, rem

                        Lillie E. Haines of P, rem

                        Willie Haines of P, R/l from C 19 May 1884, rem/1

                        Edward Houghtaling of P, RFP 18 Jan 1885

                        Orpha Houghtaling of P, RFP 18 Jan 1885

                        H.C. Hermance of HF, R/l  3 May 1885

                        M. Matilda Hooston of P, formerly Matilda Post

page 198

                        James Kerr of A

                        Susannah Kerr of A

                        Annie A. Lamouree of P, rem/l to Blue Mt. Ref. Ch

                        Emma Lamouree of P

                        Amelia A. Lamouree of P

                        Montgomery Lant of P

                        Matilda Lant of P

                        Alfred Lasher of P

                        Hellen Lasher of P

                        Anna R. Lasher of P

                        Mary Lasher of P

                        Rufus Lewis of P

                        Sally A. Lewis of P

                        Wm. Lewis of HF

                        Mary A. Lewis of HF

                        C. Wilson Lewis of HF

                        Lydia Lewis of HF, m Russell Magee 31 Dec 1885

                        Robert Lawrence of K

                        Adeline Lawrence of K

page 200

                        Sarah A. Lawrence of P

                        Peter Linzey of toward Catskill

                        Andrew Lucas of K, rem

                        Elisha R. Lucas of K, rem

                        Sarah L. Lucas of K, rem/l

                        Annie E. Lewis of A, added later P

                        Hattie Landt of P, RFP 14 Dec 1884

                        Catharine Myers of HF, rem

                        Mary Moon of HF

                        Geo. H. Moon of HF

                        Eliza Moon of HF

                        Ella J. Mower of P, rem/l  26 Mar 1883

                        Margaret Merritt of P

                        Gabriel S. Merritt of P Clove, died 6 Dec 1883 in the 60th year of his age

                        Jane A. Merritt of Clove

                        Mary Magee, widow of G.S., of A

                        Alvira Moore of K, R/l from C  4 Sep 1885

                        Lydia Magee of HF

                        Carrie E. Maxwell of HF, R/l from Malden 12 Dec 1886

                        Rosa A. Moon of HF, R/l Kiskatom Ref Ch 12 Dec 1886

                        Mary Margison of P, R/l from Mongaup Valley 12 Dec 1886

                        Jennie Merritt of P, R/l  22 May 1887

page 202

                        Isaac Newkirk

                        Mary M. Newkirk

                        Chas H. Newkirk

                        Geo. H. Newkirk of P, RFP 14 Dec 1884, rem/l  1 May 1888

                        Hariett O’Bryon of P, R/l  22 May 1887

page 204

                        Harriett Pettit of P, rem/l  26 Mar 1884

                        Matilda Post of P, m Adelbert Hooston

                        Augusta Post, of A, m Phineas Chidester

                        Clarence W. Peirce of P, rem with pastor

                        Adelaide S. Post of P, rem with pastor

                        Jacob Peary of A

                        Katie Peary of A

                        Orland F. Payne of P

                        Annie E. A. Payne of P

                        Eudora Peary of West Camp

                        Emma R. Pelham of P, died in peace 12 Feb 1884, aged 24

                        Emma Jane Perry of P, R/l  3 Aug 1884

                        Clara J. Powell of HF, R/l  30 May 1885

                        Alice E. Pelham of P, R/l  29 Dec 1886

                        Mary E. Renne of P, R/l  Dec 1884

                        I Briggs Ryder of K, R/l  May 1886, rem/l  1 Apr 1887

                        Sarah A. Ryder of K, R/l  May 1886, rem/l  1 Apr 1887

page 206

                        Peter V. Spencer of P, rem/l  26 Mar 1884

                        Amelia A. Spencer of P, rem/l  26 Mar 1884

                        Charlotte Smith of P

                        Ada J. Smith of P, rem/l  29 Aug 1883

                        Phillip H. Simons of P, died 4 May 1884

                        Carrie L. Schoonmaker of P, rem

                        Dora G. A. Smith of K, m Dodd

                        Amos Stiner of K, died 10 Mar 1889

                        Hellen Saxe of K

                        Arabell Smith of A, m Jas Smith of Ohio & rem/nol

                        Mary A. Shook of HF, rem/l  28 Mar 1883

                        Effie G.D. Smith of A

                        Esther C. Sparks, of P, rem with pastor

                        Alviretta L. Shoemaker of HF, R/l  29 Oct 1883

                        Emma Schoonmaker, on the mountain, RFP 14 Dec 1884, rem

                        Anna M. Smith of P, RFP 14 Dec 1884

                        Geo. F. Smith of P, RFP 14 Dec 1884, rem/nol

                        Emogene Smith of P, unknown

                        Mrs. A. E. Scribner of P, R/l  22 May 1887

                        Jennie Secor of P, R/l  July 1887

page 208

                        M. Jane Taylor of A

                        Byron Teetsell of A

                        Josephine T. Teetsell of A

Elizabeth Trumpbour of Asbury, West Camp, rem to Kingston without letter

                        Geo A. Trumpbour of P

                        Mary A. Trumpbour of P

                        Chas H. Teale of P, died in peace 6 Oct 1886, aged 82

                        Paulina Teale of P, died in peace 7 Sep 1885, aged 80

                        Martha J. Teale of P

                        Adelaide J. Teale of P

page 210

                        Emma Van Steenburgh of P, m Lawrence Schoonmaker 30 May 1883

page 212

                        Mary E. Wynkoop of P

                        Lucy a. Woodard of P, rem/l  2 April 1883

                        Valentine T. Whitney of A, died in peace 31 Aug 1885, aged 70 years

                        Sarah C. Whitney of A, died in peace 1887

                        Sarah C. Whitney of A

                        Maggie Whitney of A

                        Garret Whitney of K

                        Elizabeth Whitney of K

                        Martin F. Wasson of P, RFP 14 Oct 1883

                        Charlotte Wasson of P, RFP 14 Oct 1883

                        Ezra Whitbeck of K, R/l  22 Oct 1884, rem/l  1 Jan 1887

                        Mary A. Whitbeck of K, R/l  22 Oct 1884, rem/l  1 Jan 1887

                        Rufus S. Whitney of A, RFP 2 Nov 1884

                        John H. Winney of P, RFP 14 Dec 1884

                        Elizabeth White, R/l  15 Apr 1886, rem with pastor 1 April 1889

                        Jennie H. White, R/l  15 Apr 1886, rem/l  1 Jan 1887

                        Annie B. & Lily E. White, R/l  15 Apr 1886, rem with pastor 1 April 1889

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