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Kisselburg Family


Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from copies of the original bible.

Contributed by June Gambacorta


Lester Kisselburg Sr.  - May 30th 1853
Caroline E. Kisselburgh - April 25th 1855
Lauren L. Kisselburgh - May 7th 1875
Burtran A. Kisselburgh - December 10th 1877
William E. Kisselburgh - April 28th 1880
Alma C. Kisselburgh - July 9th 1882
George H. Kisselburgh - January 30th 1885
Daniel R. Kisselburgh - June 21st 1887
Edward N. Kisselburgh - December 8th 1889
Lester Kisselburgh Jr. - January 23rd 1892
Wealthy M. Kisselburgh - December 15th 1895
Paul L. Kisselburgh - April 3rd 1900


Burtran A. Kisselburgh }
Elvira A. Frisbee            }

Alma C. Ksselburgh      }
William Valentine         }  February 15th 1902

William E. Kisselburgh }
Friedarica Schmitt          }  March 23rd 1905

George H. Kisselburgh  }
Flora Snyder                    }  June 18th 1905

Edward N. Kisselburgh  }
Betty G. Conklin               }  June 24th 1934

Paul J. Kisselburg           }
Marion B. Harrington     }  November 21, 1928


Daniel R. Kiselburgh - June 27th 1888
Wealthy M. Kisselburgh - April 3rd 1896
Florance May Valentine - February 21st 1904
Lester K. Kisselburgh Jr. - February 25th 1907
William Lester Valentine - July 27, 1906
Lester Kisselburgh Sr - February 22, 1930
Alma Kisselburgh Valentine - May 5, 1925
Caroline E. Kisselburg - April 30, 1947
Alvia Kisselburg - May 1952
Freda Kisselburgh - November 1954
William Kisselburgh - October 18, 1960
Burtran Kisselburgh - May 11, 1962
Lauren Kisselburgh - May 22, 1967
Marion B. Kisselburg - August 30, 1982
Paul Kisselburg - January 18, 1986

Undated, unnamed newspaper clippings in bible:

Miss Mary A. Fahy, who would have graduated this year, died last evening, in the 20th year of her age. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fahy of 526 Diamond Street. Twp weeks ago she was seriously ill with diptheria which rapidly developed a most serious phase  and soon caused intense anxiety on the part of her many friends. Everything possible was done to successfully combat the disease and her physician was untiring in his attendance on her and his efforts and those of a faithful mother were unavailing and at the closing of the day death closed her eyelids forever more. Her death will be deeply regretted by all who knew her, but it is the home where she will be most missed and where there is a vacant place which can never be filled.

Death of Athens Boy
Condition not considered serious until Monday morning, when he sank rapidly
Lester, fifteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kisselburg, of Athens upper village, died Monday after a short illness of grippe and tonsilitis. His condition was not considered serious until early Monday morning when it took a turn for the worse and he sank rapidly. He was a bright manly lad and will be missed in his home as well as by a large circle of friends, and much sympathy is extended to his parents, brothers and sisters in the early taking off of his precious young life.

Kisselburgh - In this city, February 27, 1910. Augusta Shufelt. wife of Winfield Kisselburgh. Funeral from her late residence, 85 North 7th street, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Death of a Young Wife
Mrs. Arthur Bogardus died Sunday at her home in Athens upper village, after a lingering illness of consumption. she was (hole in paper) years of age and had been a patient sufferer for nearly a year from the disease which finally ended her life. She was a young woman of a gentle retiring nature and her many friends will regret to learn of her early death.

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