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Krueger Family Bible

Courtesy of Dave Van Denburgh and Janice Vickers


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Family Register:

Albert A. Krueger and Elizabeth Merkle were united in Holy Matrimony on Saturday the Fifteenth day of August 1869 at the Lutheran Church Saugerties.


Francis J. Merkle  July 2, 1810
Katherine Kessler Feb. 5th 1817
Albert A. Krueger Aug. 15th 1840
Elizabeth Merkle Feb. 4th 1853
Katherine Krueger June 3rd 1870

Caroline Ida Krueger Feb. 19th 1873
Elizabeth W. Krueger April 3rd 1874
Albertha J. Krueger Nov. 16th 1875
Frank A. Krueger Sept. 1st 1878
Louisa M. Krueger March 6th 1881
Walter C.H. Krueger Nov. 7th 1882
Edna C. Gonnerman March 1st 1895
Ruth C. Gonnerman Aug. 21st 1896
Elizabeth A. Whitbeck June 25th 1917
Mary L. Whitbeck March 5th 1919


Francis J. Merkle May 2nd 1884
Katherine Merkle Nov. 30, 1901
Albert A. Krueger March 26th 1910
Elizabeth Krueger June 14th 1915
Katherine Krueger Feb. 22nd 1872
Frank A. Krueger March 26th 1912
Walter C.H. Krueger June 26th 1948
Elizabeth Krueger Moon Dec. 9th 1949
Austin Overbaugh Dec. 4th 1930
Louisa Krueger Whitbeck April 1st, 1957 (?)

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