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Larsen Family Bible 

Printed in Scandanavian Bibelin
Handwritten copy of a bible the possession of Mr. Lawrence Larsen, N. Settlement Road, Windham, R.F.D., NY in 1940-1950.

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, Page 3, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Printed in Scandanavian Bibelin

In Remembrance of Martin Hansen, December 26, 1885
Published 1885
American Bible Society, NY

Family Memories

Ludwig Emil Larsen born 14th February 1862, died February 5, 1933, Chicago, IL

Hannah Lansen, his wife, born 17th March, 1858, died October 16, 1928, Detroit, Mich., married March 17th, 1887

Lawrence Larsen, born 30th May 1888, Brooklyn, NY, married July 15th, 1920 to Olga Kristen Larsen. She born May 17th, 1891.

Hans Adoll Larsen born 8th October, 1890, married Los Angeles, July 17, 1943 to Louise Anderson in California. No children.

Gunval Louies Larsen (son) born August 1, 1895, died April 17th, 1941, Detroit, Mich., married Mable Irene Anderson September 1st, 1923. Their daughter Anna Irene Larsen, born August 18th, 1924, married Alfred Bang has 5 sons.

Lawrence Oliver Larsen, son of Lawrence and Olga K. Larsen, born 14th of June 1921, Detroit, Mich, Providence Hospital, married February 20th, 1943 to Elenore Everett

Darrin, born February 3, 1924, have 2 children: Lawrence Ray Larsen born May 9, 1944, St. Vincent Hospital, Staten Island, NY; Gail Eileen Larsen born March 25, 1948, St. Vincent Hospital, Staten Island, NY

Harriet Doris Larsen, daughter of Lawrence and Olga K. Larsen, born August 13th, 1923 at 2275 Monterey Ave., Detroit, Mich., married April 13th, 1946 to Roy Luster Martin. He born April 25, 1920, had 4 children:

Twins: David Roy Martin, born January 19th, 1947 and Darrill Ray Martin, born January 19th, 1947, died January 23, 1947, aged 4 days. They born in Raleigh, General Hospital, Berklay West, VA

Dwayne Lawrence Martin, born and died December 1952 (at birth)

Gary Charles Martin, born July 25, 1955

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