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Lawrence Decker Family 

Contributed by Elaine Kay Decker

Bible printed in 1849

In pencil:
Top of page:
Lawrence DECKERS father was Gilbert DECKER

(in ink)
Records of Lawrence DECKERS family
Lawrence DECKER Oct 6, 1761 Died Dec. 3, 1829
Cornelia BROWZEE Nov 17, 1769 Died Mar. 14, 1830

Catlincha DECKER Mar. 31, 1785 Died Jun. 19, 1825 (note from 
me: please help me with this name if you have it differently but I am 99% 
sure it is Catlincha) 

Cornelius L. DECKER Jun. 30, 1786 Died (Blank)


Casper DECKER at Mamakating Sull. Co, July 8th 1849, buried at Ellenville-Ulster Co

Cordelia S. DECKER at Elmira N.Y., March 9th 1872, buried in Woodlaun Cemt'y

Mary-or Minnie S. wife of Rev J.W. SANBORN. 

Perry N Y June 26th 1880, Buried in Woodlawn Sem y Elmira

Lucinda DECKER at Elmira, N.Y., Feb. 3, 1888, buried at Newark Valley, N.Y.

David DECKER at Elmira, N.Y., Sept. 27. 1890, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery - Elmira

Gilbert DECKER Apr. 20, 1788 Died Aug 11, 1875

Peter DECKER Feb. 23, 1790 Died (Blank)

Nicholas L. DECKER Jan. 26, 1792 Died July 2, 1840

John L. DECKER Dec (blank) 1793 (blank)

Dolly DECKER Sept 1, 1793 Died 1816 OR 1876 (Not sure if 1or 7)

Derrick DECKER Jun 23, 1797 (blank)

Andrew DECKER May 13, 1799 (blank)

Christina DECKER Apr. 25, 1801 (blank)

Anna DECKER Mar 8, 1803 Died Jan 16, 1810 OR 1817 (Not sure)

Harris DECKER Dec 8, 1804

Abraham DECKER Feb 6, 1807

Mutu- (note: that was written in the outside margin with a - before the name Gitz so it looks like this:
Mutu - Gittz DECKER Dec. 6, 1809


David DECKER at Roxbury, Del Co., Jan 15th 1816

Cordelia SCHULTZ, at Hyde Park, Duch Co.,  July 3d 1821

Casper DECKER, at Solon, Cortland Co., Sept 10th 184? (note: hole in the paper)

Maurice DECKER, at Mamakating, Sull Co., Feb 6th 1849

Abram DECKER, at Mamakating, Sull Co., Sept 21st 1850

Mary DECKER, at Mamakating, Sull-Co., Sept 16th 1852

Anna S. DECKER (note: the S. is written in pencil), at Mamakating, Sull Co., NY, Mar 5th 1854

Carrie E. DECKER (note: the E. is written in pencil), at Elmira, Chemung Co, April 26th 1856

Jennie C DECKER, at Elmira, Chemung Co, June 29 1859

Bertha E Decker (note: the E is written in pencil), at Elmira NY, March 17 1864

Cordelia SCHULTZ LOSEY, Born at Elmira Nov 3rd 1871, Daughter of Whitford and Anna

Harry ABBOT DECKER, son of Maurice and Mary, born at Elmira May 28/72

David ORCOT DECKER born at Waverly NY. April 20 1881

Ruth D. and Anna D. LOSEY~twins~ born at Elmira July 28th 1881


David DECKER to Cordelia SCHULTZ Feb 24th 1846 Middletown Delaware Co N.Y.
By Rev. Wm. F Gould

Anna S. DECKER To Rutherford M. LOSEY Elmira March 30th 1871 
By Rev. J.J. Keyes

Maurice S. DECKER To Mary ABBOTT at Elmira July 19th 1871
By Rev. Thos. K. Beecher
Abram I. DECKER to Sarah D. ORCUTT in town of Ashland N.Y. Oct. 11th 1871
by Rev. Harvey Lambkin

David DECKER to Mrs. L. BURLINGAME Aug. 28 - 73 
by Rev I (note: could be J.) Alabaster 
Mary or Minnie S DECKER to Rev. J. W. SANBORN Sept 5. 1878
by J B Wentworth D D, assisted by L. C. Queal D D

Carrie E. DECKER to Joseph *** PURCE (note: can't make out the middle initial-maybe A or H) (PURCE?)  Sept 29 1886
by Rev. OA Houghton
Bertha E. DECKER to J Willard STILLWELL at Elmira NY April 25, 1894
by Rev. F. E. Keerry (note: it really looks like Kserry)

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