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Levi Finch Family

Original located at the Catskill Library, copied from transcription in the family file at the Vedder Library by
Sylvia Hasenkopf

Philadelphia: Edward W. Miller 1851


Levi Finch and Eunice Cooke were married on February 25, 1848
Irving Allen and Lida Finch were married on May 18, 1887
Numan Finch and Carrie Travis were married on October 15, 1889

Levi Finch was born August 2, 1823
Lida Finch was born December 28, 1855
Numan Finch was born October 6, 1865
Eunice Cooke was born July 1, 1825
Carrie Travis, w/o Numan Finch was born April 8, 1870

Eunice, w/o Levi Finch died June 16, 1885
Susan, w/o Moses Cook died August 1884
Levi Finch died January 10, 1920
Lida Finch Allen died June 27, 1927
Irving Allen, Lida Finch husband, died January 19, 1931

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