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Lewis Paddock Family

Courtesy of Milan Paddock

Bible published in Cooperstown, 1832


Lewis Paddock and Hannah Hall
Albert Paddock and Cornelia Jones ( in a different handwriting - South Durham, Greene Co, NY - 1850)
George E. Paddock and Harriet E. Minkler (in a different handwriting - Saxton, Ulster Co, NY Jan 1881)
Albert J. Paddock and Anna Ruth Compton (different handwriting - Hanford, Cal. - Aug. 17, 1910)
George J. Paddock and Vivian Louise Herr (Pasadena Calif., Feb 19, 1939)
Albert J. Paddock and Coral E. Weaver (Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20, 1940)


Lewis Paddock was born October 13th 1790
Hannah Paddock (Hall) born June 18th 1795
Albert Paddock was born April 20th 1818
Lucius Paddock was born August 8th 1821
Milan Paddock was born September 5th 1823
Osee Paddock was born February 14th 1826
Egbert Paddock was born November 14th 1827
Charles Paddock was born April 17th 1830
Zeviah Paddock was born July 18th 1833
Wilson Paddock was born September 12th 1841

Cornelia Jones, wife of Albert Paddock  March 1st 1822
George Edward Paddock their son, March 4th 1852
William Herbert Paddock, their son, June 29th 1857

Children of George E. Paddock:
Clara Alice Paddock was born Oct. 9th 1882
Albert Josiah Paddock was born March 9th 1888

Harriet Minkler, wife of G.E. Paddock was born September 25, 1851
Anna Ruth Compton, wife of Albert J. Paddock, was born May 7, 1893

George Joseph Paddock, son of Albert J. and Ruth Compton Paddock was born May 20, 1912
Vivian Louise Herr, wife of George Joseph Paddock was born March 23, 1911
Milan Albert Paddock, son of George and Vivien was born (living)
Coral Weaver Paddock, wife of Albert J. Paddock, was born Aug. 23, 1895


Lewis Paddock died January 29th 1856, aged 65 years, 3 month, and 6 days
Hannah Paddock died March 9th 1874
Albert Paddock  December 4th 1902
Cornelia Paddock  February 1898
Zeviah Paddock Finch  April 1st 1896
Egbert Paddock  August 28th 1888
Wilson Paddock May 4th 1904
Osee Paddock  Feb. 12th 1908
Milan Paddock 1903
Charles Paddock Jan 16th 1909
Lucius Paddock Date uncertain
Harriet E. Paddock  May 23, 1923
George E. Paddock  April 16, 1932
Wm. H. Paddock August 26, 1932
Clara Alice Paddock August 15, 1941
Albert Josiah Paddock November 14, 1952

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