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Marriage Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Marriages that Have occurred in the Town of Lexington in the County of Greene, N.Y., during the year ending June 1, 1865. 


Name of husband Age of husband Previous civil condition of Husband Name of Wife Age of Wife Previous civil condition of wife Date of Marriage Name of city or town where the marriage occurred Marriage solemnized by a clergyman Marriage solemnized by a civil magistrate Marriage solemnized by declaration before witnesses
Corydon B. Dunham 37 W Mrs. Jane Smith 39 W 4-Apr Lexington Meth    
Andrew Aldridge 36 S Mrs. Louisa Brooks 22 W 30-Sep Lexington   J.P.  
Benj. Van Valkenburgh 20 S Maria Butler 26 S 28-Aug Lexington Meth    
Wellington Butler 20 S Mrs. Sarah (Hotaling) Henderson 22 W 20-Nov Lexington Meth    
Joel M. Ford 49 W Mrs. Seyntha (Lockwood) Holcomb 29 W 20-Mar Halcott Meth    
Weythington (?) Hase 21 S Miss Lansive (?) Huggins   S 17-Oct Lexington Meth    
John  Somes 71 W Mrs. Jemmia (Van Benson?) Happing (?) 42 W 10-Aug Kingston   J.P.  
Richard Condon 23 S Miss Martha Benjamin 16 S 12-Jun Lexington Meth    
John Miller 22 S Miss Jennett Ford 18 S 15-Mar Lexington Baptist    
Robert Kennedy 24 S Miss Susan Humphrey 20 S 10-Sep Prattsville Pres    
James M. Griffen 24 S Othelia Humphrey 19 S 12-Oct Hunter Pres    
Barney Cunningham   S Miss Endalia Humphrey 17 S 6-Feb Lexington Baptist    
James M. Vanvalkenburgh 23 S Miss Mary H. OHarra 18 S 25-May Lexington R.C.    
Horatio Martin 25 S Miss Chislett Brackett 23 S 3-Sep Oak Hill Greene Co, NY Episcopal    
Ezekiel Cook 19 S Miss Abigel Foster 19 S 6-Mar Prattsville   Pres  
Robert Robinson 53 W Miss Sarah Ford 40 S 23-May Lexington Baptist    
Byren Huggins 22 S Miss Clythera Mulford 24 S 12-Aug Conesville Scho Co, NY M    
George N. Truesdell 22 S Miss Rebecak Northrup 16 S 3-Jul Prattsville Meth    
John Tompkins 65 W Maria Barber 43 W 7-Oct Shandaken Methodist    
Nicholas Rosman 25 S Huldah Finch 18 S 24-Dec Lexington   J. Peace  


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