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Losty Family

Contributed by Michelle Davis


Mary A. Losty to William E Phelan
Katherine Losty to Charles J. Embree--1896
Elizabeth G. Losty to Andrew A Klemm-- Dec. 31 1902
Margaret Losty to Perry W. Coppage
Loretta C. Losty to William S. Downey
Mary E. Embree to Clifford A. Overbaugh--June 21 1919
Rosealma Klemm to Joseph A. Moore—Oct 1935
Marian Klemm to Milton Miller—Oct. 19 1936
Elizabeth Phelan to Francis Poll—June 30 1935
Marguerite C, Downey to Joseph St. Lawrence—June 22, 1941
William Downey to Helen Seeley—April 1940 


Marian (Mary Ann) Losty born November 12th 1874
Katherine Losty born June 20th 1876
John William Losty born May 2nd 1878
Christina Losty born June 14th or 24th 1880
Margaret Losty born May 28th 1883
Elizabeth Losty born December 23rd 1884
Loretta Losty born Saturday October 16th 1886
Mary E. Embree born April 19th 1897
Marion Elizabeth Klemm born September 19th 1903
Rosealma Klemm born December 29th 1907
William Downey born October 15th 1917
Mary Ann Coppage born December 5th 1905
Marguerite Clinton Downey born July 23rd 1919
Joan Downey born October 13th 1924
John Downey March 29th 1927
Michael Patrick Downey born December 28th 1941
Katherine J. Overbaugh born December 23rd 1919 


Pastor Father O’Driskel (O’Driscoll?) died March 21st 1884
Duke Aoye died February 12th 1884
Filip Vanvectian (VenVechten?) Manorden (Van Orden?) died December 21st 1886
Rev. William Finneran died Tuesday April 3rd 1900
Christina Losty died Monday November 19th 1900
Margaret Guthrie Sunday 25th 1900(no month)
Michael J. Losty died Friday September 23rd 1910
Michael A. Coppage died April 23rd, 1911 Sunday 4am
Andrew Klemm died December 28th 1912
Christina Geagan died January 12th 1922
John J. Phelan died May 28th 1918
Agnes O’Hara died???
Mary Clinton Losty died Friday September 14th 1923
Joan Downey died April 27th 1925
Loretta Losty Downey died December 5th 1930
Elizabeth G. Klemm died June 16th 1932


Mary Ann Losty received her First Communion Sunday October 26th 1884
The first Sunday the new St. Patrick’s Church was opened was April 25th 1886
Catherine T. Losty received her First Communion and Confirmation June 6th 1893
Christina T. Losty received her First Holy Communion and Confirmation on Tuesday June 6th 1893
John W. Losty received his First Holy Communion on March 17th 1892 and Confirmation on Tuesday June 6th 1893
Margaret L.A. Losty received her First Holy Communion and Confirmation on Tuesday May 26th 1896
Elizabeth G. Losty received her First Holy Communion and Confirmation May 26th 1896

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