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Louis Coenraad Ten Eyck 
Family Bible

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 43, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi. The following as written.


1760 is myne Louis Conraad Ten Eyck in bene Huse onteslaaoens den January and 4 Jaar 5 Maandenss 16 dayer (means. Louis Conraad Ten Eyck fell asleep in God’s House, January 2, 1760, aged 4y5m16d)

Helvey Jaar dene 6 den January is myne Huysorous Anna Margareta Coeymans in dens Hurey olslopen. (means, in the same year the 6th of January my Huysorous Anna Margareta Coeymans fell asleep in God’s house)

Peter Coueman Ten Eyck born 1759 June 15th
Gerretie Ten Eyck born September 15th 1764
My son Jacob A. Ten Eyck born 4th of December 1772
My Dauter Garretie’s son Tobias C. Ten Eyck born June 12, 1782 one o’clock in the afternoon

March 14th 1784 is my son Peter Ten Eyck married with Eddy Van Buren
1749 October 29th Andries Ten Eyck was married to Anna Margareta Coeymans
Peter Ten Eyck married 14th of March 1786 with Eighty Van Buren at Kinderhook at the Minister Publish at Coxsackie three times in one day.
December 18th 1786 our Dauter Anna Margrata was born
Peter’s wife Dyde (died) March 12th 1787 was buried the 14th of March
Andris Ten Eyck died 9th October 1802
Conrrat Ten Eyck was born and died on the 5th of September 1832 at 6 o’clock AM
Charlotte Ten Eyck died February 16th 1833

Andres Ten Eyck and Ann Maregreta Coeymans married October 29th 1748 (note different marriage year)
1749 October 29th our son Peter born
Twins: 1751 January 23rd our daughters Maria and Charlotte born
1753 December 14th Peter Ten Eyck died
1754 January 4th Maria Ten Eyck died
1757 July 17th Coenradt Ten Eyck was born
1759 June 15th Peter C. Ten Eyck born, married to Eyda Van Buren
1760 January 2nd Coenrad A. Ten Eyck died
1760 January 6th died Anna Marg..ta Ten Eyck

Andrus Ten Eyck and Jennetie Jansen married 1762
1764 September 15th Garritie born . Married to Coenr..t T. Ten Eyck
1772 December 4th Jacob born….died

Coenrad J. Ten Eyck and Charlotte Ten Eyck married 1769
1770 February 11th Anna Magreta Ten Eyck born….died (no date)
1773 May 6th Catharine Ten Eyck born. Married to Jn. Beekman
1775 July 7th Maria Ten Eyck born. Married to Jonas Bronck
1777 January 10th Jacob C. Ten Eyck born. Married to Sarah Ten Eyck
1780 September 16th Andrus Ten Eyck born
1785 May 14th Barent Ten Eyck born

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