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Luke Gardiner Family 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 93, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.

In the possession of Leonard Gardiner, Greenville Center, NY at the time Mrs. Rossi copied the records - circa 1955


Luke Gardiner and Sophia Bullock were married 1795
John H. Gardiner and Olive ______ were married 1817.
Anna Gardiner and Leonard Youmans were married 1819
Asa B. Gardiner and J. Amanda June were married March 1, 1849
Lewis M. Gardiner and Deborah _______ were married 1833
George L. Gardiner and Medora A. Haight were married abt. 1870
John H. Gardiner and Hattie L. Davis were married December 6, 1886
Ernest R. Gardiner and Minnie B. Burgess were married abt. 1908
Katherine M. Gardiner and Norman H. Parks were married December 25, 1912
Leonard A.(?) Gardiner and Helen Jane Story (?) were married January 13, 1915
John H. Gardiner Jr. and ________
Alice Edna Gardiner and Leonard A. Powell were married September 5, 1922
Viola H. Gardiner and James Becker were married abt. 1935
Leonard A. Gardiner Jr. and Clara Bell Ingells were married November 30, 1940
Leona Alice Powell (d/o Alice Edna Gardiner and Leonard A. Powell) and Frederick Flack
were married January 1, 1942
Walter Parks and Marjorie Smith were married January 7, 1949


Luke Gardiner was born June 27, 1775
Sophia Bullock, his wife, was born March 4, 1775

Our children:
John H. Gardiner was born June 23, 1799
Anna Gardiner was born March 13, 1802
Asa Bullock Gardiner was born May 6, 1804
Lewis M. Gardiner was born March 15, 1813
Olive, w/o John H. Gardiner, was born April 30, 1798
Leonard Youmans, husband of Anna Gardiner, was born 1800
J. Amanda June, w/o Asa B. Gardiner, was born June 13, 1820
Deborah, w/o Lewis M. Gardiner, was born 1815

Children of Asa B. and J. Amanda June Gardiner:
George L. Gardiner was born February 16, 1850
John H. Gardiner was born June 29, 1855
Medora A. Haight, w/o Geo. L. Gardiner born 1851
Hattie L. Davis, w/o John H. Gardiner, born April 5, 1869

Children of John H. Gardiner and Hattie L. Davis:
Ernest R. Gardiner born September 26, 1887
Leonard Asa Gardiner born August 23, 1889
Katherine May Gardiner was born June 20, 1896
John H. Gardiner Jr. born December 12, 1898
Alice Edna Gardiner born December (possibly February) 17, 1905
Minnie B. Burgess, w/o Ernest R. Gardiner, born August
Norman H. Parks, husband of Katherine M. Gardiner, born July 24, 1893
Helen Jane Story, w/o of Leonard A. Gardiner, born February 17, 1898

Leonard A. Powell, husband of Alice E. Gardiner, born February 28, 1899

Children of Ernest R. and Minnie B. Burgess Gardiner:
Hazel E. Gardiner born October 18, 1910
Irene Gladys Gardiner born 1912

Hazel E. Gardiner and Wendell Hillsley were married
Irene Gladys Gardiner and Edwin Tompkins were married

Children of Leonard A. Gardiner and Helen Jane Story:
Viola Harriet Gardiner born July 14, 1915
Leonard Asa Gardiner Jr. born August 17, 1916

Children of Katherine May Gardiner and Norman H. Parks:
Mae Irene Parks born June 7, 1913
Allie Evelyn Parks born August 6, 1916
Lena Iris Parks born February 4, 1918
Walter Parks born September 23, 1927
Hilda Irma Parks born December 3, 1929

Mae Irene Parks and Edward Robinson were married July 4, 1931
Allie E. Parks and Sheldon Palmer were married May 29, 1936
Walter Parks and Marjorie Smith were married January 7, 1949

Daughter of Alice E. Gardiner and Leonard A. Powell:
Leona Alice Powell born October 1924


Luke Gardiner died December 20, 1856
Sophia Bullock, his wife, died August 22, 1847
John H. Gardiner died August 7, 1847
Alice Gardiner, his wife, died July 4, 1837
Lewis M. Gardiner died July 29, 1849
Deborah, his wife

Children of Lewis and Deborah Gardiner:
George Myron Gardiner died August 31, 1847, aged 6 years
Wm. H. Gardiner died October 4, 1840, aged 13 years
Anna Gardiner Youmans died September 26, 1851 or 1856
Asa B. Gardiner died July 31, 1876
J. Amanda June Gardiner died February 19, 1906

John H. Gardiner died January 24, 1923
His wife, Hattie L. Davis, died January 6, 1928
Alice E. Gardiner Powell died January 22, 1925
Lena Iris Parks died February 11, 1929
Hilda Irma Parks died April 12, 1936
George L. Gardiner died

Norman H. Parks died December 18, 1952
Ernest R. Gardiner died Greenville, NY May 24, 1958

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