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Margaret Clough Family

Copy of original Bible located in the Clough Family File at the Vedder Memorial Library
Inside cover of Bible has the following inscription: Mrs. Margaret Clough, Coxsackie, Green Co., NY 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

James Clough born December 14th, 1838
Rebecca Eliza Clough born July 23rd, 1841
John Clough born June 14, 1828
Joseph Levi Clough born  April 8th, 1831
Jacob VanLoon Clough born July 2d, 1833
Frederick Clough born December 5th, 1835
Jacob V. Clough born December 14th, 1838
Jacob Clough Jr. born March 9th, 1799
Margaret Clough born February 8th, 1799
Casper Clough born June 26th, 1820
William Wells Clough born December 11th, 1821
Ambrose Jordan Clough born January 19th 1824
Ann Maria Clough born May 3d, 1824 (1826 overwritten)

James Clough died August 19th, 1854 aged 15y7m5d
Jacob VanLoon Clough died September 17th, 1836, aged 3y2m15d
Rebecca Eliza Clough died September 25th, 1857, aged 16y2m2d
Margaret Clough died November 6th, 1872, aged 73y8m25d
Jacob Clough died February 14th, 1878, aged 78y4m(11m?)25d
William Wells Clough died December 8th, 1875, aged 53y
Joseph L. Clough died October 12th, 1882, aged 51y6m
Frederick Clough died February 26th 1899, aged 63y
Casper Clough died November 1th, 1913, aged 93y5m
Ann Maria Clough Gay died May 12th, 1918, aged 92y9d 

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