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Marriages from the Windham Journal


From Microfilmed copies of the Windham Journal located at the Albany State Library
Transcribed by Mignon Matthews

April 2, 1857

At Windham Centre, upon the 29th ult. By Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Mr. JAMES DOHERTY to Miss PHEBE ANN WATERMAN, both of the town of Ashland.

At Gloversville, March 24th, by Wm. A. Ten Broeck, Esq., Mr. NICHOLAS V. STREETER to Miss ELIZA SMITH.

April 9, 1857

In Prattsville, on the 29th ult., by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. JACOB M. TRUAX to Miss ELSIE GROAT, all of Prattsville.

On the 15th ult., by the same, Mr. JACOB RITCHMYER to Miss RACHEL RAPPLEYEA, all of Prattsville.

On the 2d inst., by Rev. J. Minor, Mr. MILES WINANS of Cairo, to Miss LYDIA M. ROUSE of Catskill.

April 23, 1857

At Charlotteville, Schoharie Co., on the 8th inst., by Rev. J. B. Champion, Mr. S. B. CHAMPION, Editor of the “Bloomville Mirror” to Miss MARY LOUISA McCOLLUM, both of Bloomville.

April 30, 1857

In this village, on the 27th, Inst., by Rev. William Goss, Mr. LUZERNE SMALLING to Miss JANE SHUFELT.

In Leeds, on the 15th inst., by Rev. J. Minor, WILLIAM H. HOLLESTER to RACHEL ANN HALLENBECK, both of Coxsackie.

In Roxbury, on the 28th ult., Mr. JAMES R. HULL, Jr., to Miss LYDIA PHOENIX, by N. K. Dart, Esq., all of Roxbury.

May 7, 1857

In Jewett, on the 29th ult., by Rev. J. Buck, Mr. MONROE H. VAN VALKENBURG, of Westkill, to Miss ALICE R., daughter of Ransom DISTIN.

May 14, 1857

At Windham Centre, on the 13th inst., by Rev. L. B. Van Dyek, Mr. JAMES SOUTHARD to Miss MARY ANN HOWARD.

May 21, 1857

May the 7th, by the Rev. Wm. R. S. Betta, Mr. EPHRAIM JONES, of Middletown, Del. Co., to Miss LANA WINNIE, of Shandaken.

Tuesday, May 5th, by Rev. G. A. Howard, Mr. GEO. B. BENTER of Catskill, to Miss CLARISSA J. WORTH, of Cairo.

June 11, 1857

In Ashland, on the 26th ult., by Rev. Mr. Lee, Mr. EDWARD HAUSCHEN, to Miss LAURA EMMA DUTCHER.

June 25, 1857

At Ashland, on the 16th inst., by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. SILAS KURAU to Miss LAURA C. SAGE, both of Ashland.

July 2, 1857 

In Fayette, Seneca county, on the 17th ult. By Rev. S. H. Gridley, Mr. John Newton GREENE of Leeds, Greene Co., to Miss Kate W. CORYELI, of the former place.

On the 21st ult., at Durham, by Rev. E. L. Boing, Mr. LUMAN RAMSDELL, of Greenville to Mrs. H. L. ANDREWS of Durham.

July 9, 1857

In Prattsville, on the 24th ult., by Gilbert Becker, Esq. Mr. LEONARD STILSON TO Miss SOPHIA B. JILLSON, of Kortright, Delaware Co., NY.

On the evening of July 2d, in St. Paul’s Chapel, Windham, by the Rev. Charles Purviance, Mr. HENRY SCHOPPE, of Newark NJ, to Miss MATILDA WINCHELL, of the former place.

July 16, 1857

In this village, on the 15th inst., by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. LEWIS HOWARD to Miss EMILY LEE, all of this town.

June 20th, at the head of the Delaware, by Rev. W. Mayo, FRANCIS H. GILBERT, Esq., of Stamford, to ADELAIDE M., daughter of Ralph NEWELL of Harpersfield.

July 8th, at the residence of John L. Patchin, Esq., Shandaken Centre, Ulster Co., by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. ANDREW J. TRIPP, of Oswego, to Miss LOUISA I. PATCHIN, of North Blenheim.

August 27, 1857

In Catskill, on the 18th, inst., by the Rev. Mr. Stone, Mr. HOTCHKISS B. GILBERT to Miss ABBY E. NEWELL, both of Durham.

On the 18th, inst., by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mrs. ORRIN R. BOUTON, of Roxbury, Delaware County, to Miss REBECCA V. L. PECK of Catskills.

September 3, 1857

In Bloomville, August 20, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, JOHN G. WEBSTER of Delhi, to Miss FANNY A. BUNNELL of Bloomville. 

September 10, 1857

In Prattsville, August 2d., by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. NEWTON LEWIS to Miss CATHARINE GAFFENY, both of Red Falls.

In Gilboa, on the 4th inst., by Rev. J. Davy, Mr. JOHN HARDING to Miss ELIZABETH CAIR, both of Red Falls.

In the town of Ashland, on the 31st ult., by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. WILLIAM S. BLAKESLEE to Miss HARRIET DISBROW, both of Ashland.

In Ashland, on the 2d inst., by the same, Mr. DANIEL M. FERRIS to Miss LORA P. SUTTON, both of Ashland.

In the town of Broome, on the 3d inst., by the Rev. J. Couchman, Mr. SMITH HAY to Miss RACHEL GOODFELLER, both of Conesville.

September 17, 1857

At Lexington, Greene County, NY, on the 10th inst., by Rev. C. D. Sitzer, Mr. SAMUEL COLE of Lexington to Mrs HARRIET BENJAMIN of Ashland.

In Prattsville, on the 7th inst., by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. JOSIAH DUDLEY to Miss MINERVA HORN.

September 24, 1857

 In Prattsville, on the 23d inst., by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. JOSEPH NICHOLS to Miss ELMIRA E. BOOTH, all of Prattsville.

October 1, 1857

In Oak Hill on the 6th ult., by Rev. Mr. Hoffman, JOHNSON H. BALDWIN, Esq. of Durham to Miss ELLA ADAMS, daughter of Calvin Adams, Esq., of the former place.

In Prattsville on the 27th ult., by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. GEORGE DECKER of Stamford to Miss LUCRETIA BUTLER, of Prattsville.

October 8, 1857

In this town, on the 19th, ult., by Rev. Mr. Newcomb, Mr. ELIAS FANCHER to Mrs. HULDAH RENNE.

October 15, 1857

In South Gilboa, Schoharie Co., Oct. 4, by Rev. W. Mayo, BENJAMIN P. POTTER of Ripon, Wisconsin, to DEBORAH BACHELLOR of the former place.

In Oneonta, Sept. 19, by Rev. E. C. Hedge, MARTIN SNYDER to MARY HARLOW, both of Davenport.

In Greenville, Oct. 5th, by Rev. S. Fitch, EDWARD FITCH of Bigs to ELMA, daughter of Lewis Sherrell, Esq., of Greenville.

At Roxbury, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Mr. WILLIAM D. POWEL, to Miss JANE ANN, daughter of Mr. C. Byer, all of Roxbury.

October 22, 1857

In Gilboa, on the 15th inst., by Rev. John Davy, Mr. RICHARD BRAND to Miss EMMA JANE SMITH, both of Conesville.

In Prattsville, on the 18th inst., by Rev. N. Lovett, Mr. CHARLES W. BOUTON to Miss MARYETTA CONINE, all of Prattsville.

October 29, 1857

October 22d, by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. DAVID BEERS, of Prattsville to Miss MAHALA L. TOMPKINS of Ashland.

September 4th, by Rev. John Davy, Mr. JOHN HARDING to Miss ELIZABETH CARR, both of Prattsville.

September 22d, Mr. NATHAN LOUNSBERRY, of Prattsville, to Miss ANNA M. ELLIOTT, of Conesville.

Octoer 5th, Mr. CHARLES E. LACKEY, of New York, to Miss SARAH C. HITCHCOCK of Gilboa.

At Hall’s Hollow, Albany Co., on the 7th inst., by the Rev. H. Haynes, Mr. ELIJAH SCOVILLE, of Conesville, Schoharie County, to Mrs. CAROLINE BRANDOW, formerly of Bloomville.

In Gilboa, Schoharie County, October 15, by Rev. A. Rogers, Mr. ABRAM KIPP, of Bovina to Miss ELIZABETH BROWN, of Gilboa.

At Jewett, on the 22d, inst., by Rev. C. D. Sitzer, Mr. JOHN A. TIBBELS, of Durham to Miss ESTELLE J. CHASE, of Jewett.

At Hobart, on the 25th inst., by Rev. J. W. Briden, Rector of Grace Church, Prattsville, ABRAHAM G. SILDEMAN to Miss HARRIET S. BARLOW, both of Hobart.

In Oak Hill, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Hoffman, Mr. J.H. ADAM of Oak Hill, to Miss MARTHA FERRIS, of New York, daughter of the Hon. Samuel Ferris, late United States Minister to Spain.

At Saratoga Springs, on the 7th inst., Mr. W.P. SWEET OF Rensselaerville, to Miss SARAH DAVIS, of Saratoga.

The glorious hours of youth are gone,
And courting days have passed;
And Sarah dear, without an art,
Has got her SWEET at last.
  May all the joys of earth be theirs,
And joys fall from above them;
And in their age have many heirs,
And little SWEETS to love them.

November 5, 1857

At Conesville, on the 4th ult., Rev. Wm Goss Mr. CALVIN TOMPKINS of Ashland to Miss ROSANNA SCOVILLE, of Conesville.

In Jefferson on Oct. 22d, by Rev. A. M. Hough, Mr. J. BELL of PA to Miss STATIRA F. GIBBS of Harpersfield.

At Greenville, Oct. 11, by Rev. H. Cornwell, Mr. MILTON POWELL of New Baltimore to Miss ESTHER BOID of Greenville. 

November 12, 1857

At the Mountain House, October 26th, by Rev. R. H. Fairbairn, WILLIAM MULFORD of Cairo to MARY BRADEN of Hunter.

In Conesville, on the 10th inst., by Rev. Mr. Lovett, Mr. DAVID G. LOWN to Miss CAROLINE E. VAN LOAN.

In Gilboa, on the 11th inst., by Rev. Mr. Davy, Mr. DAVID BLOODGOOD of Conesville to Miss ABIGAIL HOAGLAND of Gilboa.

November 19, 1857

At the Baptist Meeting House in Greenville, Nov. 8, by Rev. H. Cornwell, Mr. ADOLPHUS CAMPBELL of Cairo to Miss. LUCY A ROE, of Greenville.

November 26, 1857

In Margaretville, Nov. 12th, by E. I. Osterhoudt, Esq., Mr. JAMES EIGNOR to Miss. MATILDA GILES, both of Shandaken, Ulster Co.

December 10, 1857

In this town, on the 21st ult., by the Rev. John Battersbee, JOHN WHITE, aged 67 years, to Mrs. THERESA HITCHCOCK, aged 42 years.  For many years John led a bachelor life; now, long may he live to enjoy a wife.

At the residence of Capt. Wm. Fink, in the village of North Blenheim, December 2d, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. GEORGE BUCKINGHAM to Miss. JULIA A. BRISTOL.

In Prattsville, December 1st, by Rev. Mr. Lovett, DAVID WEED of Conesville to Miss. HARRIET L. YAGER of Prattsville.

In Conesville, on the 15th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Davey, Mr. REUBEN DINGMAN of Conesville to Miss. AGNES PORTER, of Prattsville.

In Conesville, on the 12th ult., by Elisha Case, Esq., Mr. JOHN MOREHOUSE, of Catskill to Miss. SALINDA BAILEY of Gilboa.

In Red Falls, on the 26th ult., by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. BURTON G. TUTTLE to Miss. LUCY FOOTE, both of Red Falls.

December 17, 1857

At East Durham, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. J. W. Smith, Mr. OSWIN ROCKWELL of Cornwallsville, to Miss. PHILURA H. PADDOCK of the former place.

December 10th, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, at the residence of Mr. James Mattice in the town of Blenheim, Schoharie County, Mr. VERNER DOUGLASS PERRY to Miss. GETTY ANNA MATTICE.

December 24, 1857

In this town on the 20th inst., by Rev. L. R. Van Dyck, EDGAR M. CLARK, Esq., to Miss CHLOE E. WARRINER.

At Cairo, Dec. 3d, at the residence of the bride’s uncle, by Rev. N. O. Lent, Mr. G. WILLIAM WEBSTER, of Cairo, to Miss ANNA CASSELL, formerly of Kingston.

December 31, 1857

In Stamford, Dec. 10, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. JOHN BROWN, of Meredith, to Miss. SALLY GRIFFIN of Hamden.

At Ripon, Wis., Nov. 25 by Rev. C. F. Tucker, Mr. JOSEPH B. BARLOW, formerly of Stamford, NY, to Miss MARY J. QUACKENBOSS of Ripon.

In the town of Durham on the 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Trotter, Mr. THOMAS E. HAM, of this town to Miss. HARRIET FRANCIS, of Durham.

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