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Marriages from the Windham Journal


From Microfilmed copies of the Windham Journal located at the Albany State Library
Transcribed by Mignon Matthews

January 7, 1858

On the 23d, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, ROBERT HENDERSON, of Harpersfield, to Miss SARAH JANE HILLIS, of Stamford.  

In Prattsville, Jan. 1st, by Rev. J.W. Braden, Mr. BURTON G. COON, to Miss CATHERINE HULBERT.

In Prattsville, Dec. 31st, by Rev. Mr. Lovett, Mr. BENJAMIN LEWIS to Miss EUNICE CLARK.

In Prattsville, Jan. 2d, by the Rev. Mr. Carrol, Mr. JAMES JOHNSON to Miss MARY KEATING.  

In this town, Dec. 31st, by the Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. MEDAD FRAYER to Miss LYDIA MCLEAN.  

At Cairo, by the Rev. D. Roe, on the 24th ult., Mr. JAMES P. BUCK, of New York City, to Miss SARAH, youngest daughter of Col. Thomas CORNWALL.  

Dec. 24 – By Rev. J. Birch, ALFRED SHORT, to MARY SIMPKINS, of Greenville.  

Dec. 24 – By Rev. J. Birch, JAS. B. TAYLOR, of Cairo, to Miss M. J. SMITH, of Greenville.  

In Conesville, Dec. 28, by Elder I. Hewitt, Mr. ELISHA G. CASE to Miss Phebe A. COLE.  

In Roxbury, on the 25th inst., by the Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Mr. JOHN SQUIRES to Miss MARY BAKER, both of Stamford.  

January 14, 1858  

On the 2d. inst., by the Rev. Mr. Stevens, ELMANSON L. BOTSFORD to Miss MARY HALLENBECK, all of Catskill.  

At Cairo, on the 28th ult., by Rev. N. O. Lent, JAMES S. MOON, of Athens, to MARY ANN FRICKER, of Cairo.  

By the same in Cairo on the 29th ult., LEANDER PARKER of Liberty to Miss Laura Smith of Cairo.  

At Shandaken Centre, Dec. 19th, by the Rev. D. C. Griffin, Esq., JAMES DEYO, to ELIZABETH, daughter of Daniel VANHOUSEN.  

January 21, 1858  

In Oneonta, Jan. 7, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. CORBERT RATHBONE to Miss ELIZA JANE GOODRICH, both of Davenport.  

January 28, 1858  

In this village, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Spoor, Rev. JAS. H. STEVENS, of East Durham, to Miss EMILY CALKINS, of Windham.  

In this village, on the 25th inst., by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. ISAAC R. CHAPMAN of Big Hollow, to Miss HENSON of East Jewett.

Jan. 19th, by Rev. A Trotter, Elder SETH PADDOCK to Mrs. Caroline Tyler, all of Durham.

  In this town on the 13th inst., by Rev. Charles Purviance, Mr. ALBERT COGSHALL to Miss JULIA J. BLOODGOOD, both of Prattsville.  

At the residence of Mr. David A. Stannard, in the town of Gilboa, Schoharie Co., Jan. 19th, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. DANIEL WYCKOFF to Miss JANE ELIZABETH STANNARD.

February 4, 1858

In Conesville, January 27th, by the Rev. Mr. Davies, Mr. CLINTON SCOVILLE to Miss LEVILLA HUMPHREY.

February 11, 1858

In Jacksonville, on the 4th inst., by Rev. B. M. Genung, MADISON STEPHENS, of Greenville, to Miss MARY BURROUGHS, of Coxsackie.

On Thursday morning, by Rev. Mr. Elsworth, Mr. GEORGE PALMER, and Miss CLARA CALHOUN, daughter of Jas. Calhoun, Esq., all of Greenville.

Jan. 27, by Rev. Geo., N. Kelton, Mr. BYRON HENRY BEDELL, and Miss MARY B. daughter of J. Sarles, all of New Baltimore.

February 18, 1858

In this village, on the 15th inst., by Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, JOSEPH LOOP, Esq., of Hudson, to Miss MARTHA H. DILL, formerly of Albany, and now a resident of this village.

A pleasant party met on the above occasion, and among the invitations given the printer was kindly remembered.  May Mr. and Mrs. Loop be heirs to all the joys of earth, and their lives pass in the sweet sunshine of prosperity and happiness.

In Ashland, on the 10th inst., by Rev. Wm. Goss of Windham, Mr. THOMAS SHEFFIELD to Miss CAROLINE CURRIE, both of Ashland.

At Harpersfield, Jan. 27, by Rev. C. S. Marvin, Mr. GERRITT VAN TEIL of Summit, Schoharie Co., to Miss HANNAH ODLE, of Harpersfield.

In Catskill, Feb. 10th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. NELSON DOANE, of Hudson, to Miss JULIA TRUMPBOUR, of Catskill.

Feb. 10th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. SPENCER C. PALMER, to Miss MARGARET A. HAM, both of Catskill.

January 6th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, ORNAM PECK, Esq., of Palenville, to Miss ALMEDA ECKLER, of Catskill.

In Jacksonville, Feb. 4th by Rev. H. M. Genung, MADISON STEPHENS, of Greenville, to Miss MARY BURROUGHS, of Coxsackie.

At Leeds, on the 6th inst., by Rev. S. T. Searle, ANTHONY THOME, to MARIA VAN BUSKIRK of Leeds.

February 25, 1858  

In Lexington, January 29th by Rev. Eli ____, ORLANDO CLATK (Likely CLARK), ESQ. to Miss SUSAN VERMILYEA.

At Windham Center, on the 20th inst. by Rev. L.B. Van Dyck, JAMES W. BENJAMIN, ESQ. to Mrs. ANGELINE JUMP, both of the Town of Ashland.

In Windham, on the 22nd inst. by the Rev. O.P. Matthews, Mr. WILLIS FINCH to MARY SCHOONMAKER of Cairo.

March 4, 1858

At Leeds, Feb. 26th, by Rev. S. T. Earle, F. O. RICHTMYER, of Catskill, to SARAH A. OVERBAUGH, of Leeds.

At Ill., Jan. 25th, by Rev. J. Todd, Mr. CLEMENT F. MILLER, of Sturgis, Mich., to Miss MARY MORE, of Dixon, daughter of the late Col. Henry More of Delhi.

March 11, 1858

In Hobart, on Tuesday evening, 2d inst., by Rev. C. Irving, JEREMIAH M. JACKSON, of Milford, Otsego Co., to Miss L. J. HENDERSON, of Hobart.

March 18, 1858

In Deposit, on the 4th inst., by Rev. C. V. Arnold, of Sanford, S., D. HULCE, Esq., Senior, Editor of the Deposit Union Democrat, to Miss MARTHA R. WINCHELL, of East Jewett, Greene Co., N.Y.

At Fulton, Schoharie Co., March 3d, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. ALANSON JAMES to Miss KATE WATSON, both of Fulton.

In Pittsfield, Feb. 28th, by the Rev. A. B. Robertson, Mr. E.A. BEACH of Taylors Falls, Minnesota, formerly of Jewett, N. Y. to Miss MARY W. FULLER, of Pittsfield, Mass., formerly of East Jewett, N.Y.

In Lexington, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. Eli Humphrey, Mr. FREDERICK BLAKESLEE to Miss ELIZA M. BRANDOW, both of Windham.

March 25, 1858

In Havana, Schuyler Co., N.Y., on the 3d inst., by Rev. S. M. Day, H. P. PECK, Esq., of this village, to Miss GULIELMA A. SQUIRE, of Havana.

The above notice was accompanied by a yellow “mint,” drop, from the liberal hand of a happy man.  May the sunshine of prosperity shine ever warmly upon him and his bride, and their days be as long as his heart is generous.

On Tuesday, the 23d inst., at the residence of the bride’s mother, by the Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, JOSEPH B. FOSTER, of Oak Hill, to Miss HELEN BRYAN, of this village.

Long may they live, and ever know,
The joy that from true love does flow,
No gloomy thoughts their hearts enshroud,
That sky not darkened by a cloud.

May their lives be one of peace,
And nevermore from good works cease,
That when on earth their race is run,
At last may reign above the sun.

At the Bride’s Father’s in Cairo, March 15th, 1858, by the Rev. J. Spoor, Mr. JACOB STRYKER, of Gilboa, to Miss SARAH M. TAYLOR, of the former place.

April 1, 1858

In Prattsville, March 23d, by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. STEPHEN E. HAMMOND of Bloomville, Delaware County, to Miss ELIZABETH SNYDER of Prattsville.

In Ashland, on the 15th inst., by Abner Berry, Esq., Mr. BENJAMIN FOX to Miss LOUISA DESYLVIA.

April 8, 1858

In Catskill, March 24th, by Rev. G. Webster, Mr. CHARLES H. DALLY, to Miss ELIZABETH F. BUCKLEY.

April 15, 1858

In Catskill, April 7th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. LUTHER HITCHCOCK, to Miss SARAH NORTON, both of Catskill.

April 4th, by Rev. Adee Vail, Mr. ISAAC AVERY of Halcott, to Miss MARY A. TOWNSEND, of Middletown.

April 22, 1858

In Jewett, on the 15th inst., by Rev. Wm. Goss, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. DAVID E. WOODWORTH to Miss MARIE E. WINTER, both of Jewett.

In South Gilboa, March 28, by Rev. W. Mayo, ALPHEUS HALLOCK of South Worcester, Otsego County, to Miss CHARLOTTE MARTIN of West Gilboa.

April 29, 1858

April 22d, 1858, by Rev. Geo. Webster, Mr. CHARLES C. MILLARD to Miss ANNA F. O’CONOR, all of Catskill.

April 20th by Elder H. C. Longyear, CORYDON B. NEWTON, to Miss MINERVA L. CLOSSON.

May 6, 1858

At Griffin’s Corners, April 14th, by Rev. R. S. Scott, Mr. AARON SHORT to Miss E. BURR, both of Middletown.

May 20, 1858

On the 8th inst., by Rev. B. M. Gennug, Mr. CHARLES A. JACKSON, to Miss MARY E. MILLER, all of Coxsackie

In Kortright, Del. County, May 11, by Rev. C. S. Dunning, Mr. WILLIAM KINGSLEY to Miss AUGUSTA, daughter of Charles HAWLEY, all of Franklin.

June 3, 1858

In Prattsville, June 1st, by the Rev. Mr. Braden, Mr. LYMAN MAYS to Miss CATHERINE VAN DUZEN.

May 25th, by the Rev. R. B. Welch of Catskill, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. THEODORE F. OVERBAUGH, of Catskill and Miss GERALDINE V. S. JENNINGS of Freehold.

At Roxbury, May 20th, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, Mr. GEO. W. HILL, of the town of Roxbury, to Miss MATILDA REED, of the same place.

In Davenport, at the house of Jas. H. Reynolds, May 6th, by the Rev. E. C. Hodge, Mr. ALEXANDER MULL, to Miss ROXY ANN SHELDON, both of Davenport.

June 10, 1858

At Windham, by the Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, on the evening of the 2d inst., JOHN M. SCHERMERHORN, Esq., of the town of Durham, to Miss PHOEBE R. VAN ORDEN, of the former place.

In Ashland, on the 6th inst., by Rev. Edward Stratton, Mr. GEORGE DECKER, to Miss JANE COOK, all of Ashland.

May 26th, at Craft’s Hotel, South Durham, by Rev. N. O. Prent, Mr. EDWARD ADAMS, of Cairo, to Miss DELIA A CRARY, of Durham.

June 17, 1858

At Richmondville, by the Rev. I. Haye, Mr. JOHN WILTSIE, of Harpersfield, to Miss MARY MC NEILY, of Kortright.

By Rev. A. D. Vall, June 10th, Mr. CHARLES SMITH, to Miss ELIZABETH C. GRIFFIN, both of Shandaken, Ulster Co., NY.

July 1, 1858

In Hobart, on the 15th, by Rev. Mr. Gorse, JOHN BUSH, Jr., to Miss ELECTA BECKER.

In Orange, NJ, on Thursday, June 17, by the Rev. J. B. Morse, Mr. JAMES OLIVER, of Fergusonville, NY, to Miss EMILY A., daughter of A. A. JAYNE, Esq., of Orange.

At Catskill, June 15, by the Rev. G. M. Howard, Wm. GRAHAM, Jr., of Bellevue, Iowa to HATTIE, daughter of the late Judge WATSON.

July 8, 1858

At Roxbury, June 29th, by the Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Mr. SAMUEL KEATOR, of Ketchemville, Tioga, Co., NY, to ANNA STEWART, adopted daughter of David M. Smith, Esq.

On the 27th, ult., by Rev. C. M. Eggleston, Mr. ALBAN COLES and Miss RACHEL S. PALMER, both of Catskill.

July 15, 1858

In Prattsville, on the 9th inst., by Rev. Wm. Hall, Mr. LUMAN S. HUMPHREY to Miss MARY K. PORTER, both of Conesville.

At Leeds, June 30th, by Rev. B. L. Burr, Mr. Wm. G. WOLCOTT, of Catskills, to Miss MARY H. ROUSE, daughter of Abram Rouse, Esq., of Cairo.

At Marathon, Cortland, Co., NY, on the 23d ult., by the Rev. John Peck, Mr. EZRA W. STRATTON, (formerly of Roxbury, Del. Co., ) to Mrs. MARY P. DODGE, of Marathon.

At Gilboa, Schoharie Co., June 30th, Mr. R. D. W. KIFF, of Bloomville, to Miss CELESTIA RICHTMYER, of Gilboa.

July 29, 1858

In Hobart, on the 20th inst., by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. WILLIAM B. STANLEY, OF Sing Sing, NY, to Miss SARAH BECKER, of Hobart.

In Oneonta, July 1, by Rev. S. M. Stone, Mr. WILLIAM MURPHY to Miss JULIA BARNES, both of Davenport.

August 5, 1858

At Blenheim, Schoharie county, July 24th, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. MATTICE to Miss GEORGIANA DUDLEY.

In the village of Catskill, July 24th , by the Rev. R. B. Welch, URIAH STEVENS, Greenville, to Mrs. JANE M. V--- of Leeds.

August 12, 1858

On the 22d, ult., by Rev. W. Johns, at the residence of Mr. Phelps, Mr. CLARK WILBER to Miss NAOMI PHELPS, both of Conesville.

In Catskill, July 25th, by Rev. Geo. Webster, Mr. CHARLES PARDON LESLIE, of New York City, and Miss ELIZABETH H. OAKS, of Catskill.

July 29th by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. RUPERT MOSELEY to Mrs. SUSAN WILLIAMS, both of Catskill.

At Chatham Four Corners, July 27th, by Rev. J. H. Champion, of Windham Center, Rev. I.P. CHAMPION to Miss EMILY A. HERRICK, both of Chatham Four Corners.

August 19, 1858

In Catskill, Aug. 6th, 1858, by Rev. Geo. Webster, ROBERT CHISHOLM, to Miss MARY McCOULT, all of Catskill.

Also by the same, July 21st, Mr. LEVI LOW, to Miss MARY GRISWOLD, of Catskill.

August 26, 1858

At Akerly’s Hotel, in Margaretville, Aug. 19th, by Rev. A.D. Vail, Mr. GEORGE BAKER, of Pa., to Miss ELIZA A. VAN of this county.

September 2, 1858

August 15th, at the residence of Mr. J. Bloomberg, near Prattsville, by Rev. Wm. Johns, Mr. ELI C. PERSONS, to Miss LUCY A. VAN DUSEN, both of Roxbury.

August 18th, at the residence of Mr. John Wyckoff, near Prattsville, by Rev. W. Johns, Mr. JOHN McGINNIS to Miss MARY WYCKOFF, all of Prattsville.

At Greenville, Aug. 14, by Rev. J. C. Weeden, Mr. ELIJAH WINSTON, to Miss MARY M. COLLINS, of Greenville.

September 9, 1858

At Freehold, August 22d, by Rev. John Spoor, Mr. OVANDO RIVENBURG, of Rensselaerville, to Miss MARGARET STEELE, of Durham.

In Margaretville, Aug. 25th, by Rev. Mr. Scott, Mr. ROBERT EARLE, of Halcott, to Miss ANNA BOUGHTON, of Roxbury.

At Preston Hollow, August 15th, by Rev. H. Haynes, Mr. JACOB WHITE, aged 76, to Miss ELIZABETH VERMILYEA, aged 29 years.

September 16, 1858

At the house of the bride, in Catskill, on Thursday evening, 2d inst., by Rev. John F. Ingersoll, Mr. JAMES PAYTON to Mrs. MARY NICHOLS.

In Athens, August 26, by the Rev. D. W. Buckelew, ALLEN DODGE and MARY LAYMAN, both of Catskill.

On the 5th inst., by R. M. Gallup, Esq., at his residence, New Road, Mr. GRANT VAN DUSEN, of Stamford, to Miss SARAH R. SLAWSON, of Walton.

In Harpersfield, on the last day of summer, by Rev. C. S. Marvin, NEWTON PECK, of Oneonta to Miss ELIZA HUBBARD, of Harpersfield.

September 23, 1858

In Columbia, S.C., September 7th, by Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D., Rev. G. H. COIT, to Miss LIZZIE A. STEELE, all of Columbia.

In Durham, on the morning of the 16th inst., by Rev. E. L. Boing, Mr. FREEMAN ETHRIDGE to Miss SARAH A. KING, all of Durham.

In South Durham, September 5th, by Rev. John Battersby, Mr. JACOB HOYT to Miss SALLY MARGARET SMITH.

At Jewett, September 14, by the Rev. Wm. Shaw, Mr. ABIAL JONES, to Mrs. FANNY JONES, both of Jewett.

Sept. 1st, by Rev. M. Couchman, ROBERT M. WEASMER, of Moresville, to LORA MARTIN, of Parksville, Sull. Co.

At Kingston, Sept.8, by Rev. Anson Dubois, WILLIAM LOUNSBERY, junior editor of the Ulster Republican, to KATE E. EAMAN.

On the 25th of August by John H. Coons, Esq., Mr. WILIAM A. TAYLOR, of Stuyvesant Falls, to Miss ADELIA CHAMPION, daughter of James A. Champion, of Calcutta, Otsego Co.

September 30, 1858

Sept. 20th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. ABRAM VAN HOESEN to Miss JOSEPHINE DAY, both of Athens.

October 7, 1858

In Windham Center, on the afternoon of the 27th ult., at the hotel of B. H. Waldron, by the Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Mr. NICHOLAS COOPER, to Miss OLIVE DICKENSON, both of Prattsville.

In Ashland, September 28th, by Rev. A. C. Morehouse, Mr. HARVEY B. GEROWE, of Bloomville, to Miss SARAH A. VAUGHAN, of Stillwater, Saratoga County, N.Y.

In Catskill, September 30th, by the Rev. G. A. Howard, Mr. ROBERT E. AUSTIN, of Catskill, and Miss ELIZABETH CORNWALL, daughter of the late Amos Cornwall.

At Middletown, on the 21st ult., by the Rev. L. Hewitt, Mr. HENRY SCUDDER, of Roxbury, to Miss CINANTHA, daughter of John BOUTON, of Middletown.

October 14, 1858

At Griffin’s Corners, Sept. 26th, by Elder Isaac Hewitt, Mr. SAMUEL JENKINS to Miss ELIZABETH WOOLHEATER.

At Moresville, Oct. 5th, by the Rev. Mr. Johns’ of Prattsville, Mr. JAMES POWELL to Miss MELLISSA, daughter of Thomas H. DENT, Esq., all of Roxbury.

In Harpersfield, on the 6th inst., by Rev. Wm. Scomers, Mr. CHARLES R. CHAMPLIN to Miss NANCY A. MCWILLIAMS, all of Harpersfield.

October 21, 1858

In Catskill on Thursday, the 30th of Sept. by the Rev. G. A. Howard, Mr. ROBERT E. AUSTIN, of Catskills, to Miss ELIZABETH CORNWALL, daughter of the late Amos Cornwall.

In Hobart, October 7th, by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. CHARLES M. FRANKLIN, to Miss SARAH A. VANDERVOORT, both of South Gilboa. 

Also in Hobart, by the same, October 19th, Mr. DANIEL ODELL, of Stamford, to Miss NANCY M. BILBY, of Harpersfield.

October 28, 1858

At Hunter, Oct. 25th, by Rev. G. B. Crippen, the Rev. WM. W. SHAW, of the N.Y. Conference, to Miss LYDIA D. WINTERS of Greene Co., N. Y.

Oct. 21st, by the same, Mr. WM. E. SOMES, of Hunter, N. Y., to Miss LOUISA J. OSTRANDER of Warwarsing, Ulster, Co., N. Y.

At St. Luke’s Church, in Catskill, on the evening of the 19th inst., by Rev. Mr. Baker, CHARLES CORNWALL and AUGUSTA L., daughter of George BELLAMY, Esq., all of Catskill.

In Hobart, on the 20th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. L.Y. WIGGINS, M.D., of Newburgh, N.Y., to Miss MARY E. OLMSTEAD, of Hobart.

In Stamford, on the 14th inst., by Rev. A. D. Benedict, NELSON FLINT, of Meredith, and ABIGAIL STURGES, of Stamford.

November 4, 1858

In Hillsdale, Columbia Co., the 27th of Oct., by the Rev. James W. Larimore, Mr. AMBROSE BALDWIN, of Jewett, to Mrs. EUNICE BRIGGS, of Hillsdale.

November 11, 1858

In South Westerlo, August 17th, by Rev. C. W. Havens, Mr. SMITH SOUTHARD, to Miss SARAH M. McCROSSOR, both of Greenville, N. Y.

Oct. 27th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. NELSON P. LASHER, of Barrytown, Dutchess County, and Miss HARRIET WINANS of Catskill.

By the same, Oct. 17th, Mr. CHAS. KRAFT and Miss EMMA KERHOLZ, both of Leeds.

By the same, Nov. 4th, Mr. Wm. D. MEEKER, of Steuben, and Miss OPHILIA THOMAS, of Catskill.

At Roxbury, on the 3d, by Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Mr. OTIS P. MORE to SARAH E. NOBLE, all of Roxbury.

November 18, 1858

In Hudson, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Judge Peck, HORACE PAYNE, Esq., of the steamer Columbia, Hudson, to Miss HARRIET H. MACEY, of Hudson.

May this union be blessed only with such little Paynes as will give pleasure to two happy hearts, and may the ordinary pains and trials of life be visited upon the heads of a more unworthy pair. – [Ed.] 

In Coxsackie, Nov. 10th, by Rev. J. C. Dutcher, Mr. HARMON VAN WOERT of Catskill, to Miss CATHERINE HALLENBECK of Athens. 

On Tuesday evening, Nov. 9th, by the Rev. John Steele, Mr. IRA P. BEDELL of Coxsackie to Miss ADELAIDE, daughter of Gerry COONLEY, Esq., of New Baltimore. 

Oct. 31st, byt Rev. George Webster, Mr. DILLWYN C. BEDELL and Miss ESTHER A. BEDELL, both of New Baltimore. 

In Roxbury, November 13th, by Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Hon. EDWARD I. BURHANS, of Roxbury, to Miss CHARITY BARNETT, of Hobart. 

Oct. 30th, by Rev. A. D. Vail, Mr. WILLIAM WINN, of Olive, Ulster Co., N.Y., to Miss ELECTA JOHNSON, of Pine Hill, N. Y. 

On the 11th inst., by Rev. Levi Schell, Mr. WILLIAM DECKER, of Claverack, to Miss CAROLINE PURINTON, of Durham.

November 25, 1858

In Prattsville, on the 17th inst., by Rev. Wm. Johns, Mr. JUSTUS EGBERTSON, of Jewett, to Miss CLARRA LINSLEY, of Lexington. 

In Durham, on the 27th October, by Rev. S. H. Fellows, Wm. E. LINCOLN, Esq., of South Bristol, Ontario Co., N.Y., to Miss LYDIA A., daughter of Jesse MORSS, Esq., of Durham. 

At New Baltimore, Nov. 2, by Rev. J. C. Weeden, Mr. BENJAMIN HILTON, of Herkimer, to Miss JANE POWEL, of the former place.

December 2, 1858

At the Methodist parsonage in this village, November 29th, by Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. GEORGE LEWIS, of Prattsville to Miss THANKFUL WILTSE of Lexington.

Nov. 23, by Rev. William Johns, at Prattsville, Mr. A. WESLEY PATRIE, of Conesville, to Miss CECELIA C. CONINE, OF Prattsville.

Nov. 23, by the same, at the same place, Mr. MARTIN CASTLE to Miss MARY E. SHOUT, all of Roxbury, N. Y.

Nov. 25, by the same, Mr. ABNER BERRY, Esq. of Ashland, to Mrs. LAVINA VANDUSEN, of Prattsville.

Nov. 30, by the same, Mr. GEORGE B. ROBINSON to Miss SARAH A. HOAGLAND, all of Prattsville.

In Conesville, on November 10th, by the Rev. L. H. Fellows, Mr. AARON PICKETT, of Jefferson, Schoharie Co., to Miss MARTHA HUBBARD, of Conesville.

In Conesville, on the 16th of November, by the Rev. John Davy, Mr. Wm. M. PATRIE, to Miss SAMANTHA CLARKE, all of Conesville.

On the 11th, ult., by the Rev. L. H. Diverty, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. A. L. HAYNES of Moresville, N. Y., to Miss HANNAH M., only daughter of Dr. Maurice BEESLEY, of Dennisville, New Jersey.

At Margarettville, Nov. 24th, by Rev. I. Hewitt, CYRUS MEAD, merchant, to Miss EMELINE M. O’CONNOR, all of Margarettville.

In Catskill, Nov. 24th, by Rev. R. B. Welch, Mr. HENRY BUNT to Miss HENRIETTA THORNTON, all of Catskill.

 December 9, 1858

In Prattsville, December 1st, by Rev. Wm. Johns, Mr. GEORGE B. DOTY, of Ashland to Miss MARY FRANCES FERRIS, of Prattsville.

November 28th, by Rev. John Davy, Mr. DAVID DUDLEY to Miss CATHARINE MALLORY, both of Gilboa.

At Manorkill, December 1st, by the Rev. John Davy, Mr. JOSEPH DINGMAN to Miss EMILY E. HUBBARD, both of Manorkill.

Long may they live, and happy be,
Henceforth until eternity.

December 16, 1858

On the 2d inst., by the Rev. A. P. Freese, Mr. JASPER N. BENNET to Miss REBECCA BARLOW, both of Cairo, N. Y. 

On the same day by the same, Mr. DARIUS WEBSTER, of Cairo, to Miss RUARNA BOUGHTON of Roxbury, N. Y. 

On the same day by the same, Mr. STEPHEN COVERT to Miss JANE BARLOW, both of Cairo. 

At North Harpersfield, Nov. 3d, Mr. L. W. VROMAN, of North Blenheim, to Miss S. J. SEELEY, of the former place.

December 23, 1858:
Issue missing

December 30, 1858

At Harpersfield, Dec. 2d, by Rev. Mr. Boyce, Mr. WILLIAM L. HUNT, of Kortright, to Miss MARY ANN SUTTON, of New York.

At Hobart, Dec. 2d, by the Rev. Mr. Sommers, Mr. TOBIAS STOUTENBURGH, Jr., of Bloomville, to Miss ANN WIESMER, of Moresville.

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