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Marriages from the Windham Journal


From microfilmed copies of the Windham Journal located at the Albany State Library
Transcribed by Mignon Matthews

January 6, 1859

In Prattsville, December 21st, 1858, by Rev. Wm. Johns, Mr. JAMES ROGERS, of Prattsville to Miss LAVINA DECKER, of Roxbury.

In Hunter, December 30th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. G. B. Crippin, Mr. WILLIAM F. GREEN to Miss P. ADALINE, eldest daughter of Mr. Lazarus WHITTAKER, all of Hunter.

On the 22d ult., by the Rev. A. P. Freese, Mr. JOSEPH J. LANE, of Kiskatom, to Miss SARAH, daughter of J. BOWMAN, Esq. of Cairo, NY.

At Mr. J. R. Ganoung’s in Roxbury, December 13, by Rev. William Hall, Mr. S. D. MARTIN of Beekman, NY, to Miss MARIA NOXON, of Roxbury.

At Mr. E. Carels in Roxbury, December 20, by the same, Mr. I. J. YOUNGMAN, of Kortright, to Miss ESTHER CARELS, of Roxbury.

In Davenport, December 26, 1858, by Rev. D. Greene, Mr. FITCH FAIRCHILD, formerly of Albany, NY, to Miss MARY LAMPHEAR, of Davenport.

January 13, 1859

On Wednesday evening, January 5th, by the Rev. George A. Howard, HENRY B. HILL, to HELEN S., daughter of the late Hiram COMFORT, Esq., all of Catskill.

At Halcott, January 5th, by the Rev. J. P. VanValkenburgh, Mr. CORNELIUS KRUM, of Stone Ridge, to Miss PHEBE C. MAYES of the former place.

In Oakhill, on the 6th inst., by Rev. E. L. Boing, Mr. Wm. RUSS to Miss M. E. TRIPPE, both of Oakhill.

Jan 1st, by A. P. Smith, Esq., LEWIS WINN, of New Baltimore, to MARY AMES, of Coeymans.

By the same, on the same day, JASON WINN, to ROSETTA GARRETT, both of New Baltimore.

At Harpersfield, Delaware County, Dec. 29, by Rev. C. S. Marvine, Dr. ANDREW J. SANDS, to Miss HARRIET C. HUBBARD, all of Harpersfield.

January 20, 1859

At South Westerlo, Albany County, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. F. Hartwell, T. B. WARNER, Esq., of Warnerville, Schoharie County, to Miss LIZZIE PALMER, of West Troy.

A very liberal fee accompanied the above notice, for which we return our thanks and best wishes for the future happiness and matrimonial bliss of our friend Warner and his beautiful and accomplished lady.

In Gilboa, January 1st, by Rev. John Davey, Mr. JOSEPH PRATT to Miss MARY LAMONT, both of Fulton.

On the 5th inst., by the same, Mr. JAMES W. MONTGOMERY, of Roxbury, to Miss MARY E. PHELPS, of Gilboa.

On the 3d inst., by the Rev. A. P. Freese, Mr. WILLIAM A. THOMAS to Miss SARAH JANE HORTON, both of Cairo.

January 11th, in Catskill, by Rev. Mr. Fairbairn, EDWIN BRANDOW, Esq., and DORCAS CROSS, all of Catskill.

January 27, 1859

January 16th, by the Rev. S. T. Searle, at the parsonage, at Leeds, SHERMAN BUTLER to CAROLINE TYLER, both of Coxsackie.

January 2d, by the Rev. S. T. Searle at the Reformed Dutch Church at Leeds, S. V. OVERBAGH, of Leeds, to KATE FALK, of Palenville.

At Jewett, Jan. 1st, by the W. W. Shaw, Mr. ALVIN BAILEY to Miss CLARISS M. WINTER, both of Jewett.

February 3, 1859

At Windham Center, upon the 2d inst., by Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Mr. ALBERT NORTH of Cochecten, PA, to Miss LOUISA BRIZACK.

In Lexington, January 12th, by Rev. J. J. Buck, Mr. BARBER MOORE to Miss MARY E. CHASE, both of Lexington.

Dec. 30th, at La Prairie, IL, by Rev. Mr. Irvine, Mr. ADDISON WEBBER, to Miss RACHEL N. CALDER, both formerly of this county.

February 17, 1859

On Thursday, Feb. 10th, at St. James Church, by Rev. Albert Wood, Rector, J. FRANCIS MATTHEWS, of Middletown, Orange Co., to Miss SARAH T. THORNE, only daughter of Thomas Thorne, of Goshen.

In Ashland, on the 10th, inst., by Abner Berry, Esq., Mr. DAVID WATERMAN, of Ashland, to Miss CAROLINE HUBBARD, of Otsego.

At Leeds, on Saturday, Feb. 5th, by the Rev. S. T. Searles, FRANCIS J. DUNHAM, JR., to Miss ELIZABETH Mc FARLAND, all of Catskill.

On the 5th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Fairbairn, at his residence in Catskill, Mr. FREDERICK COMFORT, of Catskill, to Miss MARY PELHAM, of Palenville.

In Bovina, on the 2d inst., by Rev. Wm. A. Curtis, Mr. SMITH A. TAYLOR, of Stamford, to Miss HANNAH NICHOLS, of Bovina.

At Roxbury, on the 3d inst., by the Rev. L. H. King, Mr. RICHARD W. VAN DYKE, merchant, to Miss ELIZA M., daughter of Ezekiel PRESTON, all of Roxbury.

February 24, 1859

On the 16th inst., at the M. E. Parsonage in Durham, by Rev. A. F. Selleck, Mr. L.P. MORE of Durham, to Miss A. MARY SELLECK, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

On the 14th inst., by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, at his residence in Gilboa, Schoharie Co., NY, Mr. LUMAN REED TO Miss MARTHA KNAPP.

March 3, 1859

In this town, March 1st, by the Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. HENRY G. SMITH, to Miss CHARLOTTE M. SEELEY, all of this town.
The printer has kindly supplied with a liberal allowance of the “wedding cake,” and in return wishes the parties a life of joy and domestic happiness.

In this village, on February 24th, by the Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Mr. CYRIL WORTH of Mount Ararat, PA, to Miss MATILDA BRYAN, of Windham.

February 16th, by George Mead, Esq., at Cairo, Mr. CORNELIUS VALE to Miss RACHEL FINCH, both of Cairo.

At Broome Center, Schoharie Co., on the 16th of February, by the Rev. C. Southwick, Mr. MATTHEW P. BLENIS, of Coxsackie, to Miss BETSY A. TIBBITS, of Broome Center.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. HENRY CANTINE to Miss ANN SMITH, both of the town of Gilboa.

At Akerly’s Hotel, in Margaretville, on the 15th ult., by Rev. A. D. Vail, Mr. S. FENTON SCOTT, to Miss JANE C. AKERLY, all of Margaretville.

At Albany, on the 9th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Wyckoff, FREDERICK ROWLEY, Esq., Sheriff of Schoharie County, to LUCY A. CADY, orphan protégé of H. D. Hawkins, Esq., of Albany.

At Pittsfield, MA, February 13th, by Rev. Mr. Starks, Mr. GEORGE B. LEA to Miss MALISSA G. FULLER, both of Pittsfield.

March 10, 1859

In this town, on Tuesday, the 8th inst., by Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. WILLIAM A. MILLARD, of Jefferson, NY, to Miss ANTHY WHITE, daughter of Joseph White, Esq., of this town.
A liberal fee and a package of Wedding Cake accompanied the above notice.  That fortune may lavish upon the parties his choicest gifts is the sincere wish of the printer.

In this town, on Wednesday the 9th inst., by Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. EPHRAIM LASHER to Miss SARAH A. NELSON, all of this town.

In Hobart, Jan. 26th, by the Rev. W. C Somers, Mr. JOHN I BIRDSALL, of Harpersfield, to Miss SARAH E. CLARKE of the former place.

In Stamford, Feb. 23d, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. DANIEL E. FOOTE, of Ohio, to Miss ADELIA, daughter of Cillick GOULD, Esq., of Stamford.

March 17, 1859

At Roxbury, on the 2nd inst., by the Rev. I. N. Hewitt, Mr. JACOB K. BENJAMIN to Miss NELLIE CATHARINE LOCKWOOD, all of Roxbury.

At D. Akerley’s hotel, in Margaretville Feb. 28th, by the Rev. A. D. Vail, Mr. JOHN JOHNSON to Miss SARAH M. FRISBEE, all of Roxbury.

March 31, 1859

At the house of the bride’s father on Thursday evening, March 10th, 1859, by Rev. Edwin Clement, WALTER VAN HOESEN, to MARY M. BREWER, daughter of Peter Brewer, all of Davenport, Del. Co., NY 

On the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, in Davenport, by Rev. J. Rippey, Mr. JOHN SMITH to Miss CHLOE GADDIS, both of Davenport.

April 7, 1859

In Jewett, April 5th, by the Rev. J. J. Buck, Mr. AUGUSTUS H. CARR, TO Miss ABAGAIL CHASE, all of Jewett.

O may they live in peace and love,
Share every blessing from above;
And when on earth no longer stay,
May every fear be Chased away.

In the village of Hunter, on the evening of March 30th, by the Rev. G. B. Crippen, Mr. Wm. H. THOMPSON, to Miss LYDIA M. HADDEN, all of Hunter.

March 9th, at Westkill, by Rev. H. C. Longyear, GEORGE W. BLAKESLEE, of Windham, to DELILAH ANN BENJAMIN, of Westkill.

March 16th, by the same, at the Westkill parsonage, JACOB B. LANE, of Hunter, to MARY E. WILLIAMS, of Westkill.

April 14, 1859

At Greenville, March 6th, by the Rev. I. Spoor, Mr. LEWIS P. JENNINGS, of Durham, to Miss ELIZA J. CUNNINGHAM, of the former place.

April 28, 1859

In this village, on the 25th inst., by Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. LORIN A. MATTHEWS, to Miss LOIS E. GROAT, both of Ashland.

At East Windham, on the 24th inst., Mr. PETER I. BRANDOW, of Prattsville, to Miss CATHARINE PEETE, of the former place.

May 5, 1859

In East Jewett, on the 1st inst., by Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. HOLMES BARKER, to Miss SARAH FERGUSON, all of East Jewett.

May their lives be pleasant as the lovely Sabbath evening on which they were united. 

At the residence of Moses Safford, in Gilboa, April 27th, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, HAMILTON HANNEY, of Fulton to NAOMI SAFFORD, of Gilboa. 

In Hunter Village, April 15th, by the Rev. G. B. Crippen, D. NOBLE CHASE, Esq., of Lexington, to Miss AMY BURTIS, of the former place.

April 17th, by Rev. John Davy, Mr. PAUL MATTICE, of Fulton, to Miss LYDIA A. WYCKOFF, of Gilboa.

In St. Stephen’s church, Brooklyn, April 26th, by Rev. Dr. Cummings, Wm. STORY, Esq., of Brooklyn, to Miss ELNORA T. DAY, formerly of Windham Center.

April 21st, by the Rev. John W. Gorse, EDGAR N. GOODWIN, of Palenville, Greene Co., to Miss CHARLOTTE A. TEAL, of Palenville. 

May 12, 1859

In Durham, on the 25th ult., by Rev. J. Battersby, Mr. WESLEY WALKER, of Durham to Miss REBECCA WINNE, of Hall’s Hollow. 

May 19, 1859

At some time and place, by Rev. Somebody, Mr. IVES D. MATOON to Miss MARY DAVIS, both of this town.

We should have been pleased to receive the above notice from the officiating clergyman, but his negligence obliges us to adopt an unusual course.  We congratulate the parties, however, upon their union, however “sly” it may have been effected. -- ED. JOUR. 

At the residence of Mr. ABRAHAM SCHERMERHORN, in the town of Gilboa, May 9th, by the Rev. G. E. See, Mr. J. SAVAN PAGE, of Delhi, to Miss ELIZABETH J. GRAY, of Gilboa.

May sorrow, with its clouds and heart-pains never more visit the household of our friend Page. – Ed.

May 26, 1859

At St. Luke’s Church, Catskill, on the 12th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Watson, HOWARD WILCOX to SARAH R. CLARK, both of Catskill. 

In Catskill, May 11th, by the Rev. J. F. Ingersoll, Mr. Wm. E. CATER to Miss ANNA GOETCHIUS, both of Catskill. 

In Catskill, May 5th, by the Rev. Mr. Tuttle, Mr. W. S. STRYKER, to Miss MARY R., daughter of Ira DU BOIS (formerly of Catskill.) 

In Albany, May 11th, by Rev. George A. Howard, of Catskill, Rev. STEPHEN HUBBELL, of North Stonington, CT, to Miss HARRIET T., daughter of the late Ezra HAWLEY, Esq., of Catskill.

June 2, 1859

In Bushnellville, May 23d, by Rev. H. Longyear, Mr. CHARLES GARRISON to Miss HANNAH KELLEY, both of Bushnellville.

In Albany, on the 11th, by Rev. George A. Howard, of Catskill, Rev. STEPHEN HUBBELL, of North Stonington, CT, to Miss HARRIET T., daughter of the late Ezra HAWLEY, Esq., of Catskill.

On Thursday, May 5th, by the Rev. Mr. Tuttle, Mr. W. S. STRYKER to Miss MARY R., daughter of Ira Du BOIS (formerly of Catskill.)

June 9, 1859

At Windham Center, June 2d, by Rev. Adee Vail, Mr. DANIEL H. HAGAR, of Blenheim, to Miss MARY E. MAHAN, of Gilboa.

May 23d, by Rev. John Erskine, at the house of the bride’s father, Mr. DANIEL SIMPSON to Miss AUGUSTA H. HITCHCOCK, both of East Davenport.

In Stamford, May 18th, by Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. HOMER HAIT to Miss NANCY NESBITT, all of Stamford.

May 12th, by Rev. C. Irving, Mr. CHARLES HENDERSON, of Harpersfield, to Miss ANN TAIT, of Kortright.

In the town of Ashland, by the Rev. Thomas S. Judd, Mr. NICHOLAS MARTIN, to Miss MARIETTE TURNEY, both of the town of Ashland.

May 21st, in Durham village, at the residence of the bride’s sister, by the Rev. A. F. Sellick, J. HOBERT COWLES, Esq., to Miss CATHARINE RICHTMEYER, all of Durham.

June 16, 1859

By the Rev. Calvin Case, May 29th, at Kiskatom, MATTHEW STORY, of Cairo, to JANE SAX, of the latter place.

By the same, June 5th, at the Parsonage of the R. D. Church, Kiskatom, CHARLES ROWE, of said place to CAROLINE M. BRACKETT of Durham.

At Binghamton, NY, May 5, Mr. Wm. P. DANFORTH to Miss SAMANTHA BACON, both of Binghamton, but formerly of Prattsville.

In Prattsville, June 13th, by Rev. W. Hall, EDWARD DAVID to Miss MARGARET CASWELL, both of Roxbury.

At Westkill, on the 5th inst., by Rev. G. B. Crippen, Mr. SYLVESTER DIBBLE, of Breakabeen, Schoharie County, to Miss ELIZA C. DUNHAM, of the former place.

On the 9th inst., in Stamford, by the Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. THOMAS H. SMITH of Harpersfield, to Miss EVELINE BLISH, of Stamford.

In Davenport, June 8th, by Rev. A. C. Morehouse, Mr. HENRY J. BARNER of Davenport to Miss ADELIA M. FOOTE, of the same place.

At Gouldsboro, PA, June 4, by Rev. Mr. Staples, HENRY T. HOAGLAND, of Prattsville, NY, to Miss JOSEPHINE GARRISON of Gouldsboro, formerly of Athens, in this county.

In Kortright, June 13th, by Rev. A. C. Morehouse, Mr. ORRIN G. CLEVELAND, of Kortright to Miss ELIZABETH J. BUTTS, of the same place.

At Hobart, on the 8th inst., Mr. WILSON P. MORE, of Moresville, to Miss ELIZABETH HUGHES, of Hobart.

In Prattsville, June 7th, by Rev. Wm. Hall, Mr. Wm. T. WOODVINE of Livingstonville, to Miss SARAH E. CLARK of Prattsville.

In Roxbury, June 13th, but the Rev. W. Johns, of Prattsville, Mr. ANDREW SHEWMAN to ELIZABETH HESS, both of Roxbury.

June 23, 1859

At Jewett, June 1st, by Rev. J. J. Buck, Mr. CYRUS W. CHASE, of Lexington, to Miss SARAH K. GOSLEE of Jewett.

On the 8th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. E. Watson, Mr. SYLVESTER RULAND, of Morseville, to Miss EMELINE C., daughter of Peter FRANCE, of Seward.

In Steuben Co., June 15th, Mr. NORMAN K. WILCOX, of Stamford, to Miss LUCINDA CHAMBLIN, formerly of Stamford.

July 7, 1859

At Leeds, June 22d, by Rev. S. T. Searle, Rev. Wm. LYALL, pastor of the R.D. Church of Taghkanic, Columbia Co., to Miss ELIZA C. daughter of James Van DEUSEN, Esq., of the former place.

July 14, 1859

By Rev. Adde Vail, July 4th, Mr. JAMES MYERS, of Middletown, Delaware County, N.Y., to Miss HARRIET WYCKOFF, of Gilboa, Schoharie County.

On the 4th inst., at the parsonage of the M. E. Church, in Hunter,  by Rev. G. B. Crippen, Mr. EDWARD MARTIN, to Miss CAROLINE E. KERR,  all of Hunter.

June 25th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by F. Laughran, Esq., Mr. J. BARNUM of Prattsville, to Miss MARY MATTICE, of Ashland.

In Catskill, July 6th, by Rev. E. F. Baker, Mr. G. W. TUTTLE, of New York, to Miss SARAH D. DONNELLY, daughter of John M. Donnelly of Catskill.

In Prattsville, July 3d, by Rev. W. Hall, Mr. THOMAS ST. JOHN, of the town of Roxbury, Delaware County, to Miss LYDIA CARLE of Prattsville.

July 21, 1859

At the M. E. parsonage, in Kiskatom, July 4th, by Rev. J. H. Champion, Mr. ABRAHAM TIMMERMAN and Miss EMILY HOLDRICH, all of Kiskatom.

On the 8th inst., in the village of Stamford, by Rev. J. B. Van Housen, Mr. CHARLES A. STEWART to Miss ADELIA CURTICE, both of Gilboa, Schoharie County, NY.

On the evening of the 6th inst., by Elder Isaac Hewitt, JOHN S. CARROL of Roxbury, to Miss DELIAH ROBERTS, of Middletown.

In Westkill, July 14, by Rev. H. C. Longyear, Mr. RENSSELAER BUTLER to Mrs. CATHARINE FORD, all of Westkill.

July 28, 1859

In this town, June 30th, by Rev. Thomas Judd, Mr. MARCUS E. SHERMAN and Miss MARILLA L. HOLCOMB, all of Windham.

At Guilderland, Albany county, July 4th by Rev. G.F. Craig, Mr. SAMUEL ANTHONY, of Bethlehem, to Miss LUCY BEEBE, of Guilderland, formerly of Prattsville.

August 4, 1859

At Westkill, July 5th, by Rev. H. C. Longyear, Mr. WILLIAM HAZEN, of Schenevus, Otsego County, to Miss CHARLOTTE E. PERRY, of Westkill.

By the same, July 16th, at the house of Mr. C. Tuttle, Mr. JACOB M. DEYOE to Miss DELINA A. SANDERS, both of Westkill. 

August 18, 1859

By Rev. Adee Vail, August 10th, Mr. ROBERT BURGER, of Palenville, to Miss MIRANDA S. BARTHOLOMEW, of Ashland.

August 25, 1859

August 13th, at the residence of Henry J. Brandow, in the town of Jewett, by the Rev. G. B. Crippen, Mr. JUSTICE BRANDOW, of Jewett, to Miss LANAH CONINE of Prattsville.

In Jefferson, Schoharie County, August 23rd, by Rev. _________, Mr. ERSKINE LARAWAY of Prattsville, to Miss EMMA TWITCHELL of  Jefferson.

September 1, 1859

At Prattsville, August 29th, by Rev. Mr. Turner of Roxbury, Mr. ALBERT HAINES, of Roxbury, to Miss AURILLA REYNOLDS, of Prattsville.

At Equinunk, August 20th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. Wm. M. Nelson, Mr. A. SCUDDER to Miss SARAH I. MATTHEWS, both of the above place. 

September 8, 1859

In Catskill, August 31ST,  by the Rev. H. L. Pratt, of Castleton, Staten Island, F.N. OTIS, M.D., to Miss FRANCES H., daughter of the late Appolos COOKE.

September 15, 1859

September 1st, by Rev. Wm. Johns, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. ALEXANDER SMITH, of NY City, to Miss JULIA, youngest daughter of Silas FOWLER, of Lexington, NY.

At Potter’s Hollow, September 5th, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. JOHN AVERY, Jr., of Gilboa, to Miss ELEANOR C. RICKERSON, of Potter’s Hollow.

In Shandaken, September 4th, by Rev. Mr. Hall, GEORGE PIERCE, of Windham, to Miss CATHERINE ALEE of Shandaken.

On the 3d inst., by the Rev. J. Davy, Mr. HARVEY D. AVERY, of Halcott, to Miss BETSEY BOUTON, of Roxbury,

In Catskill, September 7th, by Rev. J. F. Ingersoll, ARTHUR W. THOMAS and ELIZABETH CARPENTER, all of Catskill.

In Oneonta, on the 25th ult., by the Rev. J. Smith, Jr., Mr. GEO. E. BIXBY, of Davenport, to Miss CATHERINE BATES, of Pittsfield.

At the parsonage, North Kortright, by Rev. John Erskine, on the 29th ult., GEO. BELLEW, of So. Worcester, and Miss NANCY BROWNE, of Davenport.

September 22, 1859

In Walton, Delaware County, September 13th, by Rev. J. S. Pattengill, D. B. DEWEY, M.D., of Catskill, to Miss J. M. BERRAY, of Walton.

A liberal fee for the printer accompanied the above notice.  In return, we wish the parties a long life of uninterrupted enjoyment.

In Hunter, September 12th, by Rev. G. B. Crippen, Mr. HENRY M. JUDD, of Windham, to Miss RHOBA SHOWERS, of the former place.

On the 13th inst., by the same, at the same place, Mr. ROBERT B. JOHNSON, of Cairo, to Miss KATE HOWARD, of Hunter.

In the Ref. Dutch Church of Leeds, Sabbath morning, Sept. 11th, by Rev. S. T. Searle, HENRY PILGRIM to MARGARET DEDERICK, of Leeds.

In Davenport, August 7th, by Rev. A. C. Morehouse, JACOB J. MULTER, Esq., of South Worcester, to Miss CORDELIA WILBER, of Davenport. 

In Bloomville, September 10th, by Rev. C. Palmer, Mr. STEPHEN CONOROW, of Gilboa, to Miss ELIZABETH SIMONSON, of Roxbury.

Also, at the same time and place, by the same, Mr. JOHN T. SHAW, to Miss ELIZABETH CONOROW, both of Gilboa.

September 29, 1859

In this town, on the 21st instant, by Rev.  Mr. Gould, of Durham, Mr. JAMES H. HAIGHT, of Albany, to Miss ANN ROVILLA, daughter of Lyman Payne, Esq., of this town.

A printer’s fee and a printer’s feast came with the above notice.  The first was one of Uncle Sam’s “mint drops,” and the last a fine box of wedding cake.  May the lives of the parties be as bright as the former and their dispositions as sweet as the latter.

At Catskill, September 20th, by Rev. Henry J. Fox, of the Ashland Collegiate Institute, Mr. GEORGE C. FOX, of Ashland, to Miss ELIZABETH G. PERSON, of Catskill.

With this notice, also, we received a handsome package for which the parties will please accept our thanks.  We wish them a long and happy life.

In Stamford, on the 22d inst.., by the Rev. J. D. Gibson, Mr. THOMAS E. HASTINGS, to Miss JANE BLAIR, both of Bovina.

October 6, 1859

By Rev. M. L. Pendell, at his residence in Lexington, September 27th, Mr. WILLIAM SIMMONS, of West Davenport, Delaware County, to Miss JULIA M. LORD, of Jewett.

At the residence of the bride’s father in Brooklyn, on Thursday, September 15th, by the Rev. J. T. Johnson, of Alexandria, VA, Mr. JOSEPH MERRITT, of New York, to Miss CHARLOTTE E., only daughter of Orrin FOOTE, formerly of Hobart.

At Roxbury, on the 14th ult., by the Rev. J. M. Burger, Mr. DANIEL MEEKER to Miss JANE GRAHAM, all of Roxbury.

At Moresville, Mr. OMAR KEATOR, to Miss STEVENS, on the 11th ult.

On Wednesday, 14th ult., in Grace Church, Gt. Bend, PA, by Rev. Henry H. Hickman, ANDREW TAYLOR, Jr., Esq., of Hobart, NY to Miss MARY JANE SNOW, of the former place.

On the 21st ult., by the Rev. Cyrus Fuller, Mr. CHARLES GRANT to Miss PHEBE HILL, of Stamford.

At Pawling, Dutchess County, September 15th, by Rev. Mr. Curtis of the M. E. Church, DUNCAN McDONALD, Esq., to Miss HELEN E. THOMAS, both of South Kortright, Delaware County, NY. 

October 13, 1859

At Hunter, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. J. F. Ingersoll, Mr. JOHN J. LOCKWOOD, of Brooklyn, to Miss CORDELIA CHAMBERLIN, of Hunter.

In Cornwallsville, on the 5th instant, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. W. Smith, Mr. SAMUEL PELHAM, of this town to Miss PAMELIA JANE CLAVER, of Cornwallsville.

At East Durham, on the 4th instant, by Rev. J. D. Lawyer, Mr. JOHN FIELDS, to Miss MARY JANE DAVIS, daughter of Wm. J. Davis, deceased, both of the above place.

In Charlotteville, September 29th, by Rev. A. ROGERS, Mr. WILLIAM T. LAMONT, to MARY, only daughter of the officiating clergyman.

At Stuyvesant Landing, on Wednesday evening, 5th instant, by the Rev. E. Nevins, CONSIDER BLODGET, of Ashland, to MARY JANE, daughter of Abram SICKLES, of Stuyvesant. 

October 20, 1859

October 9th, at the house of Nelson K. Martin, South Gilboa, by the Rev. Wm. G. E. See, Mr. FREDERICK A. LASHER, of Clermont, Columbia County, to Miss MARY M. MARTIN, of South Gilboa.

In Rondout, October 12th, by the Rev. B. T. Philips, OZIAS S. DECKER, of Margarettsville, Delaware County, to Miss HARRIET NEWKIRK, of Rondout.

In Catskill, October 12, by the Rev. E. F. Baker, LOUIS MATTHEWS, of Buffalo, NY, to ELIZABETH FULTON, eldest daughter of Robert Fulton of Leeds.

In Chemung, NY, on the 2d instant, by Rev. Mr. Putnam, Mr. JOHN BURROUGHS, of Stamford, to Miss MARGARET H. ALLING, of Lexington.

October 27, 1859

In Jewett, on the 10th instant, by Rev. H. H. Alling, OLIVER PECK to Miss LOUISA ANN BARKLEY.

In Westkill, on the 19th instant, by the same, Mr. CHAMPION M. NEWTON, to Miss OTHELIA A KIPP, all of Westkill.

In South Westerlo, by Rev. Mr. Wells, of Greenville, Mr. PETER SMITH of Oak Hill to Miss HOWE of South Westerlo.

November 1, 1859

At Scranton, PA, on Thursday morning 27th ult. at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. M. G. Hickock, Prof. Z. L. NEWELL, Principal of the West Durham Seminary, to Miss SARAH P. daughter of John HARRINGTON, Esq., formerly of Lexington, Greene County.

At Big Hollow, on Thursday evening, October 27th, by the Rev. J. B. Fish, Mr. A. McMASTER, of Walnut Grove, IL, and CHARLOTTE, youngest daughter of Deacon Lemuel HITCHCOCK, of the former place.

August 21st, by Rev. H. C. Longyear, Mr. JOHN H. PELHAM to Miss ELIZA M. DECKER, both of Westkill.

October 3d, by the same, at the house of the bride’s father, Mr. MOSES BENJAMIN, of Westkill, to Miss CHARITY HAPPY, of Woodstock.

In Stamford, Oct. 19th, by the Rev. N. O. Lent, Mr. SPENCER C. MAYNARD, of Hancock, to Miss MARY E. PARSONS, of Stamford.

October 15th, by the same, at the house of D. C. Deyoe, in Westkill, Mr. DANIEL MORSE, of Woodstock, to Miss LUCINDA MILLER, of the same place.         Catskill papers please copy.

In Kortright, Oct. 23, Mr. DAVID SMITH, of Roxbury, to Miss MAGGIE CLARK, of Kortright. 

November 8, 1859

In the Ref. Dutch Church, Schoharie, Nov. 1st, by Rev. C. E. Crispell, Rev. Wm. G. E. SEE, Pastor of the Ref. Dutch Church of Gilboa, and Miss MARGARET B., youngest daughter of Dr. C. H. VAN DYCK.

By Rev. Adee Vail, on the 2d inst., Mr. FREEMAN BLOODGOOD to Miss OPHELIA SHOEMAKER, all of Conesville.

In Hobart, Oct. 26, by Rev. W. A. Curtis, Mr. CHARLES K. BUSH, to Miss SUSAN M. GRANT, both of Stamford.

By William Risley, Esq., October 5th, WILSON P. RIDER to JANE BRAY, both of Shandaken. 

November 15, 1859

In Windham, on the 9th instant, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. W. Smith, Mr. EDWIN SHUFELT, of Middleburg, to Miss CLARISSA HIDECKER, of the former place.

May the lives of the parties prove as sweet as the contents of the package which accompanied the above notice to the printer. 

At Big Hollow, November 13th, by Rev. J. B. Fish, Mr. GEORGE H. CRANDELL to Miss NANCY COOK, all of that place. 

In Jewett, November 9th, by Rev. O.P. Dales, Mr. WASHINGTON VAN GAASBEEK of Kingston, to Miss BEDA HOSFORD, daughter of D. M. Hosford, Esq. of the former place. 

At the house of the bride’s father, on Monday evening, 14th inst., by the Rev. Henry J. Fox, A. M., Principal of the Ashland Collegiate Institute, Mr. C. R. BASCOM, of Durham, to Miss CAROLINE L. CHASE, daughter of West Chase, Esq., of Jewett Center, Greene County, NY. 

At the residence of the bride’s uncle in Berkshire, NY, on the 31st ult., by the Rev. O. R. Rose, GEORGE W. YOUNGS, Esq. of Emmonsburg, Herkimer County, to Miss MARY TAFT, of Berkshire, and all formerly of Roxbury, Delaware County. 

At Catskill, at the residence of Caleb S. Spencer, Nov. 3d, by Rev. S. T. Searle, GEORGE B. HOSFALL to HELEN C. BRANT, both of Leeds. 

November 22, 1859

In Ferris Hollow, town of Ashland, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. Wm. E. Clark, Mr. REUBEN P. WARNE, of Stamford, to Miss EMILY, daughter of William SUTTON, Esq., of the former place. 

At Great Barrington, MA, on the 14th instant, Mr. WILLIAM E. PIERCE, of Catskill to Mrs. LOTTIE S. HAMLIN, of the former place, daughter of the late Thomas Stevenson of Stamford, Delaware County. 

At the residence of B. Shaler, in Saugerties, Nov. 14th, by Rev. Mr. Sherwood, STEPHEN ROOT, of Catskill, to HANNAH SHALER, of that village. 

November 29, 1859

At Durham village, on the evening of Thanksgiving Day, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. E. L. Boing, Mr. ALEXANDER MOODY, of Bainbridge, Otsego County, to Miss MARY WHITTLESEY, daughter of  Zina Whittlesey, Esq., of Durham. 

In Durham, on the 25th inst., by Rev. D. J. Wright, WILLIAM T. McGLASHAN, to Miss ISABELLA E. PAYNE, both of this town. 

At Woodland, Ulster County, Nov. 16th, by Rev. V. O. Brainard, Mr. ARTHUR RONEY, of Hunter, to Miss ELIZA C. BRAY, of Woodland. 

On the 10th inst., by the Rev. Wm. A. Curtis, ALFRED H. PLANK, of Leeds, to Miss PHEBE J. PUFFER, of Hobart, Del. County. 

At New Baltimore, on the 15th inst., by Rev. S. Van Sant Voord, BENJAMIN DIEFENDORF, to Miss MARY J. GAGE, both of the above place.

December 6, 1859

At the parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Hunter village, November 30th, by Rev. G.B. Crippen, Mr. URIAH McCOON to Miss PHEBE JANE, only daughter of the late SAMUEL W. HAINES, ESQ. all of Hunter.

At Gilboa, November 30th, by the Rev. Wm. G.E. See, Mr. MARCUS D. SPENCER, to Mrs. MARGARET STEPHENS LANE, both of Gilboa.

At Little Westkill, November 30th, by Rev. Mr. Hall, HEZEKIAH RAPPLEYEA to ELIZABETH DECKER, all of Prattsville.

At Prattsville, December 1st, by Rev. Wm. Johns, EBENEZER BEERS, of Roxbury, Delaware County to Mrs. BRIDGET CONVOY of Prattsville.

In Kortright, November 27th, by Rev. Wm. Goss, Mr. MORTIMER H. DAVIS, of Stamford, to Miss SARAH F. DECKER, of Kortright.

December 13, 1859

At Hensonville, on Thursday, December 8th, by the Rev. D. I. Wright, Mr. BUEL WOODWORTH to Miss PHEBE M., daughter of Austin NEWCOMB, Esq.

With the above notice, we received a supply of wedding cake.  We wish the parties a life of sunshine and happiness.

In this town, December 6th, by Rev. Adee Vail, Mr. SILAS L. MUNSON, to Miss PHEBE FULLER, all of Windham.

On Sunday morning, December 4th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. J. Burton Beach, Mr. ELISHA A. KINSLEY, of Gilboa, to Miss VICTORINE HAMMOND, second daughter of Elisha Hammond, Esq., of Conesville.

November 16, at New Baltimore, by Com’r. Vandeuzer, Esq., PALMER SARLES to ADELAIDE BEDELL, daughter of Caleb Bedell.

November 22d, by the Rev. John Davy, Mr. LUTHER FALKNER, of Halcott, to Miss LYDIA NORTHROP, of Middletown.

At Lackawack, November 27, by the Rev. N. B. Thompson, RICHARD OSTERHOUT, of Lackawack, to POLLY STRATTON, of Roxbury, Delaware County.

November 29, at Greenville, by the Rev. J. C. Weeden, Mr. EDWARD LAMPMAN to Miss MARYETTE ROE, all of Greenville.

November 30th, by the same, Mr. MARK ROE to Miss ANN ELIZA BRANDOW, both of Greenville.

December 20, 1859

In South Cairo, December 14th, by the Rev. D. Gibson, Mr. H. CUNDALL, to Miss ANN C. THORNE all of Cairo.

In Cairo, by the same, December 15th, BRYAN PALMER of Greenville to BETSEY PALMER of Catskill.

By Rev. Harper Boies, on the 30th November, Mr. GEORGE HILLS and Miss ELIZABETH HENDRY of Harpersfield.

December 27, 1859

At Windham Center, upon the 21st, inst. By Rev. L. B. Van Dyck, Mr. LEONARD BRESACK, to Miss HARRIET E. BARNEY.

At Hensonville, December 26, by Rev. T. S. Judd, Mr. PETER MAGEE, of West Camp, to Miss MARIETTE REYNOLDS, of Jewett.

In Centerville, December 25th, by the Rev. A. P. Freese, Mr. WILLIAM HENRY LEWIS to Miss SARAH MERRILL, all of Centerville.

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