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Matthews Mclain Family

Courtesy of Mignon Matthews


Orwill Moss was married to Sophronia Lathrop Brand Oct. 9th 1845
Orwill Moss was married to Eliza Lathrop Brand Oct. 7th 1862

Orwill Moss was born Oct. the 9th 1822
Sophronia Lathrop Brand was born Dec. the 9th 1822
Eliza Lathrop Brand was born Feb. 18th 1836 in Conesville, Schoharie Co, NY
Eunice Loretta Moss was born Nov. the 18th 1847
Alice Elizabeth Moss was born March the 2nd 1849
Mary Ellen Moss was born Oct. 9th 1850
Elihu Allen Moss was born July 28th 1853
Carrie Sophronia Moss was born June 4th 1859
Minnie Cordelia Moss was born Oct. 13th 1868
Orwill Alonzo Moss was born Sept. 22nd 1877
Leslie McClain Mar. 20, 1890
Hattie Matthews McLain Oct. 31, 1906
Minnie M. McLain Dec. 8, 1926
At Jewett Center March 14, 1902 to Mr. and Mrs. William Matthews, a son
Anna McLain Feb. 2, 1930
Donald McLain June 23, 1936
Wallace McLain July 17, 1937
Harold Archabald McLain July 31, 1941
Jacqueline Ann McCulley Feb. 3, 1948

Eunice Loretta Moss died Sept. 29th 1861
Sophronia Lathrop Moss died Dec. 26th 1861
Orwill Alonzo Moss died Oct. 2nd 1880
Carrie Sophronia Moss died Apr. 22nd 1885
Orwill Moss died Jan, 24th 1900
Eliza L. Moss died April 20th 1915
Minnie Cordelia Moss Slater died Mar. 10, 1937, 88 yrs.
Harold Archibald McLain died Aug. 2, 1941

Lauren A. Matthews was born Nov. 23, 1887
Mary E. Tompkins was born Mar. 31, 1844
Fannie A. Matthews was born Aug. 5, 1860
Lois A. Matthews was born Aug. 24, 1866
Mary E. Matthews was born Jan. 29, 1868
William F. Matthews was born Dec. 6, 1870
Elmer O. Matthews was born Sept. 1, 1872
Sarah V. Matthews was born July 19, 1873
Lauren A. Matthews was born Mar. 13, 1876
Archibald Matthews was born Mar. 14, 1880
Elmer O. Matthews died Sept, 24, 1888
Lauren A. Matthews died July 20, 1906
Mary E. Matthews died May 24, 1911
Mary E. Northrop died Jan. 17, 1912
Geo. R. Laverack died Nov. 24, 1928
Sarah V. Matthews Austin died (blank)
Lauren A. Matthews died 1945
William T. Matthews died Feb. 14, 1946
        Was placed in a vault Feb. 17, 1946
        Was taken out April 20, 1946
Lauren A. Matthews of Ashland and Mary E. Tompkins of Ashland were married Sept. 26, 1865

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