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Mabey/Maybe Family Bible

Transcribed copy of a bible record located in the family file of the Durham Center Museum. Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Holy Bible was published in 1874 by the American Bible Society.
On January 24, 1972 the bible was in the possession of Margaret Hayes, Oak Hill, NY

Alanson Mabey and Eliza Spettigue were married April 18, 1833 by Rev. Joel Campbell, Honesdale, Benna

George Henry Maybe and Helen R. Paddock were married

Horace Maybe and Laura Louisa Gruett were married August 14, 1872, Newark, NJ

Ann Eliza Maybe and Warren M. Finch were married June 4, 1879 by Rev. S.S. Merchant, Durham, NY

Emily C. Maybe and Leroy M. France were married October 2, 1907 by Rev. J.K. McDivitt, Durham, NY

Alanson Mabey  April 25, 1796, Westerlo, NY
Eliza Spettigue  May 28, 1807, Devonshire, England
George Henry Maybe  August 3, 1834, Westerlo, NY
Ann Eliza Maybe  February 23, 1841, Durham, NY
Horace Maybe  December 2, 1843, Durham, NY
Ann Eliza Maybe  November 10, 1847, Durham, NY
Warren M. Finch  July 16, 1852, Greenville, NY
Cora A. Maybe  June 23, 1873, Durham, NY
Emily C. Maybe  April 27, 1878, Durham, NY
Leroy M. France  Durham, NY
Edward M. Maybe  November 5, 1885, Durham, NY
Alice Barnes  Durham, NY
Elizabeth M. France September 8, 1908, Durham, NY

Alanson Maybe  July 22, 1872, Durham, NY
Eliza Spettigue  October 17, 1891, Durham, NY
Ann Eliza Maybe  September 30, 1842, Durham, NY
Cecelia Wainwright Gruett  June 22, 1895
William Burtis Gruett  April 20, 1900
George Edward Gruett  July 28, 1927
Laura Gruett Maybe  July 8, 1920

Uncle Milton died 1935
Great grand-parents Gruett came from France
Charlotte Wainwright was grandma's Gruetts' mother, our great grandmother from Bermuda

William B. Gruett  September 17, 1817
Ceclia Wainwright Gruett  July 7, 1824
Laura Louisa Gruett  April 17, 1846
Emma Francis Gruett  1847
Amelia Brensmaid (?) Gruett  May 23, 1848
William Gruett (baby) age 1 mo. 1850
James Burtis Gruett  1851
George Edward Gruett  December 12, 1854
William B. Gruett  Jr.  November 7, 1859
Milton Hudson Gruett  February 26, 1861

grandparents married January 17, 1844

Alice Barnes Maybe December 24
LeRoy Barnes February 1, 1884
Fred Barnes October 23

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