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Meeting House Hill Cemetery

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Located on Rte 145 just before the Oak Hill Durham Road. The cemetery rests atop a hill, about 1 mile in from Rte 145 and is accessible only on foot or with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. The cemetery itself is in a grassy meadow and the condition of the stones vary; some are in good condition, others barely legible, and others are in pieces. The cemetery was located adjacent to the First Presbyterian Church of Durham, which was organized on November 8, 1792. The church, itself, is long gone.

Transcribed by Sylvia, Derick and Britni Hasenkopf April 20, 2000

  1. In memory of Stephen TIBBALS, d. December 20, 1832, aged 65y
  2. Mrs. Cynthia WHITLESEY, d. November 3, 1825, aged 26y
  3. Hannah, d. April 18, 1822, aged 47y, wife of Stephen TIBBALS
  4. Hannah, d. September 2, 1831, aged 21y, daughter of Stephen and Hannah TIBBALS
  5. Samuel TIBBALS, d. March 12, 1832, aged 30y
  6. Almon TIBBALS, d. January 12, 1832, aged 24y
  7. John COWLES, b. 1730, d. 1802, Capt. Continental Line, Revolutionary War
  8. Daniel BROWN, Esq., d. August 9, 1811, aged 79y
  9. In memory of Rebekah, d. February 19, 1799, aged 61y, wife of Daniel BROWN
  10. In memory of Sukey PECK, d. June 17, 1812, aged 27y, wife of Jason PECK
  11. In memory of Polly, d. September 2, 1816, aged 42y, wife of Levy AUSTIN
  12. In memory of Silas S FORDHAM, d. March 20, 1817, aged 55y
    Patience FORDHAM, d. March 15, 1817, aged 55y
  13. In memory of Anna COE, d. February 6, 1813, aged 85y
  14. Deacon C(hristopher) LORD, d. November 11, 1797, aged 74y
    Patience, d. March 29, 1794, aged 69y, wife of Deacon C. LORD
  15. In memory of Charlotte, d. January 1, 1813, aged 50y, wife of Charles KIRTLAND
  16. John HULL, b. November 22, 1756, d. October 29, 1832, Pvt. Continental Line Revolutionary War
  17. In memory of Mrs. Chloe COOLEY, d. March 18, 1821, aged 69y, second wife of Capt Samuel COOLEY
    Capt Asahel COOLEY, d. May 19, 1824, aged 81y
  18. Hezekiah BALDWIN, d. December 20, 1831, aged 60y
  19. In memory of Eunice BALDWIN, d. November 29, 1823, aged 62y, wife of Abial BALDWIN
  20. In memory of Charity, d. February 1817, aged 31y, wife of Francis WILLCOX
  21. In memory of Francis WILLCOX, d. October, 11, 1819, aged 61y
  22. Lydia, d. May 28, 1824 in Schoharie, aged 20y, daughter of Deacon William and Caroline CHAPMAN of Saybrook
  23. Loisa A., d. July 7, 1808, aged 13y, daughter of William and Sally CHAPMAN
  24. Benjamin CHAPMAN, d. February 2, 1842
  25. Bradley Milligant (?), d. September 4, 1823, aged 18d, son of Reuben and Almira ADAMS
  26. Ira, d. October 23, 1816, aged 11y, son of Joseph and Emma (possibly Eunice) ADAMS
  27. In memory of Alma August ALLYN, d. March 13, 1814, aged 17m14d, daughter of Isaac and Polly ALLYN
  28. In memory of Amaziah RICE, d. September 29, 1821, aged 45y
  29. Cornelia, d. May 9, 1822, aged 13m, daughter of Abner and Phebe COWLES
  30. William Whittlesley, d. June 11, 1823 in Charleston SC , aged 27
  31. In memory of Capt of Ebenezer ALLYN, d. April 15, 1814, aged 51y
  32. In memory of Betsey, d. January 28, 1821, aged 56y, wife of Lemuel HULL
  33. Patience, d. May 21, 1838, aged 49y wife of Linus HEDGES
  34. In memory of Elizabeth GRAY, d. February 19, 1827, aged 41y
  35. Thomas E BARKER, d. February 5, 1826, aged 67y
    his son Thomas died at Tarboro, NC, June 5, 1820, aged 31y
  36. In memory of Esther BARKER, d. January 20, 1821, aged 84y, wife of Ebenezer BARKER
  37. In memory of Betsey, d. February 22, 1815, aged 24y, wife of Barnaby COUCH
  38. Joseph, only son of Dr. Luther and Sybil HICK (?) HART (?)
  39. Mrs Martha SHERMAN, widow of Josiah SHERMAN, daughter of Hon. James MINOTT of Concord, MASS, d. November 1815, aged 75y
  40. George, d. October 17, 182_, aged 1m27d, son of Thomas and Elizabeth GRAY
  41. Calvin, d. April 13, 1819, aged 1m13d, son of Thomas and Elizabeth GRAY
  42. In memory of Emma CRANE (broken stone)
  43. Linus HEDGES, d. September 5, 1835, aged 52y
  44. Elijah H, son of James and Anna__________ (broken stone)

Cemetery transcription from the Durham Center Museum, thought to have been done in 1930s identified the following stones no longer locatable in 2000:

1.    William CHAPMAN

2.    Mary, d. February 8, 18__, aged 8m, daughter Linus and Patience HEDGES

3.    Charles KIRTLAND, d. January 1, 1813, aged 60y

4.    Stephen TIBBALS, d. April 18, 1822, aged 47y

Another cemetery inscription taken August 24, 1888 by Calvin Borthwick revealed the following stones, which are no longer present in 2000:

1.    William CHAPMAN, d. February 27, 1821, aged 40y

2.    Sally C COOLEY, d. March 18, 1814, aged 20y, daughter of Samuel and Polly COOLEY

3.    Elizabeth, d. July 7, 1814, aged 80y, wife of David TOWNSEND

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