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Melvin Champlin Family 

Transcribed and submitted by Cliff Hayes

Bible published by  S. R. Gray, 42 and 44 State Street, Albany, N.Y.


Certificate of Holy Matrimony:
This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
Melvin S. Champlin of West Conesville and Hattie E. Snyder of Conesville
On the twenty third day of Dec 1878 at Roxbury
By The Rev W. Freis
Witness:  Marcus Snyder and Phoebe Travis    

R. B. Southard of Gilboa and Ina H. Champlin of Conesville on the Sixth day of January 1904 by Rev.Bookout. 

Frank M. Champlin of Conesville and Mary Germond of Conesville on October Thirtieth 1919 by W. A. Rodney.


Melvin S. Champlin                                    November 20, 1857
Hattie E. Snyder                                          February 22, 1858
Ina H. Champlin                                         September 19, 1880
Frank M. Champlin                                    March 9, 1893
Helen R. Southard                                      May 21, 1905
Agnes H. Southard                                     December 21, 1906
Fanchon P. Southard                                  March 24, 1909
Elizabeth J. Southard                                  September 28, 1910
Melvin D. Champlin                                  August 31, 1920
Alta Mae Fredenburgh                              September 8, 1922
Josephine I. Fredenburgh                          Living
Bette Jayne Fredenburgh                           Living
Clifford J. Hayes                                          Living
Harold E. Hayes                                          Living
George A. Sears                                           Living
Arthur L. Sears                                             Living
Fanchon Sears                                               Living
John Paul Gortych                                        Living
Stanley B. Fredenburgh Jr.                          Living

Note:  The word “Living” has been substituted for the date of birth for living persons.          


Melvin S. Champlin                                     August 9, 1943
Mrs Hattie E. Champlin                               October 14, 1944
Mary Germond Champlin                           February 9, 1964
Ina H. Southard                                             February 16, 1969

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