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Mitchell Hollow Methodist 
Episcopal and Presbyterian 
Union Chapel

Book Two

Transcribed by Scott Wichmann. Transcription as written.

Feb. 8th 1903 The Sacrament of Lords Supper was administered, by Rev. C.E. Herbert assisted by Rev. Alexander Allison, D.D., at which time time (sic) the following were baptized:

Mr. George Brandow            
Mrs. Carrie Brandow                                            
Miss Belle Brandow                                            
Miss Daisy Brandow                                            
Miss Grace Seabolt                                    
Miss Mary E. Case                                               
Miss Daisy Howard                                             
Mr. Vernon Howard                                             
Mr. Grover Maben
Mr. Raymond Jump
Mr. Osmar Fuller
Miss Molly Frayer
Mr. Alfred Acker
Master Franklin Finch
Master Harry Lobdell

Pursuant to previous notice a meeting was held at the Chapel, after Communion service, ??? forming a Chapel Roll.  The following ???[wrote] their names for such a Roll: 

Mr. Thomas Hopkins                             Mr. Roscoe Howard
Mrs. Roscoe Howard                             Mr. H.B. Maben
Mr. Melvin Howard                               Mrs. Melvin Howard
Miss Mary Case                                      Mrs. Lucy Chittenden
Mrs. Oscar Fuller                                    Mrs. Mary Fuller
Miss Iva Scism                                         Miss Grace Sebolt
Miss Minnie Brisack                               Miss Inez Mallory
Miss Mary Sebolt                                    Miss Libbie Maben
Mrs. Benoni Austin                                 Mr. Walter Finch
Mrs. Walter Finch                                    Mr. Raymond Jump
Mrs. Charles E. Turk                               Mr. Ralph Van Hoesen
Mr. Solomon Scism                                  Mr. Adelbert Jump
Mrs. Adelbert Jump                                 Mr. Willis Blakslee
Mr. Chester Maben                                   Mr. Sidney Case
Mr. George Brandow                                Mrs. George Brandow
Miss Molly Frayer                                     Mr. Alfred Acker
Mr. Munson Spencer                                 Mrs. Solomon Scism
Mr. Grover Maben                                     Mr. Osmar Fuller
Mr. Vernon Howard                                  Mrs. Nettie Case
Miss Daisy Howard                                   Mrs. Elizabeth Chittenden
Mrs. Ella Maben                                         Mr. Elmer Lobdell
Mrs. Elizabeth Lobdell                             Miss Matilda Nelson
Miss [blank]

The following were appointed as a committee to draft a plan to govern the members of the Chapel Roll:

            Mr. Oscar Fuller
Mr. Adelbert Jump
Mr. Thomas Hopkins
Mr. Horace Maben
Mr. Roscoe Howard
Rev. C.E. Herbert
Rev. H.M. Dodd
This committee after careful consideration drew up the plan which is written on the following pages to govern the Chapel Roll, and placed before the signers.

A motion was made and seconded that it be accepted as the foundation of said Roll, which was carried by unanimous vote of those present.

A motion was also made that the committee that drew up the Chapel Roll regulations become the Council.  Motion was seconded and carried that Oscar Fuller, Adelbert Jump, Thomas Hopkins, Horace Maben and Roscoe Howard constitute this committee or Council, their terms of service to be one, two and three years; the oldest to serve three years, next in age two years and the Junior member to serve one year.  Thereafter to serve three years each.   

Mitchell Hollow Chapel Roll  

We whose names are affixed to this Chapel Roll of the Mitchell Hollow Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian Union Chapel, do hereby profess our hope and belief that we are truly converted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and, in order to enjoy Christian fellowship, mutually edify one another, and promote the cause of religion in our midst, we do agree to walk together in all the requirements of the Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles as contained in the Bible, and to attend, support, and promote such religious services as may be held from time to time in connection with the Chapel.  And we furthermore agree that there shall be a Council of not to exceed five, who shall manage the matters connected with this Roll, They shall be divided into three classes one of which shall be chosen for one year, another for two years, and another for three years, but after that they shall be chosen for terms of three years each; The number in each class may be increased or diminished at any election, They shall be chosen by the votes of those whose names are on the Roll.

The Council in conjunction with the minister in regular Charge shall exercise a pastoral watch and care over the Chapel congregation and order its affairs according to Gospel rules and principles.

They may add to the roll from time to time such as are in the Judgment of Charity, truly converted persons, and who desire to unite, and who would be acceptable members in either a Methodist Episcopal or a Presbyterian Church,

If any desire to withdraw their names from the Roll they may do so by giving due notice,

And if any cease to attend, or support, or walk with the Chapel or be guilty of Unchristian conduct and the Council are unable to re-claim them, they may cancel their names from the Roll.

Mr. Roscoe Howard           Died
Mrs. Lavinia Howard         Died
Mr. Horace Maben              Died
Mr. Melvin Howard            Died
Mrs. Esther Howard            Died 1920
Miss Mary Case                    Baptized Feb. 8th 1907  
C.E. Herbert, Pastor.            Given a letter of dismissal & a letter of recommendation to the First Congregation Church of East Hartford
Mrs. Lucy Chittenden          died
Mr. Oscar Fuller                   Dismissed
Mrs. Mary Fuller
Miss Iva Scism                      Dropped
Miss Grace Sebolt                 Baptized Feb 8th; East Windham
Miss Minnie Brisack            died
Miss Inez Mallory                Dropped
Miss Mary Sebolt
Miss Libbie Maben             died
Mrs. Clara Austin                died 1919 Nov.
Mrs. Ada Finch                    died
Mr. Walter Finch                 died
Mr. Charles Turk                + Dropped
Mr. Ralph Van Hoesen      + Dropped, dead
Mr. Solomon Scism             Dropped, died
Mr. Adelbert Jump             died January 25th 1925
Mrs. Frances Jump              died
Mr. Willis Blakslee             died 1921
Mr. Chester Maben             + Dropped
Mr. Sidney Case                  Died Sep. 9, 1962
Mr. George Brandow          Baptized Feb. 8th; died; Dropped
Mrs. Carrie Brandow          Baptized Feb. 8th; died
Miss Molly Frayer              Baptized Feb. 8th; died
Mr. Alfred Acker                 Baptized Feb. 8th; Absent; died
Mr. Munson Spencer          Dropped; transferred to Hensonville
Mrs. Solomon Scism
Mr. Grover Maben              Baptized Feb. 8th; died
Mr. Osmar Fuller                Baptized Feb. 8th; Dropped; died            
Mr. Vernon Howard           Baptized Feb. 8th; died Jan. 3, 1967
Mrs. Nettie Case                 died Oct. 1913
Miss Daisy Howard           Baptized Feb. 8th; died
Mrs. Elizabeth Chittenden died Oct. 24th 1909
Mrs. Ella Maben                  died Monday morning Dec. 3, 1923
Mrs. Elizabeth Lobdell       withdrawn 1912
Mr. Elmer Lobdell              withdrawn 1912
Miss Matilda Nelson          died Oct. 1908
Mrs. Emma Fuller               died
Mr. Lewis Howard              died; Dead
Mrs. Mary A. Fuller             died
Mr. Raymond Jump             Baptized Feb. 8th; died 19??
Mr. Thomas Hopkins           Died Apr. 20th 1917
Mrs. Ruah Hopkins              Died Jan. 29th 1904
Miss Teressa Hubbard         Died May 30th 1916
Mr. Benoni Austin                Baptized May 31st 1903; died Jan. ???
Mrs. Lucinda Sutton             Baptized May 31st 1903; + Dropped
Mr. Jacob Alle                        became a member Mar 22nd 1908
Mrs. Munson Spencer           also came before the Council at same time and place but did not qualify as a member             May 1909
Mrs. Luella Case became a member of this society after a proper questioning
by members of the council and Pastor Rev. C.E. Hoyt also.
Mrs. Bertha Jump became a member       Mar. 14th 1915; died Jan. 25th 1922
Mrs. Grover Maben name placed on this page received into full membership during the pastorate of Rev. Webster Morse by him as Pastor Mar. 28th 1915
Mrs. Addie Barlow presented her name to become a member of the Chapel  Roll, the members of the Council considered that as she was one of our workers and well known, without further questioning, ordered her name inscribed in this book by the clerk as a member.                   Feb. 11th 1917.  

Special Services were commenced in the Chapel continuing till the 25th in which the Lord poured his blessing upon us in such a power that many were turned to the Master. J.D. Hopkins of Catskill assisted by our Pastor Rev. J. Markarian were the instruments used.

The following are the names of those hearing and accepting the call and uniting with the Chapel Roll Feb. 25th 1917:

Mrs. Helen Gertrude Alle               died
Harold Alle                                       died
Mr. Edward Johnson                        Joining by choice as they were
Mrs. Lillian Johnson                         members of ME Church Windham; dead
Mr. Vernon Howard                         died Jan. 3, 1968
Mrs. Nora Howard
Mr. John L. Barlow                            died
Mrs. Daisy Barlow                             died
Miss Estelle Barlow                        
Mr. J. LeRoy Barlow                         died by drowning June 2nd 1919
Mr. Franklin Finch                            died
Mr. Orrin Blakeslee                          died
Mr. Melvin Hall                                died
Mrs. Sarah Hall                                 died
Miss Edna Hall
Mrs. Minnie Lawrence                    died
Miss Alberta Wier                            died
Mr. Robert Wier                               died
Mr. Harold Fuller                             dead
Mr. Everett Howard                        dead
Mrs. Lena Rice                                 died 1927
Miss Bessie Rice                              dismissed by recommendation to Jewett  
                                                            Presbyterian church
Miss Mabel Rice
Miss Juanita Gordon                       died
Mr. Herbert Maben                         Mr. Grover Maben     dead  

Four of the names given are of persons of the faith not of recent  Conversion            
R.W.H. clerk            April 8-1928

Reverend J.J. McClelland presented the names of eight young people that had been under his instruction for church membership to the council and after examination had been made were voted accepted ??? the Chapel roll:

Stephen William Bernhardt
Milton Sidney Case
Myron Lamot Case
Robert Charles Wetmore
Lula Mae Wetmore
Marjorie Leone Maben            Transferred to Jewett church Oct. 1, 1936
Minnie Emily Howard
Leola Mary Howard
Sidney Case, Clerk      May 29-1938

Albert Lane was baptized by Rev. Hartman and asked to have his name added to the Chapel roll.
   Sidney Case

At a Special meeting August 6, 1947 the following names were added to the Chapel roll:

Clyde Spaulding                     died
Mrs. Stella Spaulding        
Mrs. Mildred Austin
Mrs. Divine
Mrs. O’Sullivan                       dead
Mrs. Mildred Burhans
Reverand Charles Divine came July 6, 1947

A Rededication service was held, 67 being present            

August 6
After two notices were given a Business meeting was held in the Chapel and a goodly number present; a very fine lunch preceeded the meeting. Reverend Divine, chairman, offered prayer all joining in the Lords Prayer

Sidney Case reelected clerk for 1 yr; Sidney Case making a suggestion that we ask those present to join the Chapel roll

The bylaws of the Chapel were read for information; then Reverend Divine ask how many would join on confession of faith; 6 found

Then motion was made to Elect members of the council and carried the following being elected:

Mr. Sidney Case        3 yrs
Mr. Albert Lane            }
Mr. Clyde Spaulding   } 2 yrs.
Mrs. Mildred Austin    }
Mrs. Leola Lane            } 1 yr

Motion made and carried the following were elected for trustee by ballot:

Mrs. Louella Case                3 yrs
Mrs. Minnie Partridge         2 yrs
Mr. Raymond Jump             1 yr
Mrs. Stella Spaulding          Elected Treasurer  
Mr. Clyde Spaulding
Mr. Albert Lane
Mr. Selon Myers            Ushers
Mrs. Mildred Austin             chairmen and Treasurer for the Clambake planned for Aug. 2

Meeting adjourned
        Sidney Case, Clerk 

October 12            
Rev Divine last service, 72 being present, the following were baptized:

George Anker Pedersen
Anna Gerdy Pedersen
Richard Martin Pedersen
Evelyn Virginia Shufelt
Milton Edwin Shufelt
Keneth Charles Shufelt
Virginia Lee Shufelt
Judy Partridge
October 19            Rev Lawrence Star came    1947            52 present

Nov. 29            Venison Supper            Served 104 persons

March 21-1948
Lenten service 45 present the following were baptized:

DeEtta Dingman daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dingman
Susanne Robinson daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Cleo Robinson
Nancy Carol Wetmore Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Orson Wetmore         
                 Sidney Case, Clerk

April 18-1948
The following we (sic) received as members of the Chapel roll:

Amelia Layman                                    as affiliated members:  
Lester Layman                                       Ankee G. Pederson
Theadore Layman                                 Anna C. Blum   
Chester Partridge                                  Emil R. Blum                dead    
Joan Partridge                                        Robert J. Blum
Reta Partridge                                        Richard E. Blum
Joyce Lane                                               Emil Blum Jr.                                   
Leota Lane                                              Margret Sakoll                        
Lyle Sakoll

March 25, 1951    by confession of Faith  June Layman

As new members on confession
George Pedersen May 25-1958 transferred to Northwest Me. [???] Church in
Poly B Florida
Elizabeth Pedersen
Anna Frieda Grassman
Lilo Lieselotte Helen Grassman
Marilyn Ann Grassman
Clyde Carleton Spaulding
William Arnold Renz
Geraldine F. Alberti
Thalma Louise Alberti
Robert W. Robinson
Sidney Case, Clerk

April 26            Son Larry    Was baptized             Mr. & Mrs. Lester Layoni  Parents
April 23            Son Garrie   was baptized             Mr. & Mrs. Orson Welmore              
May 22, 1966                                                          Nora Howard
By Samuel MacCormac
Sunday, Nov. 22, 1970

Sharon Marie Vidbel
Alfred Vidbel
were joined to the Mitchell Hollow Chapel membership roll on confession of faith, Rev. Helen Lombard officiating

Adult Baptisms

Mr. George Brandow                      Feb. 8th 1903
Mrs. Carrie Brandow                                 
Miss Molly Frayer                                      
Miss Grace Sebolt                                       
Miss Mary Case                                          
Miss Daisy Howard                                   
Mr. Vernon Howard                                  
Mr. Osmar Fuller                                       
   Grover Maben                                     
   Raymond Jump                                   
   Alfred Acker                                        
   Benoni Austin               May 31st 1903               }            C.E. Herbert
Mrs. Lucinda Sutton                                                 }            Officiating
The following are the names of persons Baptized Feb. 25th 1917; Rev. J. Markarian officiating:

Gertrude Alle             Everett Howard
Harold Alle                 Robert Wier
Juanita Gordon           Alberta Wier
Mabel Rice                   Harold Fuller
Bessie Rice                   Herbert Maben
Edna Hall                     Orrin Blakeslee
            RWH, Clerk

Mitchell Hollow June 13th 1920

The Rev. J.D. Hopkins administered the ordinance of Baptism to the following infants:
Andrew Burton Robinson, age 3 months
Horace Jeffery Maben, age 1 yr. 6 mo.
Raymond Ellwood Case, age 2 yr. 9 mo.
Oscar Renald Case, age 1 yr. 6 mo.
            RWH, Clerk

Infant Baptisms

Franklin Finch                           Parents, Walter Finch Born Oct. 4th 1894                             
Ada Finch                                  Baptized Feb. 8th 1903
Harry Lobdell                           Parents, Elmer Lobdell   Born Feb. 2, 1894                             Elizabeth Lobdell                     Baptized Feb. 8th 1903
Belle Brandow                          Born Oct. 19th 1891 Baptized Feb. 8th 1903 Parents, George
Carrie Brandow
Daisy Brandow                        Born Dec. 14th 1892 Baptized Feb. 8th 1903
Rev. J. Markarian, Pastor
Alfred Levi                               Parents, Edward Johnson Baptized Feb. 25th, 1917                      Lillian Johnson
Elmer Lysander                        Parents, Harry Lobdell Baptized Feb. 25th 1917                       Lydia Lobdell
Marjorie Leone                        Parents, Grover Maben
Grover Sheldon 
Leone Maben
Elnora Cole                              Baptized Feb. 25th 1917
Minnie Emily                           Parents, Vernon Howard, died Jan. 3, 1967
Lecta Mary    
Nora Howard                           Baptized Feb. 25th 1917
Roscoe W. Howard, clerk
Joyce May Lane                      
Albert Lane, 9/8/32
Leola H.      “  
Joan Ella Partridge                 
Chester Partridge, Apr. 19/1932
Minnie P.    

History of Chapel prepared by Mrs. Lucy Moseman and Sidney Case for the fiftieth anniversary of the Chapel June 20-1948

Let us go back to the School house.  Services had been held there for many years.  The need of a church was often talked of.

In the spring of 1897 it was decided the School house not be used  for religious purposes.  Of course it was talked about, and in a short time it was decided to build a church.  Every one seemed to feel (if there’s a will, there’s a way).  The organ was taken out of the school house, moved to the home of Mr.& Mrs. Thomas Hopkins.  One night each week the people gathered there for prayer service.  Land was given men took their saws and axes went into the woods cut the logs all the rough lumber was given.  The ladies began having supper 4 men were appointed to canves for subscriptions.  People gave generously every body done something.  A carpenter was hired men gave their time.  Rev. C.E. Herberts was preaching here at that time and helped cut logs and worked at the fueling with the men.  I want to read this account of the first business meeting on our record:

Dated Dec. 23, 1897

Meeting held at the home of A.R. Jump.  Meeting cassed to elect trustees to (care for and hold in trust the Union Methodist & Presbyterian Chapel now in construction in this place the following officers were elected:

            A.R. Jump, A.H. Chittenden, Oscar Fuller, Horace Maben.

The Chapel was dedicated Apr. 21, 1898 the dedicatory sermon was preached by Rev. H.M. Dodd.  Rev. W.H. Vaughn the dedicatory prayer.  The chapel was built in one year and paid for.

Rev. Herberts was followed by Rev. H.H. Lipes   He was followed by Dr. Jacks, he was followed by J. MacIntire he was followed by Mr. John McNab in 1902 Rev. C.E. Herberts was rehired for one year to be paid $125.  Feb 1st 1903 Rev. Herbert assisted by Rev. Dr. Allison held special meetings (journal account) and now a brief summary of the contents contained in the Chapel roll.  We whose names are affixed to this chapel roll of the Mitchell Hollow Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian Union Chapel, do hereby profess out hope and belie that we are truly converted diciples of the lord Jesus Christ and in order to enjoy Christian fellowship and mutually edify one another and promote the cause of religion in our midst, We do agree to walk togather in all the requirements of our Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles as contained in the Bible.  April 21-1903 the Chapel Society was incorporated.  Rev. Herberts was followed by W.C. Morse he was followed by Rev. Charles Hoyt he was followed by Rev. J. Markarian.   Feb 1917 Rev. J.D. Hopkins assisted by Markarian held special meeting; 26 joined the Chapel.  Markarian was followed by Charles F. Robson.  He was followed by Rev. J.C. McClelland.  In 1928 we installed the Bell and built the addition on the Chapel.  The Bell was dedicated April 19, 1929.  Rev. Dr. Hazzard preached the dedicatiory sermon.  Rev. McClelland was followed by Rev. G.O. Wilsey next was Rev. Lyn E. Wade and Rev. Hartman.  Rev. Stockbrige preached a short time then the Chapel was closed

July 6-1947 the Chapel was reopened, held a Redicatory Service  Rev. Charles Divine began his services 67 present. 

August 6-1947  6 new members joined

August 23            Clam bake fed over 300 persons

Oct. 12                  Rev. Divines last service, 72 present, 8 children baptized

Oct. 19-1947         Rev. Laurence Star came; 15 present

Nov. 29                 Venison supper held, 104 persons served

Mar. 21-1948        Lenten service; 3 infant baptisms

April 18                26 were received into full membership of the Chapel

We have gained 32 members during the year

June 20-1948         Rev. Star led the service

                            Rev. A.O. Stockbridge scripture and prayer

                              Rev. C. Divine preached the sermon; text P.S. 27-4

                              Rev. Oliver gave the benedication (sic); 125 present

Sidney Case, clerk

Chapel incorporated 4/21/1903

Bell installed and addition, 1928

May 1st 1904

After due notice a meeting was held for the purpose filling vacancy in the Council.            Presiding Officer Rev. C.E. Herbert

Motion made that R.W. Howard be elected as member of Council from Feb. 8th three years; carried.  
            R.W.H., Clerk

October 1904            Rev. C.E. Herbert term of preaching expired Nov. 1st. he was paid in full and hired for another year from Nov. 1st 1904 till Nov. 1905. Term $125

Jan. 1st 1905

Mr. Melvin Howard has been engaged sexton at Chapel for one year from date; term $6.

April 16th 1905

Meeting called for Feb. 8th elect members of the Council caused by expiration of Oscar Fullers and H.B. Mabens terms of office.  Mr. Benoni Austin and H.B. Maben were were elected for three years from date.

Rev. C.E. Herbert Presiding Officer
                   R.W.H., Clerk

Adelbert Jump and Thomas Hopkins terms expire next year

Oct. 8  1905

Communion services held at the Chapel.  Rev. C.E. Herbert Officiating directly after meeting, the Council met to revise Chapel Roll membership, members of Council present- H.B. Maben, Adelbert Jump, Thomas Hopkins, Roscoe Howard, Rev. C.E. Herbert, presiding officer.

The Chapel Roll was looked over and by a vote of the Council, a motion made and seconded, the following members were dropped from the Roll:

Mr. Charles Turk, Mr. Ralph Van Hoesen, Chester Maben, Miss Molly Frayer, Munson Spencer, Grover Maben, Osmar Fuller, Vernon Howard, Mrs. Lucinda Sutton.

The Clerk was instructed to write to several members that have moved from the place to inquire after their spiritual welfare and also if they desired to retain their membership with the Chapel Roll or desired a letter to some other Church.

All members present and voting excepting Benoni Austin

Nov. 18th 1905

As no response has received from them they considered as dropped from the Roll.  The following is a list of their names:

Miss Iva Scism, Mrs. Solomon Scism, Mr. Solomon Scism, Mr. George Brandow, Mrs. Carrie Brandow, Miss Ivy Mallory.
R.W.H. Clerk

Nov. 1905

Rev. C.E. Herberts term as Pastor expired Nov. 1st; has been engaged for another year at the same terms as last year- $125 per year      

After due notice a meeting was held Feb. 11th for the election of two members of the Council, as the attendance wasn’t as large as desired, meeting was adjourned till the 18th in evening at which time A.R. Jump and Thomas Hopkins were re-elected for a term of three years each.  Roscoe Howard handed in his resignation at this meeting.  After due consideration it was not accepted which leaves him one more year to serve in the Council.

Presiding Officer at this meeting H.B. Maben.  All business was done after the proper motions were made and seconded.
                    R.W.H. Clerk 

Nov. 1st 1906  Rev. C.E. Herbert was hired for another year at the same terms as last year, $125. 

Nov. 25th     Meeting of Council held after meeting.  A.R. Jump elected as treasurer for the Church society.  H.B. Maben to receive collection each Sunday and hand to Treasurer and keep accurate account of same.

Motion made that Benoni Austin, A.R. Jump be our Collectors to receive Ministers salary each quarter, and when not paid to call on those that haven’t paid and find the reason for not paying, and make proper arrangement.  Each Collector to keep accurate account of the payments, and by whom paid.

Feb. 3rd 1907

Meeting held for the purpose of electing a member of the Council in place of Roscoe Howard

Presiding officer   Rev. C.E. Herbert

After the proper motion was made and seconded Roscoe Howa4rd was elected as member of Council, term three years

A.R. Jump and Thomas Hopkins terms expire Feb. 1908

Nov. 25, 1907

Rev. C.E. Herbert term of as pastor expired Nov. 1st and commenced another year of labor as pastor but it was thought best by the Council to change Pastors, it being agreeable to both people and Pastor the following resolutions were drawn up by the Rev. C.E. Herbert and placed before the congregation for their action.

Resolved      That we, the trustees, council and congregation of the Mitchell Hollow Union Chapel endorse the action of Oct. 27, in engaging the services of our minister Rev. C.E. Herbert for another year.

Resolved      That we accede to his request that this pastorate be transferred to the Rev. Chas. E. Hoyt, for the two-fold purpose of enlarging the scope of the Windham field and of enabling Mr. Herbert to extend his work in other directions,

Resolved      That we extend to the Rev. Chas. E. Hoyt a cordial invitation to occupy this field during the balance of our fiscal year, ending Nov. 1, 1908, this service to commence on Sunday, Dec. 8, 1907.

After being read, the motion was made that we grant the terms of the above resolutions seconded and carried.  Rev. C.E. Herbert was paid in full; preached his farewell service Dec. 1st.

Rev. C.E. Herbert requested R.W. Howard to call on Rev. Chas. E. Hoyt and make known to him our desires according to our resolutions.  The Rev. Chas. E. Hoyt was engaged for the balance of the year at same terms as Rev. C.E. Herbert, $125. per year.
                    R.W.H. Clerk

Feb. 16th 1908

Meeting for electing members of Council held at Chapel this afternoon.

            Presiding Officer, Roscoe Howard

Minutes of last meeting read.

Nominations for members of Council

Thomas Hopkins and A.R. Jump-no others

Motion made and seconded that they be Members of our Council for the term of three years; Carried.

The next matter considered was the election of two collectors to receive Ministers salary and call on those that fail to pay their subscription, find the reason why and make proper arrangement for payment of same.

Nominations:  1st A.R. Jump & Roscoe Howard.  Roscoe Howard withdrew his name, thinking that it would not be for the best.

Nominations: 2nd Elmer Lobdell & A.R. Jump.  Elmer Lobdell would not accept the office.  3.  Walter Finch and A.R. Jump.  Motion made and seconded that they be our Collectors of Ministers salary for one year.  Carried.

                    Roscoe Howard, Sec.

Dec. 1908

The members of the Council engaged the services of the Rev. C.E. Hoyt for another year as our pastor the year to commence Jan. 1st 1909 making a total length of time of one year and one month at the same terms as last year.
                    Clerk, R.W.H.

The Rev. Chas Hoyt was paid in full to date of Dec. 31st 1908

Jan. 31st notice given of our annual meeting for the purpose of electing a committee to receive subscriptions for the ministers salary and to fill vacancy in our Council

Feb. 7  notice given again

And meeting held immediately after Preaching service.  Meeting called to order by clerk.  The Rev. C.E. Hoyt was elected chairman after the proper motion was made and seconded.

Minutes of previous meeting read, and as no objections were made were declared approved by the Chairman.

A motion was made that Mr. H.B. Maben and Mr. Benoni Austin be members of our Council for the ensuing three years, seconded and elected.

Also a motion was made that A.R. Jump and Walter Finch be our committee for the purpose of collecting the ministers salary, and to make all necessary arrangements for securing full payment of same as signed; seconded and carried.

Mar. 13th 1910
The proper notice was given in Jan. of this year calling the annual meeting of this society, calling the meeting for Feb. 13th as the notice was read but once and the weather being bad that it was thought best to give another call for a meeting to be held the second Sunday in March the 13th inst. And the proper notice was given.

Mar. 13, 1910
Meeting called to order by the clerk, R.W. Howard, for the election of members of the counsol in place of Roscoe Howard whose term expired.

Roscoe Howard Chairman

Minutes of last meeting read and approved

Motion made that Jacob Alle be a member of the consoul for three years; seconded and carried

Also, that Walter Finch and A.R. Jump be collectors for ministers salry for the ensuing year.  Carried

Meeting adjourned
                    Jacob Alle, Clerk

Rev. W.E. Morse is filling the vacancy left by Rev. C.E. Herberts until a man is Hired for the charges left by Herberts.

May 11th 1913
Persuant to due notice a meeting to elect Members of Council was held on above date at the Chapel after Preaching service; five members were elected as follows:

            Sidney Case                one year term
Roscoe Howard         two years
Benoni Austin                         
A.R. Jump                   three years
H.B. Maben                         

The members thought that R.W. Howard should be the clerk.  This record is accordingly written by him. 

April 19th 1914
Notice was given calling a meeting Feb. 8th 1914 as the weather was very bad only one reading was given no meeting being held as second notice was given April 12th for a meeting May 3rd 1914

May 3rd 1914
Meeting called to order by the Clerk pursuant to notice minutes of last meeting read also of 1911.  Mr. Sidney Case nominated motion made seconded and carried as a member of our Council for 3 yrs.       Roscoe Howard, clerk

Jan. 24th 1915
Notice was given calling a meeting to elect two members of Council to fill vacancy caused by expiration of Roscoe Howard & Benoni Austins term on Feb. 7th 1915 and any other business that may properly come before the meeting.    R.W. Howard 

Feb. 7th 1915
The annual meeting held today after preaching Service meeting called to order by the clerk

The Rev. Markerarian chosen chairman

Motion made suspending the regular business of the meeting to take the time to consider the remarks made by our Pastor about the help now given by the Presbyterian board of Synodical mission to help out in the pay of our Pastor motion seconded and carried.  Our Pastor then stated that when the Rev. C.E. Herbert preached for us he received help from the Synodical board in a larger amount by preaching services at Mitchell Hollow Chapel so he also applied and they voted to give same, he also stated that some person of Ashland had complained to Dr. Yiesly that as there was only one Presbyterian family in the place the others were Methodists the help would necessarily be discontinued if so In reply to a question as to whether there would be any other way to continue this aid except declaring ourselves as Presbyterians the answer was? He thought not.

The clerk then suggested that the rules of the Society as recorded in this book be read that all present could hear them.  The suggestion was received favorably, the reading followed also the membership list was read after some remarks a motion was made and seconded to adjourn this meeting two weeks from today bringing the meeting Feb. 21st 1915  the Chairman requested the clerk to write all members residing at a distance for and indication of their choice.  After which a motion was made and seconded to adjourn til date of meeting as stated above carried. R.W.H. clerk

Feb. 21st 1915
Meeting called to order by Chairman the Rev. Markerarian.  He suggested that they select another Chairman as he didn’t want to use or seem to use any influence either way.  Several different names were given as successor to him (the Pastor).  It was settled by our Pastor remaining Chairman.

The clerk suggested reading the minutes of the previous meeting of which this is the second part; this brought the business before the members. Clerk also made a report of correspondence with absent members, Mrs. J.M. Tompkins & Mrs. Arthur Shermann. Mrs. Tompkins we found was not a member consequently gave no choice.  Mrs. Sherman stated that if in the judgment of the members it was best to change the name to Presbyterian it would be satifactory to her or any other name would be all right with her.

Our Pastor then explained the reason why he thought it would be best to change the Societys name

Mr. Jump made a motion that we change the name seconded. And first take a preliminary ballot to see how the members stood before taking a final ballot.

It had been decided to vote by ballot.

Mr. Jacob Alle and Sidney Case appointed as tellers distributing ballots result of preliminary total Number of ballots cast 14.  Blank 3. Yes 2. No 9. as this showed the feeling to be strong against making a change of name no further balloting was necessary.

Regular business was then taken up

Mr. Benoni Austin was nominated as member of Council for three years seconded although Mr. Austin insisted he wouldn’t act if elected; it was carried

Roscoe Howard was nominated as member of Council for 3 yrs.  After some deliberation seconded and carried.

Roscoe Howard Clerk

April 23rd 1916
Persuant to due notice meeting called to order by the clerk as only a few members were present motion made and seconded that we adjourn to April 30th Carried  R.W.H. Clerk

April 30th 1916
Meeting called to order by the clerk

Rev. Markerarian elected Chairman

Motion made that A.R. Jump be our choice as member of the council term three years or until his successor is elected seconded & carried

Also Mr. H.R. Maben nominated for member of Council seconded

Motion made closing nominations seconded and carried

The Chairman then declared Mr. Maben unanimously elected

Motion made and seconded that out annual election shall be held the first Sunday in May of each year. Carried   R.W.H. clerk 

May 6th 1917
Persuant to due notice meeting called to order by the clerk

Walter Finch chairman

Minutes of last meeting read also those of 1914 & -15.  Motion made and seconded that Melvin Hall be a member of the Council term three years carried

Motion to adjourn followed  R.W.H. clerk 

May 5th 1918
Persuant to notice and a resolution adopted at a previous calling the annual meeting of this society the first Sunday in May of each year a meeting was held today.

Meeting called to order

The clerk elected as chairman

The minutes of 1917 and 1915 read.

A motion made that Roscoe Howard be our clerk term three years seconded carried.

Mr. Walter Finch and Jacob Alle nominated for members of Council seconded carried.  It previously having been agreed to vote by acclamation. Terms three years, R.W.H. Clerk

May 4th 1919
Persuant to due notice meeting held to elect two member of Council for term of three yrs. Each.  Mr. A.R. Jump was nominated.  Motion seconded and carried.  Mr. H.B. Mabens nomination followed and being seconded was carried.  After which meeting was adjourned Sine Die  R.W.H. Clerk 

May 2nd 1920
Persuant to due notice meeting called to order.  Sidney Case chairman.

Minutes of 1917 read  Melvin Halls term expiring at this time  Mrs. John Barlow nominated for member of Council.  Mrs. Barlow said that it would be impossible to accept the office, after some deliberation & discussion Roscoe Howard was nominated  motion seconded and carried.  He was also requested to continue as clerk without taking vote.                               R.W. Howard clerk

May 7th 1922
Persuant to notice, meeting called to order the Rev. Chas Robson elected chairman.

Mr. A.R. Jump and Mr. H.B. Maben elected for term of three years each and Mr. Walter Finch and Mr. Jacob Alle for two years each as members of Council. Roscoe Howard, Sec.

May 13th 1923
Persuant to notice meeting held after preaching service today the Rev. Chas Robson elected chairman

Nomination in order:  Sidney Case nominated as member of Council term three years.  No other nominations.  Nominations closed.  Vote called.  Mr. Case elected by unanimous vote.  Motion made to adjourn seconded, carried.  After same, Prayer was offered by our Pastor.  Meeting closed.   R.W.H. clerk

May 4th 1924
Persuant to notice given, the Annual meeting of the members of the Chapel Roll meeting was called to order by the clerk.  The Pastor elected as chairman.

Nomination in order.

Minutes of 1922 and 1923 read for information, and were approved by proper motion.

Mr. Walter Finch nominated for term of three years as member of Council.

The motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. Jacob Alle was then nominated as member of the Council for same length of time, seconded and carried.  R.W.H. clerk

May 3rd 1925
Rev. Chas. Robson Pastor ch.

Following due notice the Annual meeting of The Chapel Roll membership was held this afternoon.  Minutes of the 1922 meeting were read for information.

Nominations  H.B. Maben for three yrs.

Raymond Jump for three years (filling the term remaining at his fathers death)

The nominations being seconded.  Ayes called for. Unanimous

The chairman declared them elected.  R.W.H. clerk

May 9th 1926
Persuant to notice, the Annual meeting of the Chapel Roll membership to elect member of Council

The Rev. Chas Robson Ch.

Mr. Sidney Case nominated for term three years.  Nomination seconded.  Motion being put to vote was carried unanimously.  R.W.H. clerk 

May 15-1927
Persuant to Notice given the annual meeting of the members of the Chapel roll meeting was called to order by acting clerk.  Mr. Maben elected as chairman .  report of last meeting read for information.  Nominations for two members council in order

Walter Finch elected for a term of 3 years. Raymond Jump elected for same time.
Sidney Case acting clerk

May 18-1928
Due notice given the annual meeting of the Chapel roll by clerk

Rev. J.J. Mclleland chairman

Mr. H.B. Maben was reelected for three years

Mr. Raymond Jump for three years

Meeting adjourned
Sidney Case clerk

June 20, 1928
Rev. J.J. McClelland called meeting of the Council to determine the time for communion and was decided to have it qarlerly (sic) first Sunday in October January April and July  Meeting adjourned  Sidney Case clerk 

August 26, 1928
At a formal meeting more names were added to the committee to procure the Sunside Bell and mount it.  Minutes of all the meetings for this purpose recorded on the church roll.

The comitte consists of:

Mr. H.B. Maben             John D. Barlow
Walter Finch                  Raymond Jump
Roscoe Howard            William Burhans
Irving Fuller                  Sidney Case
Rev. J.J. Mclelland
                        Sidney Case Clerk

June 11, 1929                          Rev. J.J. Mcelland Chairman

Due notice given the annual meeting of the Chapel roll nomination of members of council in order

Sidney Case elected for three years

Meeting adjourned                                 Sidney Case clerk

May 18, 1930
Due notice given meeting of members Chapel roll for the Election of the members Council

Raymond Jump elected 3 yrs.
Walter Finch elected 3 years
Meeting adjourned
H.B. Maben                                         Sidney Case clerk

June 4, 1931
Notice given members chapel roll for Electing council

Rev. Wade chairman

H.B. Maben Elected for 3 years
Raymond Jump for 3 years
Meeting adjourned
Sidney Case clerk

June 9, 1932
Election Council

Rev. Wade Chairman

Sidney Case Elected 3 years
Sidney Case clerk

June 3, 1933
Election Council

Rev. Wade Chairman

Walter Finch Elected 3 years
Sidney Case clerk

June 6, 1934
Notice given for Election of Council

Rev. Wade chairman

H.B. Maben 3 years
Raymond Jump 3 years
Sidney Case clerk 

June 3, 1935
Notice given for members of council

Rev. Wade chairman
Sidney Case elected 3 years
Sidney Case clerk

June 1, 1937
Notice given for Election of council
Rev. Hartman Chairman

Walter Finch Elected 3 years
Raymond Jump          3 years
H.B. Maben                3 years

Meeting adjourned
Sidney Case clerk

July 7, 1938
Notice given for Election of council

Rev. Hartman chairman

Sidney Case Elected for 3 years
Sidney Case clerk 

The Council hired the Rev. C.E. Herbert for Nov. 1903 to Nov. 1904 at $125.
R.W.H. clerk

Sept. 10, 1974
A letter was received from the Mountain Top Community Church requesting a temporary lease of the chapel until their own church was constructed.  A rental agreement was drawn up and signed.  The Mountain Top Community Church held their first service in the chapel Sept. 22.

Oct. 21, 1974
A meeting was called to order at 8 o’clock with seven people present.  Purpose of meeting to elect officers for coming year. 

Nora Howard nominated Alfred Vidbel for trustee for 3 yr. term.  Motion made by Leola Lane.  Nomination closed and secretary cast one ballet for Alfred Vidbel.  Nomination made by Albert Lane for Rita Lang for trustee for two years.  Nominations closed.  Secretary cast one ballet for Rita Lang.

Albert Lane carried over from previous years as trustee for one year.

Leola Lane made the motion to nominate Nora Howard as Secretary-Treasurer.  Secretary cast one ballet for Nora Howard.

No more business to come befor this meeting.  Meeting closed at 9 o’clock.
Sharon Steinhere

Oct. 30, 1975
A meeting was called to order for the purpose of discussing any new business.  Their was none so a motion was made to close the meeting.   Nora Howard sec-treas 

Dec. 11, 1977                          3:00 PM
A meeting was called to order for the purpose of conducting new business.  The polls were open for the election of officers and trustees.  The following trustee were elected for 3 year terms.  Alfred Vidbel, Lula Scicchitano, Rita Lang, Alice Messen, Nora Howard, Joyce Vidbel.

Leola Lane was elected sec.trea.  No more business was brought forward, Meeting was closed.
Joyce Vidbel 

Nora Howard declined the trustee office due to health.  A majority of trustees voted to elect Sharon Steinherr as replacement. 

Reverend Overton has  (sic)

Sept. 1974 updated Chapel Roll of members

Mrs. Luella Case
Mrs. Bertha Jump

Mrs. Nora Howard
Miss Estelle Barlow
Miss Edna Hall
Miss Mabel Rice
Mr. Herbert Maben

Milton Sidney Case
Myron Lamot Case
Lula Mae Wetmore
Minnie Emily Howard
Leola Mary Howard
Stephen William Bernhardt

Albert Eli Lane

Mrs. Stella Spaulding
Mrs. Mildred Burhans
Mrs. Charles Devine

Amelia Layman
Lester Layman
Theodore Layman
Chester Partridge
Joan Partridge
Rita Partridge
Joyce Lane
Margret Sokoll
Lyle Sokoll

June Layman

Affiliated members  

Anker Pederson
Anna Blum
Robert Blum
Richard Blum
Emile Blum Jr.
Clyde Carleton Spaulding
Geraldine Alberti
Thelma Louise Alberti
Robert Robinson

Sharon Marie Vidbel
Alfred Vidbel

Oct. 1978
A meeting was called to order to discuss any new business.  Their was none so a motion was made to close the meeting

Nov. 11, 1979
A meeting was called to order to discuss new business.  Their was no new business so the motion was made to adjourn the meeting.

Nov. 2, 1980
A meeting was called to order to discuss the election of officers.  A motion was made and seconded to reelect the officers.  A motion was made to rent the parking lot to the Mission Church for a token fee of $1.00 a year.  The motion was agreed upon by all.  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded by Rita Lang.  All joined hands and sang “God take care of you”.  Church will reopen Easter Sunday.

Oct. 24, 1981
The meeting was called to order and the minutes were read from the last meeting.  It was noted that the officers elected in 1980 were elected for 3 yr. term.  A decision to change the hr. of service to 7:00 PM for the remainder of the year.  A letter was sent to Mitchel Hollow Mission regarding the use of the chapels parking lot.  A motion was made & seconded to close the meeting.

Oct. 25, 1982
A meeting was called to order, to discus any new business.  A check was received from the Mission Church for parking lot rental.  Their was no more new business.  A motion was made and seconed to close the meeting.

Oct. 27, 1983
A meeting was called to order to discuss any new business.  It was noted by the sec. that a check from the Mission Church was received for parking lot rental.  No new business was brought forth.  A motion was made & seconed to close the meeting.

Oct. 1984
A meeting was called to order for the purpose of election of officers and trustees for a 3 year term.  A motion was made by Leola Lane and seconded by Minnie Partridge

to reelect the same trustees and officers from 1980 meeting.  It was agreed to make this service the final one for the 1984 year.  A motion was made by Alfred Vidbel and seconded by Rita Lang to adjourn the meeting.

Nov. 10, 1985
The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the last meeting read.  A motion was made to start a rotating class of trustee.  The Trustees of class 86 are Lula Schicktano and Joyce Vidbel.  Class of 87 Alfred Vidbel and Alice Messen.  Class of 88 is Rita Lang and Sharon Burke.

A motion was made by Leola Lane and seconded by Sharon Burke to adjourn the meeting.

Oct. 5th 1986
The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the last meeting were read.  Joyce Vidbel and Lula Schicktano were reelected for another three year term, expiring in 1989.

The subject of putting a new roof on the church was discussed.

Rita Lang was nominated to take care of the tax exempt papers.  It was seconded & passed.  The meeting was brought to a close.

Oct. 18, 1987
The minutes of last years meeting were read.

It was discussed and agreed that Ruth Case would send a note to Mitchel Hollow Mission Church inquiring about their renting the parking lot another year.

A motion was made & seconded to reelect all officers and trustees for another term. 

$182. was taken in from rummage sales.

Meeting was adjourned.

Nov. 13, 1988
The annual Business meeting was called to order and the minutes of the last meeting were read.  It was determined that the Mitchell Hollow Mission was not using the parking lot and so billing will be discontinued.  Estimates will be taken for the church roof repair.

A motion was made and seconded to reelect the trustees and officers for another three years.  Minnie Partridge was asked to replace Lula Schictanno who has been hospitalized.

Nov. 20            
New members joining the church will be William Belton, Susan Steinherr and Jennifer Steinherr.  Meeting was brought to a close.  Rummage sale totaled $322.

Oct. 22, 1989
Meeting was called to order, minutes of last meeting was read.  Cost of roof repair was $1600.00 and paid.  Discussion of a sign for the church and possible food pantry did not materialize.  Rummage sale total 205.05

Rita Lang was nominated to take care of tax exempt papers.  Meeting was brought to a close.

meeting was cancelled

1991    Dec. 8            
Meeting was called to order and the minutes read from 1989 meeting.  All officers were reelected.  Leola Lane reported the rumage sale total for the year was $235.  Balance in treasury $1065 +.  A sign and repair of bell was discussed and a decision made to inspect the steeple for damage.  Meeting was closed.

meeting was cancelled

Nov. 21, 1993            
(Rumage sale 1993 - $207.80)  Meeting was called to order and finacing discussed.  We talked of a small gas stove to replace stove in dinning room.  Joe Farley and John Owen are repairing dinning roof and ceiling.  Meeting was adjourned.

meeting cancelled

    97        meeting cancelled

Mr. Robsons last service the last of April 1927 on the previous Sunday he was presented with twenty dollars and Mrs. Robson with a bed spread made by the ladies aid.

The Reverend J.J. McClelland came 1927 July first  the council agreed to pay him $250.
Sidney Case clerk

Mr. Robson came and preached March 19, 1933 and baptized Joan, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chester Bartridge and Joice, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lane.

Gave him collection of $5.00

Mr. Robinson came again and preached Oct. 2 (1933).  About fifty people came to hear him.

Gave him collection  6.13 (?)

[Newspaper clipping hand-dated 4/21/1898]

The new Union Chapel in Mitchell Hollow will be dedicated today.  It is a very neatly constructed building, chairs are used for seating the congregation, and there are places outside for tying teams.  Rev. Henry M. Dodd will preach the dedicatory sermon and Rev. W.H. Vaughn will offer the dedicatory prayer.  The chapel is the outcome of a complaint against the use of the schoolhouse for religious worship.  It is a surprise that so neat and commodious chapel could be so quickly and quietly erected, already free from debt.

[Newspaper clipping]

Dr. Alison at Mitchell Hollow

Dr. Alison closed his Mitchell Hollow services on last Sunday afternoon.  The occasion was one to be remembered.  The people of the chapel agreed to unite together as a Methodist and Presbyterian fellowship and to constitute a roll of membership for that purpose to be called “The Mitchell Hollow Chapel Roll.”  A committee of five persons was appointed to aid to Rev. Charles E. Herbert of Sunside, and the Rev. H.M. Dodd of Ashland, in formulating the language of the covenant binding them together, and to report on next Sabbath.  The committee is composed as follows:  Messrs. Adelbert R. Jump, Oscar Fuller, Thomas Hopkins, Horace B. Maben, Roscoe Howard.  It is probable that a Board of Deacons will be chosen at the time this committee presents its report.  The Board of Deacons will assist the pastor in the work of examining applicants for admission to sealing ordinances and dismissing members to other churches.

It was announced last Sunday that 37 names had been given in.  The new church therefore starts out with an encouraging list of members.  No doubt many others will be added in the near future.  Sixteen persons received the Sacrament of Baptism last Sunday.  The meetings held the previous week despite the weather were greatly blessed.  On the last night (Friday) the best results were realized.  After the sermon nine came out and acknowledged Christ within fifteen minutes.  Everyone felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting.

As it was impossible for Dr. Alison to remain owing to his engagement at Windham, the Rev. Mr. Dodd and the Rev. Mr. Herbert arranged to carry on the meetings this week together.  The work at Mitchell Hollow was never in a more encouraging condition, and the future is looked forward to with highest expectations.

At the close of the Baptism and Communion services, Dr. Alison announced that he had received permission from Mr. A.R. Jump to retain the bowl used in the first service of Baptism under the new ecclesiastical organization.  He stated that he would take it with him to Philadelphia and after having it properly inscribed place it in the archives of the Historical Society, 1319 Walnut Street, there to remain for all time to come as a souvenir of the day and the event.

[Hand copied history]

Lets us go back to the school house.  Services had been held there for many years.  The need of a church had been often talked of.

In the spring of 1897 it was decided the school house could not be used for religious purposes, of course it was talked about and in a short time it was decided to build a church.  Everyone seemed to feel if theres a will theres a way.  The organ was taken out of the schoolhouse, moved to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hopkins and one night each week the people gathered there for a prayer service.  Land was given.  Men took their saws & ax, the trees began to fall, all of the rough lumber was given.  The ladies began having suppers.  4 men were appointed to canves for subscription. Money came in.  Every one done something.  A carpenter was hired, men gave their time.  Rev. Herbert was preaching at the time and cut logs and worked with the men.  I want to read this account of the first business meeting found on record dated Mitchell Hollow Dec. 23-1897.  Meeting held at the home of A.R. Jump.  Meeting called to Elich Lausteer [Elect Trustees] to care for and hold in trust mion [Union] Methodist & Presbyterian Chapel now in construction in this place.  The following officers were elected:  A.R. Jump – A.H. Chittenden – Oscar Fuller – Horace Maben.

The chapel was dedicated April 21, 1898.

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