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Mitchell Hollow Methodist 
Episcopal and Presbyterian 
Union Chapel

Book Three

Transcribed by Scott Wichmann. Transcription as written.


July 14 – 1957             8 P.M.

Rev. Wretling, minister
Topic – “Traffic on the Highways of Life”
Mrs. Wretling sang – “When I come to the End of the Road”
36 people present
Minnie Partridge, pianist

July 21 – 1957             8 P.M.
Rev. Wretling, minister
Sermon text 40 Isaiah – 28 V.
Mrs. Wretling sang “Someone bigger Than You and I”
26 people present
Minnie Partridge, pianist

July 28 – 1957             8 P.M.
Rev. Wretling, minister
Sermon Topic – Moses – His choice of taking wealth and worldly living or being a leader of his people
Mrs. Wretling Sang – It is Real
30 people present
Minnie Partridge, pianist

Aug. 4/57           
Services during August as usual

Aug. 11           
No special singing. 

Attendance ranging from 11 to 19

Rev. Wretling preaching
Minnie Partridge – piano

Sept. 1st           
19 people present
Rev. Wretlings topic – “What shall I do about Jesus”
Mrs. Wretling is sick with phlebitis.
Minnie Partridge – piano

Sept. 8th           
Rev. Wretling was out of town
Sidney Case gave the sermon

Sept. 15th 
Rev. Wretling preached on Topic “The Good Samaritan” – Doing for your Neighbors.  Mrs. Wretling better
Minnie Partridge – pianist

Sept. 22           
Rev. Freeman took over for Mr. Wretling who had a youth fellowship meeting.  
11 present. 
Topic  “Where can I find God”
Minnie Partridge – pianist

Sept. 29th           
Rev. Wretling - preacher

Oct. 6th                        

Oct. 13th  11-15 present

Oct. 20, 1957      No Church because
Oct. 27                        of elephant hunt.

Nov. 3/57           
Rev. Wretling – preacher
Topic – Martin Luther
15 present
M. Partridge – piano

Nov. 10/57           
Rev. Wretling preached
11 present
M. Partridge – piano

Nov. 17/57           
Rev. Wretling had as guest speaker Rev. Chiung – Korean Methodist minister. 
22 present
Eugene Schillippi gave a sum of money to the church which he had collected from the office men who work in his business.  I believe the amount was $20.00

Nov. 24/57           
Rev. Wretling preached – held service at 7 o’clock because of Grandma Howard’s 100th birthday.                      
Minnie Partridge – piano

Dec. 1, 1957           
Services as usual.  Forgot to count number present.

Dec. 8             
Rev. Wretling, pastor, Minnie Partridge, piano
12 present the 8th

Dec. 15, 1957           
Rev. Wretling sick.  Sidney Case to give message
Minnie Partridge – piano- 12 present

Jan. 1, 1958           
There were no services from the 1st part of Jan. until Easter Sunday. Because of extra heavy snow fall all winter.  Had Easter Sunday services with Rev. Wretling preaching.  We did not serve breakfast as usual because of lack of help.
Rev. Wretling left Windham the first part March to go to a charge in Schenectady.  Since then we have relied on lay men etc. until July 13th when Rev. Warrall from Medusa took over.

Jany 21   35 people were present

Jany 28 (?)   32                      
Mrs. Warrall sang a solo. We had services with Mr. Warral preaching until Christmas and then church was closed for the winter.

May 16, 1959       
Had Rummage Sale at the Chapel.
Cleared around $40.

May 24, 1959           
Had our first service this Sunday.
Mr. Caizinski preached.  About 30 present.
Shortly after this Mr. Cobb, the Presbyterian minister in Windham, took over our services.  He has remained with us to this time.

Nov., '60
We have had congregations of from 9 – 25 all year.

Nov., 1962   
Church was closed – until Easter Sunday – 1963 when Rev. Riley preached the Service 6 A.M., breakfast served.

April 28th           
We held services and Mrs. Helen Lombard preached the message.

May 5th           
Services with Rev. Sam. MacCormac; 15 present

May 12th           
Services with Rev. Sam MacCormac; Mothers Day
Gladys [blank]             received corsage           most children
Mrs. Suiger                                                        oldest
Minnie Partridge                                              most children present
Nola Barlow                                                      youngest
Nora Howard                                                    most children ???

May 19th           
Rev. Samuel McCormac conducted services again.  19 present.
M. Partridge pianist

May 26           
Rev. Starr gave the sermon (Durham). 16 people present.
Minnie Partridge – piano

June 2/63           
Rev. Otto Lang of Cornwallville gave us the message.
17 people present – M.P., piano

June 9th           
Elwood Hitchcock gave the message.
17 people present – M.P., piano

June 16th           
Rev. McCormac

June 23rd           
no church (graduation)

June 30th           
Rev. Cody from Hensonville

July 7th            
Jere Kerr from Tannersville, 19 present

July 14th           
Mr. Burdette Dewell

July 21st           
Mr. Morton Miles, Windham; 19 present

July 28th           
Jere Kerr, Tannersville, N.Y.; 17 present

Aug. 4th           
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Bicksler (Marith Reinerson) Showed pictures of Formosa where they have been missionaries for 5 yrs.  (21 present)

Aug. 11th           
Rev. Gevert gave sermon. His wife & son came with him from Liberty.  (24 present)

Aug. 18th          
Mr. Richard Snyder

Aug. 25th           
Rev. McCormac

Sept. 1st           
George Kerseler

Sept. 8th           
Rev. Cody from Hensonville; Mrs. Cody played piano

Sept. 15th           
Jere Kerr from Tannersville, - “Power of Prayer” – 16 present

Sept. 22nd           
A group of Inter-varsity students from Oneonta college, headed by Ann Holdridge.  A lovely program.  25 present

Sept. 29           
August Poppal gave the message, a very good sermon.  29 present. Last meeting for the season.

8 P.M.           
Services were resumed again April 5th with Rev. Donald Howard from Athens giving the message.
Minnie Partridge at the Piano – 8 people attending

April 12th 64           
Rev. Howard again preached the sermon; 15 present

April 19th 64           
Rev. Howard

April 26th 64           
Rev. Howard, 14 present

May 3-64           
Mrs. Mary Phillips, 19 present

Rev. Wm. McMann and Mrs. McMann Preached to us and gave testimonies of healing.  Mrs. McMann sang a solo.  M. Partridge, piano. Mrs. McMann’s parents were present.

May 17-64           
Rev. Wm McMann & Mrs. were again our ministers.  19 present

May 24-64           
Rev. & Mrs. Wm. McMann again gave messages and testimonies.
Mrs. McMann sang – “If I have wounded any soul today”; 19 present

May 31st           
Rev. & Mrs. McMahan preached.  Mrs. Cammer, organist

June 7th 64           
Rev. & Mrs. McMahan; Mrs. McMann sang “a crown of thorns”
Accompanied by her mother on the harpsichord.  M. Partridge, piano

June 14 ’64           
Rev. McMahan.  Mrs. McMahan went to the city.  Minnie Partridge, pianist

June 21 ’64          
Rev. & Mrs. McMahan. 20 present.  Joyce Vidbel, piano

June 28th ’64           
Rev. & Mrs. McMahan.  She sang (Submission). 25 present
M. Partridge at piano
Rev. & Mrs. McMahan have served us all summer and we have had marvelous crowds.

Oct. 18th ’64           
About 25 present.  June McMahan did not come because of sickness.
Miss Roberts, a blind pianist, played for us.

April 18th           
The Chapel was opened Easter Sunday after being closed all winter.
We had Sun rise service and the chapel was packed.
Brother Bill McMahan gave the message.  Rev. Riley assisted with prayers, etc.  We served breakfast after the service and cleared over $80. McMahan can not be with us this summer as he is conducting services in Preston Hollow in the evenings.

April 25           
Donald Howard preached, from Athens.  M. Partridge, piano

May 2             
Donald Howard again filled the pulpit.  M. Partridge, piano

May 9th           
Mother’s Day.  The sermon was given by Rev. Cody from Hensonville.
About 20 present.  A very good lesson.  M. Partridge, piano.

May 16th           
Rev. Cody gave sermon.  19 present.  M. Partridge, piano.

May 23, 1965           
Rev. Charles Perry from Hunter preached.  16 present.  M. Partridge, piano

May 30/65           
Rev. Charles Perry from Hunter preached.  M. Partridge, piano

June 6/65           
Rev. Charles Perry again filled the pulpit.  23 present.  M. Partridge, piano


To Preach At Mitchell Hollow

The Rev. Harold Irish of Prattsville will conduct the service at the Mitchell Hollow church at 8 p.m. Sunday, June 13. There will be no service at the church on June 20, and then on June 27 Rev. Irish will again return for a service at 8 p.m. The public is cordially invited to attend these evening services. 

June 13/65           
Rev. Harold Irish from Prattsville Reform Church gave the message-
27 present.  M. Partridge, piano

June 12           
We held rummage sale in the chapel dining room.  $180. cleared.

June 20th           
Mr. Slate – layman from Presbyterian church in Windham preached.
M. Partridge, piano

June 27th           
Rev. Harold Irish preached.

July 4              
no Services

July 11th           
Rev. Irish preached.  31 present

July 18th           
Rev. Irish preached.  26 present

Rev. McMahan from Durham is showing films every two weeks on Sat. night.  June 26th the film was entitled “Time and Eternity”; the July 10th one was “City of Bees”, and July 24 was “Hidden Treasure” with 32 people present.

July 25            
Rev. Irish preached.  22 present – M.P., Piano

Aug. 8th           
Rev. Irish preached. 20 present – M.P., Piano

Aug. 15th           
Mr. Burdette Deevell gave message.      

Aug. 22nd           
Mr. Clint Slate gave sermon.                             

Aug. 29th           
Mr. Clint Slate from Presbyterian church preached.  (26 present)

Sept. 5           
Clint Slate gave message.  (12 present)

Sept. 12           
Clint Slate                                     Sandra Myers, Piano

Sept. 19th           
Rev. Irish was back from his vacation and gave us the message.
M. Partridge, piano.

Sept. 18th           
Rev. McMahan showed the film.

Sept. 26th           
Mr. Slate gave sermon.  24 present.  M. Partridge, piano.

Oct. 3             
Rev. Irish preached.  15 present.

Oct. 10, 1965           
Rev. Irish with us again this evening.  16 present.  M. Partridge, piano

Oct. 17, 1965           
Rev. Irish preached.  (Hallowed be thy name)  18 present
M. Partridge, piano

Oct. 24, 1965           
Rev. Irish preached.  (Thy Kingdom come)  28 present
M. Partridge, piano

Oct. 31, 1965           
Rev. Irish preached.  (Thy Will be done)  Minister had a bad cold.
16 present.  (M.) Piano

Nov. 7, 1965           
Rev. Irish preached.  M. Partridge, piano

Nov. 14, 1965  

Nov. 21, 1965   

Nov. 28           
No church in Mitchell Hollow – We attended a movie in Prattsville church  Called “The seventh question”

Dec. 5, 1965           
Rev. Irish – 10 present.  M. Partridge, piano

Dec. 12, 1965           
Rev. Irish – last meeting until next spring.

66-67-68     Rev. Samuel MacCormick preached at the chapel

Easter Sunday (No. Settlement people helped provide & serve meal) April 6, 1969
Mr. Roger Shafer conducted the sunrise service.  Helen Weir sang “My Jesus I love thee” accompanied by Flora Tompkins.  M. Partridge was pianist.  Rev. Riley assisted with prayer.  Rev. MacCormac attended but was late for the service.  The church was filled.  We served breakfast after worship.  The tables were filled and running over; had to set up a table in the church.  Each church received $58 and some cents.  It was Mitchell Hollow’s turn to have the Services. Rita, Judy, Dutch, Sharon, DeeDee and I cleaned church during the week. (North. Settlement shared in work and furnishing for breakfast). Roger Shaffer has been the minister this summer.  M. Partridge being away in Kentucky with her husband, Joyce Vidbel, and Harriet Spaulding & Mrs. Shaffer have been playing the piano.

Sept. 28            
32 were present

Oct. 5             

Oct. 12  

There has been very good attendance – The church has been paying Mr. Shaffer $25.00 each week for his services. Mrs. Shaffer has also preached a couple of Sundays when Roger was unable to attend. The rummage sale was very lucrative held the 19th Sept. 

Information concerning the ministers  who have served the people in Mitchell Hollow

In the 1880 & 1890’s – copied from a 1803-1903 Centennial of the old First Congregational Church, Windham, N.Y., June 16th 1903, beginning on page 45:

“So weak and unpromising did the Ashland church appear about this time, and so remote from Presbyterian churches with which it might be united in a field, that the suggestion was seriously made in Presbytery, that it be advised to disband.  To this suggestion it was replied with spirit by its friends, that it evidently wanted to live, that it had a right to live, and that if helped to live, it might yet regain its lost strength and have a resident pastor, a prophesy which has been fulfilled.

            This view, I am happy to say, prevailed in Presbytery.  About this time Columbia Presbytery determined to do something for its weak mountain fields, and appointed Rev. Charles E. Herbert of Sunside, to preach at Ashland every other Sunday, in conjunction with Mitchell Hollow and Big Hollow.

            The first summer service was at 3 P.M. but in the fall it changed to evening.

            Mr. Herbert continued for 3 yrs., and such was his activity and efficiency among the Mt. churches, especially in pastoral work and financial effort that he was sometimes styles “Bishop of the Catskills.”

            A choir was organized at that time, with Mr. A.B. Munson as leader, and Miss Helen C. Brainard as organist, which has continued pretty much the same till now and furnished unusually fine music for all occasions.

            In passing we must not forget to record the famous incidents of the Great Blizzard, Mar. 13th 1888 in which Mr. Herbert, returning from Ashland on Monday morning, was snowed in with some very old and poor people on the turnpike, next house beyond Sopers Bridge, and had to go in search of food for them and himself.  He was five days getting back to his home in Sunside.  Mr. Herbert is remembered with most cordial feelings by all in Ashland.”

Charles E. Herbert, son of Rev. C.D. Herbert, was born 4/7/1860; graduated Amherst College 1878; Yale Seminary, 1882; licensed 4/30/1884, and ordained 4/28/1886 by Columbia Presbytery.  He was at Centerville 6 yrs. 1883-1889,  Galway 1889-94, Genoa and Ludlowville 1894-1899 and returned to Centerville 1902.  On his present circuit, comprising Sunside, Big Hollow and Mitchell Hollow, he preaches at each place every Sabbath, and drives 30 miles, 20 of it on the Sabbath, including the Mt. climb.  After Mr. Herbert, in May 1889, came Rev. Daniel Morrison, Mr. Herbert’s successor at Sunside, who took the same fields, and served them ‘till August 1891.

Rev. Daniel Isaac Morrison, a native of Nova Scotia, who had studied at Dalhousie College and graduated at Auburn Seminary 1889, was ordained by Columbia Presbytery 9/18/1889.  He was at Sunside 4 yrs., Salem 2 yrs., East Meredith 4 yrs., Syracuse (Westminster Church) 8 mos.  He died 6/3/1900, aged 40 yrs.

July 4, 1891, Rev. James Bain, also sent by Presbytery, arrived in Ashland and took up the work.  He also preached at Big Hollow and Mitchell Hollow, returning to Ashland for the evening.  He resided in Ashland, the first Presbyterian minister to reside here in 30 yrs.

May 12th, 1892, the C.E. Society was organized, and had a useful career, till it was suspended in 1901 owing to lack of support.  Mr. Bain continued till the fall of 1894, about 3 ½ yrs.  He was an able and earnest man, but his Scotch brogue impaired his popularity as a preacher.  We have been saddened to hear of his recent death at the age of 49 yrs.

In January, 1895, Rev. George Bergen, moved here with his family, and took part of the house of Mr. E.B. Dodge.  He also preached at Mitchell Hollow and Big Hollow.  He stayed just one year.  During his stay, the service in the morning was resumed.  In the winter of 1894-95, the town had been greatly moved by a revival in the M.E. Church under the labors of Rev. Lester Leggett, there a lay preacher.

Mr. Bergen was succeeded by Rev. Henry Martyn Dodd.  He was introduced by Synod; preached here as a candidate Jan. 12, 1896; was called to pastor Feb. 19th; began labor Mar. 8th and was installed pastor June 1, 1897.  He moved his family here in May 1896 and moved into the new parsonage just bought at a cost of $800.00,  Miss Louisa Strong paying half.  This house stands on the site of the old brick store of the Strongs, opposite the brick house.  It has since been improved by the outlay of between $200-$300.

Mr. Dodd had also Big Hollow once in two weeks, and later Mitchell Hollow, whose Union chapel was dedicated April 21st 1898.

His health gave way Sept. 1899, and he was obliged to give up Mitchell Hollow early in 1900s and Big Hollow next fall, and to confine his labors to Ashland alone.

In the spring of 1903 Mrs. Maggie Van Cott was in the M.E. Church and a big revival was experienced.

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