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Mitchell Hollow Methodist 
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Union Chapel

Book Five

Transcribed by Scott Wichmann. Transcription as written.

Jan. 2, 1951           

The first meeting of the Sewing Circle of the Mitchell Hollow Chapel was held at the Presidents home Mildred Austin.  Seven regular members were present for the day.  Mrs. K. Cole and Rev. Starr came for dinner.

About three o’clock Peggy Sokoll came to take some of the ladies to Hunter to purchase material for the Society to work with this winter.

It was decided to hold the next meeting at Mrs. O’Sullivan’s, the lunch comm. to be the hostess and Ann Blum-Edna Renz & Alice Robinson.

Jan. 9  

The second meeting was held at Mrs. O’Sullivan with a dozen ladies present.  We enjoyed “Irish Stew” for dinner and was it good.  The work bought in Hunter was handed out.

Jan. 16

The third meeting was held at Minnie Partridges, only six ladies got out for dinner.

Jan. 23

The fourth meeting was at Ruth Case’s, a new face appeared, Mrs. Simons.  We enjoyed having her and hope she comes often.

Jan. 30

Back to the presidents house for the fifth meeting, ten ladies to sew, Mrs. K. Cole for dinner, Grandpa Austin too.  And Stella took Mrs. Lucy Moseman her dinner because it was too icy for Mrs. Moseman to come to the meeting.

Feb. 6

This meeting was held at Alice Van’ new home.

Feb. 13, 1951 

We went to Edna Renz, had a good attendance, special table decorations for Valentine’s day.

Feb. 20 

Mrs. Simon invited us to her home, about ten ladies attended.

Feb. 27 

Back to Alice Van’s for the second time, about fifteen for dinner.  Joan Partridge leaves to-morrow.  She has joined the W.A.F.S. and was given a sum of money as a going away present from the Ladies Aid.

March 6  


1954                Anna Blum taking over for Ruth Case.

Feb. 5th

The first meeting of Mitchell Hollow Ladies Aid was held at the home of Mrs. Blum.  Six members were present including a new neighbor, Mrs. Mathilda Gottorf.  The work which had been purchased beforehand was given out.  The next meeting to be at Minnie Partridge’s.

Feb. 17

The ladies met at the home of Mrs. Partridge.  Eight ladies present, including Aunt Minnie Lawrence.  She showed us a lovely patch work quilt top which she made during the winter.  Already the finished hand work started to come in.  Luella brought two aprons.  Mrs. Gottorf finished three towel sets.  Mrs. Blum finished a crib quilt.  The next meeting at Mrs. O’Sullivan’s on Wed. Feb. 24th.

Feb. 24

This meeting was enjoyed at Mrs. O’Sullivans home by the attendance of ten members.  A pair of pillow cases was sent in by Mrs. George Holdridge.  Two blue dresser scarfs came in, also covered coat hangers.  Some new ideas of fancy work was shown after which all enjoyed coffee and cake.  Rev. Gevert came in and introduced the ladies to a magazine, The Christian Advocate.  Several members placed orders.  The next meeting to be held on March 3rd at the home of Mrs. Ruth Case.

Mar. 3 

The ladies met at the home of Ruth Case.  Ruth’s mother, Mrs. Keller was honored guest.  Also we were glad for the presence of Mrs. Simon who invited us to her house for the next meeting.  She donated some material and Mrs. Keller made a crocheted table cover for us.  Ruth finished a pair of pillow cases & Luella made a tablecloth.  Other things are coming in at a good rate.  Mrs. Gottorf made a very pretty doiley.  Next meeting – March 10th.

Mar. 10 

About eight ladies were present at the meeting at Alice Van Valkenburg’s.  More finished work was brought in, including flowered pillow cases and several aprons made by Luella Case.  The next meeting to be at the home of Mrs. Simon on March 17th.

Mar. 17 

The meeting was held at the usual time at Mrs. Simon’s house.  I could not be present, but was told that a lot of work was brought in at this meeting.

Mar. 24 

Again, your secretary was absent.  This time the Ladies Aid met at the home of Gladys Holdridge.  The next date to be Mar. 31 at Stella Spauldings home.

Mar. 31

This get-together was held according to plans, although not too many members got out.  A successful meeting.  More finished work came in and some yet in the making.  Minnie seems to be doing a lot of crocheting.  Mrs. O’Sullivan turned in a five piece table set and also two chair sets of three pieces each.  Cannot mention here all the work but now have 3 cartons of material for our sale, including handkerchiefs & novelties.  Mrs. Van is still doing hankies.  The next Wed. was set for our spring clean up at the Chapel.  Rev. Gevert spent a social hour with us.

Apr. 7 

This was our day for cleaning.  About 8 ladies came along with their mops, pails & dust cloths.  When we finished, the place looked lots brighter.  We also planned our menu for the Easter Breakfast as follows:

            Easter Menu:  Orange juice – Scrambled eggs – Fried ham – rolls – buns & coffee.  This is the amount ordered for 1954.  (50 servings, 2 L. cans)  Frozen juice – enough to make 2 gal. – 2 lbs. coffee – 6 qts milk – 10 doz. Eggs – 3 lbs. ham – approx 8 doz rolls – 6 doz. buns or coffee cake – Lard for frying.  No meeting next Wednesday.

Easter Sunday Apr. 18th  

A beautiful sunrise service was held at the Chapel.

There was about 40 in attendance.  The Ladies Aid served a hearty breakfast which everyone enjoyed.  It was a grand morning and rather on the warmer side for April 18th.  These pleasant gatherings will be remembered a long time.

June 1954

Some time has elapsed here but the next important social on the calendar was to set a date for our Strawberry Festival.  It was decided to have the Fancy Work sale along with the festival.

The amount of food supply was discussed and ordered.  Thanks to Luella Case for seeing to all these things.

July 14th

The Strawberry Social and Fancy Sale was better than we had hoped.  A lovely day but when all was nearly finished there was a light rain fall which discouraged any evening attendance.

I will list the proceeds as received the same day, however this may not be accurate because the hand work continued to sell later on.

                        Fancy work                                                  $45.00
            Dining room                                                  63.00
            Extra sales, berries & biscuits, etc.             10.00
            Parcel Post table                                            15.00   


Cont’d.           This is the list of foods used for Social:
            2 – 30 lb. cans frozen berries @ $4.00 per 10 lb.
            7 ½ gals. ice cream (3 containers 2 ½ gals each)
            4 large boxes Bisquick
            4 single sponge layers (could use 2 more)
            3 large plain cakes (oblong)
            3 qts. heavy cream
            6 qts. milk
            1 can evap. milk
            1 lb. butter
            6 packages Strawberry Cool Aid
            1 lb. coffee

These things were actually used.  The cream was just enough.

Thanks to Leola Lane for making the delicious biscuits in place of Mrs. Case.  Sorry to mention that Luella was taken seriously ill and was unable to do all she would have enjoyed doing.  Everyone wished her a speed recovery.

This is all for the summer, now we wait until fall to resume our happy meetings.                      Anna Blum


Jan. 12

The first meeting this year was held at Mrs. Blums’.  Nine ladies were present and started working on a quilt.  The piecing was done by a good friend, Mrs. Post, for which we thank her.

It was proposed to start a fund for new floor covering in the chapel.  The first project would be a bake sale on Sat. Jan. 15th.  If this is successful we will plan more activities, all proceeds going toward this fund.

Next meeting at Ruth Case’s on Wed. aft. Jan. 19th.

Jan. 19th 

Meeting held according to schedule.  Eleven members attended among who were Mrs. Simon, Marion Osman & Mrs. Van Valkenberg.  More sewing on quilt top.  We learned that the bake sale brought in $30.00.  Arrangements made to go to Kingston to buy material & fancy work to do for this season.  This was done and Stella, Ruth Case & Anna Blum had a good time while spending $25.00 for Ladies Aid work.

Next meeting at home of Mrs. Gottorf on Mitchell Hollow Rd. on Wed. Jan. 26th.

Jan. 26   

The meeting at Mrs. Gottorf’s was a pleasant one.  About 12 members present including Rev. Gevert.  Most of the conversation was about Olsen rugs.

The proceeds from the bake sale was approximately 30.00

Feb. 2nd   

At this meeting we were at Luella Cases.  A quilt was tied.  A good turnout of members.

Feb. 9th  

A meeting at Stella’s.  Plenty work being finished.

Feb. 16th

A quilt tied for Gladys at her house.  Another bake sale totaled $28.00

Feb. 23rd

Meeting at the home of Mrs. Simon.  Next meeting scheduled for Mar. 2nd was called off.

Mar. 9th

Meeting at Mrs. Blum’s.  Attendance falling off.  However by now we have a nice assortment of articles for our sale.

March 16

Meeting at VanValkenberg’s.  Plans being made for an Oyster dinner for benefit of Chapel.  Will be an all day affair.  Thanks to Gladys & Ruth for making all arrangements.

March 23  

Six members came to make posters for our dinner for Mar. 31st.  It should be a very profitable affair and we are hoping for good weather.

Ruth arranged a St. Patricks party for the 17th of March.  About 50 attended.  Mr. Vester of W.A.J. brought his pupils and they entertained us with some Indian dancing.  Refreshments were served in the gaily decorated dining room.  Proceeds of $22.00 will be put toward the rug fund, which by this time has reached to around $100.00

Mar. 30th    

No meeting on March 30th because of dinner slated for the 31st of March.

Apr. 6th 

The following meeting will be clean-up day at the Chapel, to get ready for the Easter breakfast.  After this our sewing circles will stop for the summer --                     Anna Blum

Oyster dinner was successful.  Thanks to Gladys who reported approx. $90.00 realized for the Chapel.

About 6-7 gals. oysters was used.  10 pkgs. Oysterettes – 9 doz. Rolls – fruit jello, coffee tea – Oyster stew (lunch) 75¢

            Dinner – free will offering.

Apr. 10th 

Service attendance 6 a.m. approx. 75.  Served at breakfast – 50.  Very successful – Collection $49.00

            9 doz. Rolls – 1 ½ lbs. coffee.  2 gals. prepared orange Juice (2 large cans, frozen) – 8 doz. Eggs.  5 lbs. bacon.  6 qts milk.  Lard for frying – 2 lb butter.

Beautiful day.

Plans being made for a Stanley brush party on Apr. 20th.  Family night & yearly business meeting on Apr. 22nd.    

Apr. 20

The Stanley party took place of a regular meeting.  About 18 ladies attended.  The orders amounted to approx. $125.00 and for that the Chapel receives $22.00 toward the rug fund.  No future dates set at this time -               A.C. Blum

Altho there were no regular sewing meetings the Ladies have been very active.  A sale of clam chowder was held at the Firehouse on Oct. 5th.  A plastic party on Oct. 24th.  A postal collection & Christmas Party was a huge success.  Proceeds around $150.00.  The rug fund is adding up quickly – Minnie Partridge is now the treasurer.

In the fall of 1955 the ladies, with the help of Mr. Lane, Mr. Case & Mr. Ray Case have done a nice job of refinishing the Chapel.  The ceiling and walls as well as chairs & other furnishings have been nicely varnished.

The new rug has been purchased at a cost of approx. $750.00.  Payments are being made regularly and by the end of 1955 there is not too much of a balance to be paid.  Two stoves were purchased by Ladies Aid Group for the Chapel – A satisfactory year.  Anna Blum


Feb. 14

The first meeting of the Ladies Aid was held at the home of Anna Blum.  Nine members present, including Mrs. Simon, who invited the group to her home for the next meeting.  Work for sewing was planned.

Feb. 21

The gathering at Mrs. Simons’ was smaller this time because of bad weather.  Some finished work was brought in.  Her friend Ruth Fergusen was there & took home pillow cases which she will embroider for us.  Delicious cake & coffee was served.  Mr. Gevert joined us here.  Alice Van Valkenberg would like to have us visit her for next meeting.  Anna Blum

The Feb. 28th meeting was postponed because of bad weather, etc.  Meeting was arranged for March 6th.

Mar. 6 

Regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Van Valkenberg.  Edna Renz and Mildred Austin attended.  Both gave in some fancy articles & material for aprons.  More finished work from Mrs. Simon and Alice Van Valkenburg.  Her pie & ice cream was delicious.  The next get-to-gether is to be at Minnie Partridge’s house.

Farewell to Rev. Gevert.  Rev. Wretling will take over in Mitchell Hollow.

(new minutes) 

The usual Easter Breakfast was held in conjunction with Sunrise Service.  Attendance & proceeds good.

During the summer the ladies had their annual fair.

Smaller projects, such as bake sales, etc. continued to add to the rug fund.

Our goal was accomplished when, during the fall of 1956, the rug was completely paid for.  Thanks to Minnie Partridge for being the final treasurer.  Our Ladies group is getting smaller, but the work for the Church will go on.                   Anna Blum

March, 1957

This book is being turned over once again as I am moving away from Windham.  I have enjoyed being with the Chapel and was glad to have the opportunity to share in its work.  Many thanks to the Ladies Aid group for being so kind and friendly to my family.

I will miss the pleasure of our sewing circles, but I hope the meetings continue through the years and give others much pleasure and many blessings.         

                      Sincerely, Anna Blum

April 21, 1957

Easter               Bacon             5 lbs
              Rolls               7 doz.
              orange juice   7 qt.
              Coffee             1 lb.
               eggs               7 doz.

April 21           

The usual Easter Breakfast was held in conjuction (sic) with Sunrise Service.  Attendance 50            Collection            39.25

    “    28                                   “          10                  “            $ 5.

April 26   

Had Stanley party there were 23 present.  The order amounted to $114.00

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