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Morrison Road 

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Located on Morrison Road in the Township of Durham, this cemetery  is situated on a steep hill overlooking the road. The first three gravesites are surrounded by a massive stone wall with an iron gate. The remaining stones are in danger of collapse as erosion has seriously undermined their stability. 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf April 29, 2000.

  1. Joshua GARDINER, d. January 6, 1859, aged84y
  2. Ruth, d. March 27, 1855, aged 78y8m21d, wife of Joshua GARDINER
  3. Josephine, d. March 5, 1859, aged 4y6m, daughter of Joseph and Fidelia WEBSTER
  4. Rebeckah WEBSTER, d. October 9, 1816, aged 47y, wife of Stephen WEBSTER
  5. Huldah, (Illegible), wife of Rowe? SMITH (stone in very poor shape)
  6. Elizabeth FERRIS, d. September 30, 1827, aged 71y (In memory of)
  7. Rebekah , d. December 22, 1820, aged 46y, wife of William AVERY (In memory of)
  8. William AVERY, d. December 12, 1840, aged 77y

Postscript: Cemetery transcription from 1933 located at the Durham Center Museum. At that time the cemetery was located on the farm of Mrs. Joseph Morrison. In addition, two additional stones were at the site, but are now located in the Olmsted Family Cemetery. 

1.  Aaron Olmsted, d. April 17, 1856, aged 60y

2.  Ichabod Olmsted, d. January 6, 1861, aged 95y

Additional Postscript: Another transcription, undated, located at the Durham Center Museum clarifies that # 5,  Huldah was the wife of Lane Smith, d. November 13, 1813, aged 89y 

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