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Moses Brown Family

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Donated to the Durham Center Museum by Mrs. Wm. J. Freese, Skaneateles, NY
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible published in 1827

Clemontine Brown married Truman Alvord March the 13th eighteen hundred fifty one
Alma Brown married to Ephraim McConnell March 8th 1855
Sylvina Brown was married to Lucius Alvord March the 11th eighteen hundred fifty six 1856
Sophronia Brown was married to Theodore Tuthill October 28th 1863
Eliza M. Brown married Abram Heald (no dates)
Mary E. Brown married to William Wood Sept. 18th 1867

Moses Brown was born Feb. 6, 1804 of a Monday
Sarah Brown was born November 8, 1800 of a Friday
Clemontine Brown was born July 13, 1830 of a Tuesday
Alma Brown was born July 24, 1832 of a Tusday
Silvina Brown was born February 20, 1835 of a Fridy
Sophrona Brown was born Oct 7, 1837 of a Sat.
Sarah A. Brown was born July 15, 1840 of a wensday
Eliza M. Brown was born December 7, 1842 of a Friday
Mary E. Brown was born March 25, 1845 of a Tusday

Moses B. Alvord, son of Clemontine, died July the 7, 1864
Clemontine died 16.1865
Sophronia Tuttle died October 14, 1918, Monday
Sarah M. Brown died November 24th 1870, aged 70y and 16 days

Included with Bible is the following letter:

Direct to Mrs. Susie Spangle, Garnett, Kansas

Dear neglected Cousin:            Garnett Kan, Sept 3rd 1877
You have no doubt wondered what is the reason I keep so long silent and when I tell you what O have been doing and what I have passed through you will not blame me for being quiet. You will see by the heading of my letter that I have changed my quarters, have left my old home for a new one in Kan, have married my western fellow and find him a good true husband - one that any woman might be proud of. My old fellow Clark was a widower but he did not live single long  - his wife died in April and he was married the next Christmas eve, so you see is I had married him I might have been resting under the green sod and forgotten by him while another woman would fill my place but as it is I am well and hearty. We started from Old Ind on the 12th of last may. came all the way in a Spring wagon - camped out evry night rain or shine - ad a good wagon cover and did not get wet when we were under it. Ell Bowdle and her husband came with us as far as Missouri - his father is living there and we got in company with another family that were comingwest and we had some gay times - how you would have enjoyed yourself if you had been with us I can imagine. I hear you laughing now. I suppose you have heard that Levi and his fmily have moved to Arkansas and Pa talks of selling his place as soon as he can and going down there too. it seems hard for us all to leave the old homesteas but I suppose there is no other way now. Pa went to Arkansas and bought 200 acres of land last winter and now he wants to sell his place and go onto it. I would like to know where you are and what you are doing. are you married yet, if you are not you had better be for you would feel so much more contented to have someone to be with you loving and caring you  - not think you would be much happier? of course you will say no and stick to single life till you die but I cant help it if you do, I have settled down for quiet life on the prairies of the west and like it ever so much, I hear a soft voice from the bed in the corner - it is the voice of or baby boy two weeks old. he is a queer little fellow  - he sleeps all day and cries all night with the beller ache. I wish you could see him but being you are deprived of that  priviledge please send us a nice name for him. I got a letter from Pa and Ma last week. They wrote that Aunt Susan Calkin is dead. She has been suffering with a disease in the stomach for about one year. her stomach having grown up so that she could not eat anything, for 21 days before she died. the only way they kept her alive was by giving her injections of beef tea. She could not even drink and she just begged for water - it was a terrible death to die and we aught to be thankful that she is out of her misery. ma has passed a lonesome summer parting with Levi and me almost killed her and then having aunt Susan die. Such a horable death, it is a wonder she bares up as well as she does. Pa is going down to Arkansas this fall to help Levi build his house and Mary talks of coming home to stay with Ma while he is gone. Newts health is poor - he has a very bad cough and he talks some of going with Pa. Sarah, I dreamed just last night that I got a letter from you and I dreamed I was glad. I jumped right up and down. Now write soon, Susie.

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