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Muster Roll 1814

Copied from piece of paper in the possession of J.B. Rouse, October 1923. Transcription is located at the Vedder Memorial Library.

Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

September 6, 1814
Garret Person Jr., Capt.                        Discharged October 19, 1814
John Van Vechten, Lieut.                     Promoted to Captain October 19, 1814
John Fero, 2nd Lieut.                            Discharged September 14, 1814
Benj. Sayre, Ensign                                Promoted to 2nd Lieut. September 13, 1st Lieut. September 19
Abraham Van Vechten, 1st Sergeant  Promoted to Ensign September 13, to 2nd Lieut. October 3
Lora ? Nash, 2nd Sergeant                    Promoted to Ensign October 19
C.D.L. Voorhis, 3rd Sergeant                Promoted to 1st Sergeant October 19
Reuben Allerton, 4th Sergeant             Discharged October 21, 1814 by Lieut. B. Sayre
Tobias Britt, 5th Sergeant                      Promoted to 2nd Sergeant October 19
Willard Wells, 6th Sergeant                  Transferred to Gen. Haight's Brigade
William H. Northrop, 1st Corporal     Promoted to 4th Sergeant October 19
Mathew Sayre, 2nd Corporal                Promoted to 1st Corporal October 19
John Kenyon, 3d Corporal                    Discharged September 22nd 1814 by Gen. Lewis
Isaac Blanchard, 4th Corporal              Discharged October 29, 1814
Moses Waters, 5th Corporal                 Enlisted in La peacables (?) September 18, 1814
Ray (?) Rawley, 6th Corporal               Promoted to 2nd Corporal October 19, 1814
Robert Shaw, 7th Corporal
John Munden, Drummer
Miles (?) Carrington, Fife                     

John Ashley Jr.                                        Deserted September 8, 1814
William Ashley
Daniel Basset
Eben Beach
Richard Brownell                                    Deserted September 19, Appeared October 7, Discd November 1, 1814
William Brandow
Teunis Brink                                            Sick in quarters
Dexter Brigham
Stephen Burgess
James Brady
Abraham Brandow
Peter Brandow
Isaick Brandow
Isaac Cooper
Orrin Cole
Henry Conoll
Horace Carbine                                        Sick in private house
Jeremiah Cuyley
Egbert Dederick
Ransom (?) Davenport                             Promoted to 6th Corporal
Augustus Donnelly                                  Promoted to 6th Corporal
Nicholas Egbertson                                  Deserted September 5, 1814
Benjamin Eckler
Willis (?) Earl                                            Deserted September 8, 1814
Silas Finch
Jacob Ferry
Amos Finch Jr.                                            Deserted September 15, 1814
Amos Finch
Abraham Finch
John V. Fitch
Jacob Fryover
Lewis Greene
Chauncey Goodrich
Camaralamen (?) Griswold
John Gardiner
Samuel Greene                                            Deserted September 18, 1814
Joseph Hedding
Thorne Hewsted
John G. Hermance
George G. Hardenbergh
Wincs (?) Hubbard
Stephen Hyde
Jeremiah Hamlin
William Huntington                                    Promoted to 3d Corporal October 19, 1814
Jacob Hallenbeck, Jr.                                    Furloughed September 8th. Joined November 3d 1814
Sillick Jones
George Knox
John H. Keller
Jeremiah Kelderhouse                                Deserted September 19, 1814. Appd September 7, 1814 (?)
Cornelius Lee
Lucas Longindyke
Alfred Munro
Peter Munden                                                Deserted October 21, 1814
Hezekiah Milligan
Augustus Murray
Benjamin Myer
Jonathan C. Myer
Ebenezer B. Moorehouse
William Ostrander
Peter J. Overbagh                                          Deserted September 18, 1814. Appd October 25, 1814
Aaron Osborne                                              Furloughed by Gov. Tompkins
Reuben Palmer
John Plank
John Pollock Jr.                                          
William Person                                              Promoted to 5th Corporal October 19, 1814
John Philips Jr.
John Robertson
William Raymond
Nicholas Rowe Jr.
John Rogers
Thomas Richley
Thomas Sutton                                                Furloughed by Gov. Tompkins
John Stewert                                                    Deserted October 23, 1814
Albert Salisbury                                             Deserted October 30, 1814
Peter Scutt                                                        Discharged November 1, 1814
John P. Sax
Jacob Sax
Christian Sax
Henry Stebbens
Benjamin Storey Jr.                                        Furloughed October 20, 1814 by Gen. Lewis
John Stevens                                                    Deserted September 8, 1814
Thomas Smith
David Stout
John Turner
Coonradt Turner
Nicholas Turner
Benjamin Tryon
Palmer Thomson
Ebenezer Thayre
Abraham Underdonk
William G. Van Bergen
Benjamin Van Atten
Cornelius Vanderzee
Henry I. Van Hoesen
Martin G. Van Bergen                                        Deserted
William Webb
Smith Wright                                                        Appd from Henry Wright October 7, 1814, who deserted September 19th
Esick Wilber
Amasa Wood
Mathew Winner
William G. Wolven
Jason (?) Young
Thomas T. Van then bergh

This paper unsigned


Statement of the men drafted in Col. Samuel Haight's Regiment
In possession of J.B. Rouse, MD, October 1923

Capt. Sanderson's Company
Warned by Constant Kirtland:
Stephen Ensign
Isaac Hardenburgh
William H. Brown
J.V.D.S. Scott
James Egleston
Cornelius Sturdevant
________ Hubbard
Constant Kirtland
Mathew Klein

Capt. W. Overbagh
Warned by John Goetchius:
Ammon Beardsley
Alu Hall
Francis S. Leroy
John Dederick
Joel Dederick
James Whitney
James Van Orden
John E. Fiero
Benjamin Eckler

Capt. DuBois Co.
Warned by L. Kiersted:
Luke Kiersted, 1st Lieut.
Henry Race
Elihue Slater
John Goetchues, 1st Corp.
Abraham Simmons
John V.D.S. Scott
William Hays

Capt. Jonas Fitch's Co.
Warned by Amos Smith:
William A. Howard, Volunteer
William Alvert, Volunteer
George Griffin, Volunteer
Oliver Culver, Drafted
Edward T. Stevens, Drafted
Amos Smith, 4th Ser., Drafted
Richard Broswnwell, Drafted
Nathaniel Fiero, Drafted
Benjamin Van Atten, Drafted

Capt. H. White Co.
Alven Philips
Erastus Stevens
John Bidell (marked off)

Capt. Warren J. Hamlin's Co.
Warned by John J. Haner:
Hiram B. Barker
John J. Haner, 2nd Corp.
Samuel Stewart
John Schermerhorn
James Scutt
Orrin Curtiss

Capt. Person's Co.
Warned by Zachus Roach:
Zachus Roach, 3rd Lieut.
Abraham Hollenbeck
David Cleveland
Isaac Pippard
Jesse Duncomb

Capt. Garret Person's Co.
Warned by Robert Bailey:
Robert Bailey, 2nd Lieut.
Conradt T. Elmendorf
John W. Conklin
Daniel C. David
Nicholas Eglenson
Jonathan Hart
Lewis Slawson, gone
Henry Hovenburgh, gone

Capt. M.G. Van Bergen
Warned by Elihue Slater:
David Sweet or Sureet?, Volunteer
Isaac Ashley, Volunteer
Frederick Cargell, Volunteer
Elisha Webster, Drafted
Benjamin Barlow, Drafted
Lemuel Orton, Drafted
Benjamin Story, Drafted

John Decker, Drummer, warned by J. Goutchius
_____ Griswold, Fifer, warned by E. Slater

On the outside of the paper the following:
"I have appointed as follows:
Luke Kiersted, 1st Sergeant
Robert Bailey, 2nd Sergeant
Zacheus Raoch, 3rd Sergeant
Amos Smith, 4th Sergeant

John Goutchius, 1st Corporal
Elihue Slater 2nd Corporal
John J. Haner, 3d Corporal
Constant Kirtland, 4th Corporal

William A. Brown drafted in Capt, Sanderson's company was born 9th of Nov. 1796, which will make him 16 years old the 9th of Nov. 1812, next. Affadavit of his father, 5th June 1812 and sworn before J.L. Richardson justice of Cayuga Co.

The paper folded in the form of a letter is addressed to Captain Isaac Duboise.

Albany Argus Extra - Feb. 21, 1815 - Treaty of Peace Between U.S. and G.B. - In possession of J.B. Rouse

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