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Myers Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible published in 1810

Inscribed on front cover: Property of Leroy Irish, Westerlo, NY
This is the Bible of Jerome Darling, presented to Leroy Irish by Jerome Darling’s widow


Andrew Myers and Caty Willson December 15, 1806


Andrew Myers b. June 11, 1787
Caty Willson b. October 15, 1786

Philip Myers (no dates)
Maria Stada (no dates)

Nicholas Myers (no dates)
Maria Myers (no dates)
Henry Myers (no dates)
Peter Myers (no dates)
Philip Myers (no dates)
Jacob Myers (no dates)
Caty Myers (no dates)
Thomas Myers (no dates)

Caty Myers b. July 31, 1808
Eliza Myers b. December 28, 1809
Philip A. Myers b. August 28, 1811
Robard Myers b. August 3, 1813
Maria Myers b. July 15, 1816
Richard R. Myers b. February 24, 1818
Elmira Myers b. February 3, 1820
Sally Ann Frances Myers b. May 22, 1823
John Deloss Myers b. June 16, 1825
David Henry Myers b. December 5, 1827
Abraham Lobdell b. February 1, 1787
Betsy Willson b. April 3, 1783
Orville Lobdell b. August 21, 1812
Harriett Lobdell b. August 29, 1813


Philip Myers d. December 4, 1813
Robard Myers d. September 23, 1817
Elmira Myers d. November 29, 1847
Andrew Myers d. September 28, 1868
Richard Myers d. May 8, 1873
Philip A. Myers d. June 10, 1875
Caty Myers d. March 16, 1876
Catherine Myers d. September 14, 1881, aged 73y1m14d
Mariah Myers, w/o Gilbert Smith d. November 12, 1883, aged 67y3m27d

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