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Nathan Brower
Family Bible

Contributed by Joan Rogan Brower.

H. & E. Phinneys Edition, 1823, Cooperstown, NY
Inscribed in Bible: Nathan Browers Book, April 12, AD 1823.
 Given by him to his oldest son Scott T. Brower. Samuel Brower, April 12, 1820, presented by him to Nathan Brower April 12, 1823. Now transferred by Nathan Brower to his oldest son Scott T. Brower, March 10, 1880. Now transferred by Scott T. Brower to his oldest son Nathan J. Brower, October 5, 1933.

Nathan Brower married Mary B. Williams August 31th, AD 1853
Norman H. Kerr married Charlotte A. Brower February 26th, AD 1877
Scott T. Brower married Ethel L. Dolan September 7th, AD 1890

Nathan Brower born April 7th, AD 1811
Mary B., wife of Nathan Brower born October 27th, AD 1822
Charlott A. Brower born August 20th, AD 1854
Bell B. Brower born November 5th, AD 1857
Scott T. Brower born April 23th, AD 1861
Mott R. Brower born February 20th, AD 1865
The above is Mary F.N. (?) Browers Family

Norman H. Kerr born January 30th, AD 1855

Samuel Brower born November 2th, AD 1778
Charlotte, wife of Samuel Brower, born May 21th, AD 1784

Charlotte, wife of Samuel Brower died November 26th, AD 1862
Samuel Brower died January 6th, AD 1864
Mott R. Brower died January 1947
Scott T. Brower died October 21, 1951
Scott Sherwood Brower, son of Scott Thomas, died March 28, 1982, aged 72
Mary B. Brower, wife of N. Brower died February 26, AD 1865
Nathan Brower died July 26th, AD 1881
Charlotte Brower, wife of N.H. Kerr, died October 10th, AD 1905
Ethel L. Brower, wife of Scott T. Brower, died August 16, 1933
Bell B. Brower, wife of Albert Kerr, died April 3, 1934

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