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Marriage Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~
New Baltimore

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Marriages that Have occurred in the Town of New Baltimore in the County of Greene, N.Y., during the year ending June 1, 1865. This table was prepared on the first day of June, 1865, Levi Bedell, Enumerator



Name of husband Age of husband Previous civil condition of Husband Name of Wife Age of Wife Previous civil condition of wife Date of Marriage Name of city or town where the marriage occurred Marriage solemnized by a clergyman Marriage solemnized by a civil magistrate Marriage solemnized by declaration before witnesses
First Election District                  
Jacob Flansburg 20 S Hannah Nelson 19 S 24-Jul New Baltimore J.P.  
Joseph Sutherland 27 S Nancy B. Bronk 21 S 23-Mar New Baltimore R.P.D.    
Sidney Waley 23 S Saphrona Baldwin 23 S 15-Mar New Baltimore Bap    
Patrick Tearney 28 S Mary Dowling 24 S 17-Nov Coeymans R.C.    
Abram Vanderpoel 22 S Phebe M. Lapaugh 19 S 22-Mar Westerlo Bap    
Albert White 26 S Priscilla Anderson 20 S 14-Dec New Baltimore R.P.D.    
Robert H. Vanzandt 20 S Julia Sickler 16 S 25-Jul Coeymans R.P.D.    
George Van Slyke 33 S Georgeanna Parsons 31 S 29-Sep New Baltimore R.P.D.    
Second Election District                  
Theodore Kline 20 S Esther Jane Bedell 20 S 23-Oct New Baltimore Christian    
Albert Vintcent 20 S Sarah Amelia Bedell 17 S 15-Mar New Baltimore Christian    
Gilbert Conro 32 S Lavinna Bedell 31 S 4-Jan New Baltimore Christian    
John M. Williams 25 S Maryett Clou 17 S 13-Oct New Baltimore Christian    


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