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Oak Hill Dutch
Reformed Church


Church Members

Original transcript of these records undertaken by Royden W. Vosburgh, Archivist of the New York State Genealogical and Biographical Society, November 29th, 1920.

Copy of records taken from the New York State Library in Albany by Sylvia Hasenkopf and transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

Register of Church Members received at different dates.

Lucas Dewit & Deborah Persen, his wife
Charles Edwards
Jeremiah Snyder & Catharine Hally, his wife
Peter Richtmeyer  & Heyltie Richtmeyer, his wife
Peter Becker & Elizabeth Young, his wife
Peter Shoemaker & Maria Wolf, his wife
Peter Plank
Peter Possoon & Elizabeth Becker, his wife
Harmanus Russ & Rachel Richtmeyer, his wife
Samuel Russ
Peter West & Elizabeth Richtmeyer, his wife
Augustinus Shue & Maria Merkel, his wife
Peter Reifenbergh & his wife

Register of Church Members

Received upon a confession of their faith on the 7th July 1794 by the Rev. P. Van Vlierden.

 Martinus Hommel and his wife
Margaretta Wells
Maria Wells, wife of John Rouw
Barber Miller, wife of Philip Kruyslaer
Annatie Plank, wife of Christian Brant
Maria Stroop, wife of Hendrick Petri
William Shouer and his wife
Maria Kelberhuys

The 19th October were received upon a confession of their faith by Rev. P. Van Vlierden.

Elizabeth Plank, wife of John MacKensey
Jeremiah Young & Annatie Winna, his wife
Christina Stroop, wife of Peter Plank
Abraham Young & Annatie Winne, his wife

Received by Certificate

Annatie Merkel &  Catharine Hermancee wife of Hendrick Spykerman

 Register of Church Members

July 11th 1795 were received Members upon a Confession of their faith by Rev. P. V. Vlierden.

Molly Hally, wife of Charles Edwards
Hendrick Plank Junr.


Elizabeth Souser, wife of Edward Groen
Maria Oberbagh, wife of Isaac Oberbagh

16 July 1796 were received upon a confession of their faith.
Peter Plank, Junr.
Leendert Plank
Peter West, Junr.

Members received by Rev. P. Labagh March 2, 1798
Upon a confession of their faith.
Peter Emerick & Maria Young, his wife
Peter Possoon & Ann West, his wife
Margaret Richtmeyer, wife of Samuel Rose

Register of Church Members
23 Nov. 1799

Received by Certificate
Johan Ties Dinklebagh
Derick Van Dyck  (Upon confession)
Diederick Hess & Maria Dinklebagh, his wife
Maria Meyer, wife of Johan Christiaan Fiero            

29 August 1801
Were received upon confession of their faith

Rebecca Egbertson, wife of Egbert Egbertson
Cornelius West & Maria Hommel, his wife
Sopphia Hallenbeck, wife of Peter West

By Certificate

Neeltie Post, wife of Ludowyck Smith
Cornelius Burhans& Margaret Van Leuven, his wife

Dismissed by Certificate, 4 July 1802

Peter Becker & Elizabeth Young, his wife
Peter Possoon & Elizabeth Becker, his wife

Register of Members
1802 24 July Were Received by Certificate

Paulus Tinklebagh & Magery Owens, his wife
Peter A. Snyder
Lena Chufelt, wife of Johan Ties Tinklebagh 

10th Sep. 1803
Were received upon certificate of their faith

Peter Shue & Jenny Hendrickson, his wife

Dismissed by Certificate 20 May 1803

Peter Emerick and Maria Young, his wife

Were received upon Confession, Sept. 11

 Jacob Roggin
Aaron Winna
John C. Burhans

By Certificate from Livingston Manor

Hendrick Petre

Register of Members
July 21, 1804 Were received upon Confession

Edward Groom
Solomon Snyder
Aaron Hendrickson
Antie Hommel, wife of Peter Burhans
Cornelia Hallenbeck, wife of Joseph Rouw
Elizabeth Hallenbeck, widow of Abm. Hallenbeck
Catharine Young, wife of John Freer
Catharine Dewit, wife of Jeremy Young
Elizabeth Richtmeyer, widow of Peter Richtmeyer

June 15, 1805  Received upon Confession

Christina Young, wife of Aaron Winna
Samuel Snyder & Elizabeth Snyder, his wife
John Frey

By Certificate.

Samuel Wells & Catharine Meyer, his wife
Elizabeth Boys, wife of Joseph Trever
Maria Richtmeyer, wife of Asa Boughton

Register of Church Members
Oct. 15, 1805 By Certificate form Kinderhook

John Peter Russ

Nov. 9, 1805  Received upon Confession

Jacob Barkman
Ephraim Snyder
Cornelius Egbertson & Maria Buskirk, his wife

Upon Certificate from Greenbush

David Hess & Mary Finger, his wife|
John Ties Hess

Were received upon a confession of their faith June 21, 1808

Levi Tracy
Elias Snyder & his wife
Margaret Hommel
John Dewit & his wife
Hannah Egbertson
Lois Strong, wife of Josiah Done

By Certificate from Catsbaan

John Wolfen & Catharine Young, his wife

Register of Church Members.
Were received upon Certificate from Germantown

Tiel Rockafeller & Eve Conrad, his wife

1807 June 27 upon Confession

Ann Van Deusen, wife of Michael Ryfenbergh

By Certificate from Claverack

Maria Philip, widow of Henry Russ

21 Nov. Received upon Confession

Peter Van Orden

June 5th 1810  Recd. Upon Confession

Martin Van Leuven & his wife Catalina Snyder
Jeremiah Barkman
Lodewick Smith
Polly Louks
Joshua Snyder
Hannah Leg, wife of C. Burhans
Sally Buckingham, wife of Peter Pratt

Register of Church Members
June 12, 1812  Recd. Upon Confession

Timothy Robison
Andrew Lewis & his wife Hannah Grooms
Caty, Grooms, wife of Joel Alvard
Mary Lewis, widow of Barnet Lewis
Hannah Richtmeyr, widow of Jacob Hallenbeeck
Charity Winne, wife of Henry Osterhout

Sept. 20, 1813  Recd. Upon  Confession

Asa Starkweather
Maria Brown, wife of Timothy Robison

Sept, 20, 1813  By Certificate.

Deborah Cooke

 May 20, 1814, Rec. Upon Confession

Michael Rivenbergh
Peter Hess
Sally & Caty Rivenbergh  daughters of M. Rivenbergh

Sept. 15, 1814  Recd. Upon Confession

James Ranson & his wife, Jan Wells
Henry Hendrickson
William Hendrickson
Hannah Wells, wife of Peter Snyder

Register of Church Members.

Maria Brunson, wife of P. Brunson 

Dec. 20, 1814 Recd. Upon Confession

Ada Grooms, wife of Martin Burhans
William Traver

May 15, 1817  Recd. Upon Confession

Peter Bear & his wife Betty Smith
Maria Becker

Dismissed at different dates by certificates.

Samuel Wells & his wife
Elias Snyder
Jacob Barkman & his wife
Michael Rivenbergh, his wife & two daughters
Peter West
Teunis Shue & his wife
Peter Shue & his wife

Register of Church Members
July 15th 1821  Received upon Confession

Polly Garrison, wife of Jeremiah Barkman 

By certificate

John Wells & his wife, Polly Frealigh
Sally Maria Smith by Confession 1st March 1823
John Vandeusen on Confession 3d May 1823  by P. Vanzandt
Martin A. Snyder & his wife, Jemima Van Etten on Certificate

2 March 1822

Abraham Humel & his wife, Ann Newkeark on Confession
Catherine Van Wormer, wife of Cornelious Van Wormer

By L. Page

Register of Church Members, Sept. 2nd 1824
Received on Confession

James Dewitt
Godfry Shoemaker & his wife, Caty Shoemaker
Elizabeth Freese
Rebecca Frees

On certificate from the Reformed Dutch Church at Germinton

Pete P. Frees
John P. Frees
Caty Frees

May 17th 1828  Received on confession

Abraham Snyder & his wife, Lucy Right
Maria Overpaugh, the wife of John Walker

April 23rd 1824  Received on confession the following persons in full communion, Viz.
Henry Burhanse & his wife, Hannah Winne
Tunis Bazee & his wife, Maria Vanneten
Barnit Lewis
Elizabeth Herse, the wife of Peter Hesse

On certificate from the Reformed Dutch Church at Germin Town

Hannah Freese, the wife of John Magly

 October 13, 1825   Received on confession

Catherine Person, the wife of Peter Freese

October 26, 1828  Received on Certificate.

Cataline Shomaker, the wife of Henry Hendrickse

 Nov. 28, 1829  Received on confession under the promise of certificate

Jacob Rockefellow & his wife Sally Atkins

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