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Oak Hill Dutch
Reformed Church



Original transcript of these records undertaken by Royden W. Vosburgh, Archivist of the New York State Genealogical and Biographical Society, November 29th, 1920.

Copy of records taken from the New York State Library in Albany by Sylvia Hasenkopf and transcribed by Arlene Goodwin





1798 Nov. 4

Jeremiah Plank

Sarah West

1799 Oct. 13

Nicholas Hallenbeck

Maria Becker

1801 Feb. 22

Peter Shue

Jane Hendrickson

Dec. 26

Samuel Rouw

Luce Taylor

1802 March 2

Ebenezer Rose

Helena Hendrickson

Dec. 19

Peter Edwards

Catharine Steenberg

1803 Jan. 23

Frederick Cruger

Peggy Shue

19 Jun

 John Feer

Catharine Young

4 Dec.

Joel Olverd

Caty Groom

1804 June 10

Martin Burhans

Eytie Groom

25 Nov.

Cornelius Burhans

Hannah Legg

1806 Dec. 28

John Hanes

Charity Shue

1807 March 15

Benjamin West

Icy Egbertson

Nov. 1

Matthew Felter

Elizabeth West

July 15, 1810

Hosea McKean, son of Barnabas

Hannah Rose, daughter of Henry Rose

April 8th, 1810

Matthew Shue, son Augustin Shue

Betsey Clover, daughter of John Clover

Sept. 9, 1810

Edmon Tharp

Polly Barkman

Oct. 7, 1810

Heron Mack

Hannah Shoemaker

Aug. 4, 1811

Jacob Morterstock

Clara Parker

June 29, 1812

George Flower

Hannah De Witt

Sept. 20, 1813

Chester Spencer

Debbe De Witt

May 28, 1813

Josiah Dutcher

Sally Winne

Dec. 12, 1813

David Hess

Prudence Shaw

Dec. 25, 1814

John Ross

Hannah Edwards

Dec. 25, 1814

Peter Van Leuven

Temperence Doty

July 22, 1815

Henry Knoll

Sophia Winne

Nov. 9, 1816

Stephen Sprigs

Jane Winne

July 9, 1815

William Algar

Anna Young

Jan. 4, 1817

William Smith

Caty Snyder

June 19, 1818

Urias Young

Nelly Frayer

May 14th 1824, The following marriages Solemnized before Stephen Ostrander at the  time of their respective dates.

May 14th 1824

Joseph Brant

Debora Smith

Sept. 9th, 1824

Peter P. Prest

Garricha Fiero

Oct. 14, 1824

Garret Conyes

Elizabeth Burhanse

Dec. 1st 1824

Abraham P. Snyder

Harriet Wright

Dec. 2nd, 1824

Simion Freese

Hariet Decker

Dec. 15, 1824

Abraham Humel

Catharine Egburts

April 7th, 1825

Henry Knolle

Sophia Frare

April 26, 1825

John R. Ferow

Caty Freese

July 12, 1825

Peter Freese

Caty Purse

Sep. 8th, 1825

Limon Baldwin

Julian Mead

May 16, 1826

Elias Galutia

Elizabeth Mayowe

Sep. 14th, 1826

Cornielus Terbush

Eliza Conyes

Oct. 22, 1826

David Hesse

Hannah Chapman

April 18th, 1827

Thomas T. Steenbergh

Elizabeth Tanner

June 1st, 1827

Ira Burhanse

Catharine Philips

Sept. 27, 1827

John Snyder

Hariet Seeras

Oct 28th

Reuben Botsferd

Eliza Smith

Nov. 21st

Sinikee Merrit

Jane Snyder

Dec. 26, 1827

William Shoemaker

Maria Hendrickse

Sept. 2, 1829

James Cranes

Fanny Miller

Dec. 10th, 1829

Peter Smith

Sally Ann Plank


Marriages Solemnized under the revision of the new satue Since January the 1st 1830.

The marriage of Stephen C. Fero to Sally Decor, Solemnized before me on the 18th day of March in the town of Broom at the house of John Decker, The said Stephen aged 21 Years on the 24th of March 1829.  Sally his wife aged Twenty Jan. the 4th 1830.

Stephen a farmer by occupation
Sally a spinster.  Both in the Town of Broom

The following witnesses were present
Conrad Fero                                                                 Stephen Ostrander, Pastor
Simion Freese
Peter Freese, Jun.


The marriage of Abraham P. Smith from the Town of Rensselaer Ville in the County of Albany to Adah Russel of the same Town and County Solemnized before me at my house in the Town of Greene on the fifth day of April 1830.  Said Abraham A. Blacksmith by occupation, and his Wife Adah a Tayloriss both of age, to said Marriage there is no impedament, as witness by Us. Inhabitants of the aforesaid Town and County.

Franklin Graham
Peter Smith                                                           Stephen Ostrander,                                                                              Minister of the Gospel


The marriage of Fair Charles Bouton, aged 22 years to Jane Burhanse aged 16 years and two month, solemnized before me at the house of Hannah Burhanse in the Town of Rensselaer Ville to which marriage there was no impediment.

The said Bouton a tailor by occupation and his Wife Jane A. Spinster.  Witnesses Samuel Bouton and Hannah Burhanse.

May 26th 1830—all of Rensselaer Ville.   

                                                                                   Stephen Ostrander, Pastor.

Isaac White to Miss Elizabeth Eleanor Perry, 24th July 1823 by P. Van Zandt.

Jacob White to Miss Elizabeth Egelston, July 20, 1838 

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