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Gideon Palmer Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf


Gideon Palmer of Westerlo, NY and Bertha Smith of Cornwallville, NY, at Cornwallville on December 17, 1890
Witnesses: Fletcher Smith and Lottie E. Smith
Signed: J.W. Morrison, Minister of the Gospel

Celia D. Palmer and Jasper Ernest McIntyre February 12, 1935


Gideon Palmer b. May 9, 1868
Bettie Smith b. January 8, 1867 (given age at death possibly 1862-SH)
Jennie Celicia Palmer b. October 29, 1891
Celia Diantha Palmer b. November 26, 1893
Fletcher S Palmer b. February 2, 1896
Pearl Edith Palmer b. April 6, 1898
Zoeth Smith Palmer b. September 28, 1901
Wilbur Gideon Palmer b. December 2, 1907
James William Palmer b. February 18, 1910


Bertha Palmer d. December 13, 1928, aged 66y
Gideon Palmer d. January 24, 1937, aged 68y9m
James Palmer d. August 22, 1957
Jennie Palmer d. January 31, 1959
Celia Palmer d. April 18, 1960
Mack in July (1960) Possibly Celia’s husband Jasper McIntyre - SH
Wilbur Palmer d. July 21, 1963
Fletcher S Palmer d. February 20, 1965
Zoeth S. Palmer d. July 22, 1980

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