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Parish Family Cemetery

A clipping from an article in a newspaper, undated. Found at the Vedder Memorial Library. The cemetery was located on New St. in the Village of Coxsackie.
A search for the cemetery in November 2001, yielded no trace of the cemetery.
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Among the places of interest in Coxsackie is the little, old burying ground on New Street. It is on the property belonging to Alexander Reed, and lies north of John Frank's premises. It is a secluded spot not often visited by the present generation. Indeed, it lies for many years been deserted and unknown. Many of our oldest inhabitants, even, are not aware that it is included in the geography of this vicinity.

It was without doubt a public burying ground, and possibly a sort of potter's field; the stones that mark the graves are of the rudest and simplest kind, most of them being ordinary field stones placed edgewise in the ground and uncut by the sculptor's chisel, indicating that the families represented belonged to the poorer classes. There are two marble slabs. On one is inscribed:

    In Memory of
son of Jacob and Freelove Parish
Born July 19, 1801

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