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Peter Van Orden Rural Cemetery

    Originally published in Volume 10, Number 4 of Greene Genes: A
Genealogical Quarterly About Greene County, New York (ISSN 0898-9974) on pages 129 and 130. Reprinted with permission from the compiler, editor and publisher, Patricia Morrow, PO Box 116, Maplecrest, NY 12454-0116. e-mail:

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   The Peter Van Orden Rural Cemetery is located along State Route 23 in the Town of Windham, Greene County, NY. It is one-tenth of a mile west of the intersection of State Route 23 and Old Road, near East Windham. The cemetery sits on a small hill in a wooded area a short distance from the road. It is only visible from the highway when the leaves are off the trees. It is well maintained. These stones were read by Patricia Morrow, the Windham Town Historian, on September 28, 1997. All rows were read from right to left starting with the gravestone closest to the entrance. There are many uninscribed fieldstones in this cemetery. Stones inscribed with just initials have been omitted from this transcription.

b. - born; Capt. - Captain; Co. - Company; d - day(s); d. - died; dau - daughter; m - month(s); N. Y. V. - New York Volunteers; VA - Virginia; y - year(s)

Row 1
1.  Martin, son of John H. & Elizabeth P. Pierce, d. 6 Jan 1887, aged 9m
2.  Nellie, wife of James Pierce, d. 5 Sep 1876, aged 70y

Row 2
3.  Caroline, d. 19 Sep 1858, aged 22y
     Delia E., d. 20 Jun 1860, aged 16y
     children of James & Nellie Pierce
4.  John B., son of John & Elizabeth Hollenbeck, d. 18 Sep 1859, aged

Row 3
5.  Hannah, wife of William Williams, d. 22 May 1859, aged 88y9m2d
6.  Sarah E., dau of Henry & Martha A. Drace, d. 22 Jan 1858, aged 11m

Row 4
7.  [note discrepancies with next stone]
     Mary, wife of Peter Vanorden, d. 28 Mar 1849, aged 74y4m

8.  [this is a new gravestone, note discrepancies with previous stone]
    (front) Innkeepers
    Mary Crooker Carbine, b. Rye, Westchester [County], New York,
    31 Jul 1774, d. 29 Mar 1848
    Peter Van Orden, b. Leeds, Green[e County], New York, 19 Feb
    1761, d. 15 Jul 1841
    children William, John, Nancy, Julia Ann, Frances Fanny, Margaret
    Melinda, Maria, David
    (back) Peter Van Orden Rural Cemetery
    first wife Rebecca Freleigh Wood
    children: Polly, Sara, Peter
    second wife Neeltje Dumond
    children: Elizabeth, Tryntje, Rachel, Jan
    children of Mary Crooker and Zebulon Carbine: Horace, Elanor,
    Edmond, Francis

    [The information on this gravestone does not agree with the Van
    Orden family record as presented on page 442 of the History
    of  Greene County, New York, with Biographical  Sketches of Its
    Prominent Men, published by J. B. Beers & Co. in 1884; reprinted by
    Hope Farm Press in 1969; nor does it agree with records of the
    Catskill Reformed Dutch Church. According to those sources, Peter
    Van Orden's first wife was Neeltje Dumond, his second wife was
    Rebecca Freligh, and his third wife was Mary Crocker, Crooker or
    Cruger, the widow of Zebulon Carbine.]

9.  Peter Van Orden, d. 15 Jul 1841, aged 80y5m
    Erected in memory of this much lamented father by David Van
10.  [hard to read] Hannah E., dau of David & Polly M. Van Orden, d.
      7 Jun 1849, aged 5m

Row 5
11.  Capt. Isaac Haight, d. 29 Mar 1810, aged 44y

Row 6
12.  Robert Hapeman, [d. 7 Feb 1863, but no date of death is given on
       this gravestone] died in the Regimental Hospital near Falmouth,
       VA. A member of Co. K, 120th N. Y.V., aged 19y2m14d
13.  George Hapeman, d. 7 Apr 1863, aged 52y8m20d
14.  Sally, wife of George D. Hapeman, d. 27 May 1860, aged 49y2m7d
15.  Abner Newcomb, d. 30 Jun 1844, aged 62y6m
16.  [broken stone, top missing, in 1984 the following information was
       still intact:
       Lois, wife of Abner Newcomb, d. 26 Apr 1848, aged 65y1m
17.  Alice R., dau of Henry & Mary J. Pellham, d. 11 Aug 1860, aged
18.  Sarah M., dau of A. & Elanor Conley, d. 6 Jul 1861, aged 5y10m
19.  Libbie M., dau of A. & Elanor Conley, d. 9 Jul 1861, aged 8y18d

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