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Petition of Inhabitants of Coxhaukie
 County of Albany

Colonial History of the
State of New-York
procured in
Holland, England and France
John Romeyn Brodhead, Esq.

Edited by
E.B. O’Callaghan, MD

Vol VI

Weed, Parsons and Company, Printers

Petition of Inhabitants of Coxhaukee, County of Albany
July 14, 1747

 Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


As by all your actions since the Commencement of the present War, we are well satisfied and convinced, that you have not only the Interest but the good and quiet of the people of our Country entirely at heart. We therefore beg leave to address you that you will be so good and speak in our behalf to his Excellcy would be graciously pleased to appoint us Officers Freeholders residing in our own Ward. We take the liberty to set down the names of a few, out of which number be pleased to recommend two, the one to be second Lieut. And the other Ensign; recommend which you please, any of them will be agreeable to us, and we are ready for ever to do our duty, and to obey His Excellcys Commands on all occasions, under whose Governt. We enjoy all the happiness we can expect in this troublesome and Barbarous War, and that we shall ever acknowledge this singular Favour, which if his Excellcy will pleasure to grant will make our whole company satisfied and contented. --- 

Abraham Van Franckein

Archibald Hopkins

Jan Halenbeck

Caspar Coyler

Hendrick Hooghtelingh

Johannes Provast

Joacim Cayler

Hendrick Van Slyck

Abraham Provast

Claus Severse

Gerret Van Slyck

Samuel Provast

Lindert Comyne

Tunis Hooghtelingh

Jacob Provast

Jan Brenck Junr

Hendrick Van Den Berck

Isaac Provast

Petr Hoghteling

Nanning Halenbeek

Johannes Spoor

Isaac Cayler

Jacob Jo. Halenbeek

Jurie Van Len

Jan Brenck

Jenas Bronk

Robert Laterige

Peter Conyne

Mathias Vanderberck

John T. Bronck

John P. Brenck

Philip Comyne

William Van Slyck

Jan Casper Halenbeck

Phillip Brank Junr.

Pier Van Slyck

Wm. Halenbeeck

Hughbertus Van Veghten

Jan Van Den Berck

Abraham Vosburgh

Claus Pare

Robert Van Den Berck

Johannes Arnyock

Isaac Pare

Jacob Halenbeek

Richard Martin

Jacob C. Halenbeeck

Hendrich Halenbeek

Claus Spoor

Ephraim Hoes

Arent Van Schaak Junr.

Johannes Van Len

Claus Van Sloen



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