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Philip Lasher

Biography courteously provided by Joyce Riedinger, Delaware County Coordinator.

PHILIP LASHER owns a tract of land lying along the river road in the town of Delhi, which is one of the most valuable estates in the vicinity. Here he is engaged in general farming, paying especial attention to dairying, in which he has been very successful, his fine herd of graded Jerseys amply repaying him for the time and attention he devotes to them. Mr. Lasher is a native of Delaware County, Griffin's Corners, Middletown, being the place of his birth, and April 30, 1843, the date thereof. He is a descendant of one of Delaware County's respected pioneers, his paternal grandfather, Conrad Lasher, having removed from Dutchess to this county in the early days of its settlement. He bought a tract of timbered land in Middletown, on a spot known as Brush Ridge, and thereafter devoted his life to its cultivation and improvement.

Frederick Lasher, the father of Philip, was born in Dutchess County, being one of seven children. He came with his parents to this county, and assisted them in their pioneer labor of clearing a farm until of age, when he purchased a small piece of land, and began the work of making a home for himself. He was a man of unusual ability and enterprise, and in the years that followed met with great success. He continually added to his landed possessions, and at the time of his decease was the owner of four good farms, three being in Middletown, and one in Halcott, Greene County. His wife, whose maiden name was Annie Record, was a native of Dutchess County, and bore him the following named children: Conrad and Jane, both deceased; Philip; John; Annie C.; Isabella; Frances, deceased; George; Albertina; Henrietta, deceased; and Jeanette.

Philip Lasher spent his early years with his parents, attending school, and doing the chores around the homestead that inevitably fall to a farmer's boy. When a youth of twenty years he took upon himself the cares and responsibilities of matrimony, and, in order that he might support his wife, bought a farm in Ulster County, where he made a good living for some twelve years. Disposing of that property, he came to this county, and purchased a farm in the town of Andes, on which he lived for about a year, going from there to Halcott, Greene County, where he bought land and conducted a farm for two years. Returning to Griffin's Corners, the place of his nativity, Mr. Lasher entered upon an entirely new enterprise, building a large house, in which for the next ten years he entertained boarders from the city, a very pleasant and profitable occupation. Then, selling his boarding-house, he bought the farm which he now owns and occupies, and considered one of the finest pieces of property in Delaware County, it containing from one hundred and sixty to one hundred and seventy-five acres of valuable land.

Mr. Lasher has been twice married. His first wife was Jane Townsend, the daughter of Alfred Townsend, of Halcott, Greene County; and to them three children were born, as follows: Willard, who died at the age of thirteen years; Hester who died at the age of twelve years; and Isaac, who married Libbie Butler, of Sullivan County. After fifteen years of peaceful wedded life the wife and mother passed to the better land, laying down the burdens of life in 1878. Mr. Lasher subsequently married Melissa Sherwood, daughter of James Sherwood, of Roxbury; and their union has been blessed by the birth of two children - Frederick and Eathel, the latter deceased.

Politically, Mr. Lasher votes the straight Republican ticket. Both he and Mrs. Lasher are consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and are numbered among its most generous and liberal supporters.

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