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Pierce Family

This record of births, deaths and marriages was found at the beginning of the Silas Pierce Ledger (No. 66) located at the  Durham Center Museum. It appears that Silas was a shoemaker and the ledger was an accounting of transactions with local customers, beginning around 1782. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf. No effort has been made to correct spelling.

Hannah Pearce, the wife of John M. Pearce, the daughter of Peter Morehouse and Pheba, his wife, was born November ye 13, 1781 on Monday and departed this life on Wednesday ye 10 of May 1815 about 5 oclock pm in a good hope of injoying a beter world hearafter. She was entired on fryday ye 12 in presen of a ?? mournful assembly of frinds and aquaintance after an affection___ and a worthy discorse delivered by Elder Ruben Stonlan.(?)

Hannah Pearce the Wife of Micah Pearce and Daughter of Silvester Pearce and Patants his wife was born July ye 22, 1782

Betsey Pearce the wife of Benona Pearce and daughter of Edoliah Davis and Betsey his wife was born may ye 9, 1789 on Wednesday

Lydia Pearce wife of Gilbart Pearce and daughter of Adeliah Davis and Betsey his wife was born August ye 29, 1791 on tusday.

Elizebeth Pierce second wife of John M. Pierce and daughter of Capt David Hicock and Phebe his wife was born September ye 27, 1786 on thirsday and died August 20th 1823 on Wednesday at seven oclock pm.

Anson Wright husban of Abigail Pierce and sone of George Wright and Elizebeth his wife born January ye___ 1792

Betsey Pierce wife of William Pierce and daughter of Levi Pierce and Abigail his wife born February ye 14, 1796 on Saturday

Carlton Kent Pierce the fourth sone of Benona Pierce and Betsey his wife was born December ye 16, 1816 on Sonday

Simon Pierce the eighth sone of Micah Pierce and Hannah his wife born Sept ye 17, 1817 on Wednesday

Silas G. Pierce third son of Gilbart Pierce and Lydia his wife born on Febuary ye 4, 1818 on Wednesday

Philip Moorhouse Pierce second sone of John Maxson Pierce and Elizebeth his wife born May ye 30, 1818 on Sunday.

My honoured father Job Pierce was the son of Deacon Mial Pearce of Rehoboth in the County of Bristol and State of Masechusetts. He was born in April ye 22 on fryday in the year 1723. He died in October ye 4 1791, aged 68 years 5 months and 12 days.

My honoured Mother Abigail Pearce was the daughter of De. Micah Pratt of Tanton in the County of Bristol in the State of Masechusetts. She was born on Monday Novm. ye 28, 1725 died on Monday May ye 3, 1813 aged 88 year 5 months and 5 days. She was entired on Tusday ye 4 day of the same month in presents of her famaly and neighbour after a well adapted Prair and sormant delivered by Elder Ruben Stantin, a Baptist preacher.

My name is Job Pearce the sone of the above named Job and Abigail. I was born August ye 7, 1753 on tusday. He died August 30th 1818 aged 65 years 23 days. (different handwriting)

My wives Hannah Pierce was the daughter of Col. William Bullock, Esq. And Suzanna his wife. She was born September ye 18, 1755 on tusday . She died May 30th 1850 aged 94 years 8 months and 12 days

John M(a)xson Pearce my oldest child was born March ye 20, 1778 on fryday. He died March 19th 1846.

Mich Pearce born Febuary ye 29, 1780 on Monday. He died August 16, 1816

___ona (Benona?) Pearce born October ye 20, 1781 on Wednesday

Silas Pearce born Novm ye 9, 1783 on Fryday. He died January ye 8, 1786 aged 2 years one month and 29 days

William Pearce born October ye 18, 1784 on tusday

Silas Pearce born September 19, 1787 on Wednesday

Gilbart Pearce born Novm 20, 1789 on Fryday. He died August 14, 1866

Abigail Pearce born August ye 19, 1792 on Sunday

Maxson Pearce the eldest child of my son John was born March ye 5. 1800 on Fryday

Royal Pearce born January ye 1803 on Wednesday the eldest son of Micah

Ruben Pearce second son of Micah born February ye 22, 1804 on Wednesday

William Pearce third son of Micah born November 25, 1805 on Monday and died April ye __ 1806

William Pearce forth son of Micah born January ye 28, 1807 on Wednesday

Hiram Pearce oldest son of Benona Pearce born January ye 22, 1806 on Wednesday

Hannah Eliza Pearce oldest daughter of (illegible) Pearce born ye 12 day of February 1832. (written in pencil and very faint)

Stephen Van Rancely Pearce________of Micah Pearce born January ye_____ on Sunday (Corner of page torn out)

Lemuel Davies Pearce second son of Benoni Pearce born April ye 9, 1810

William Wheler Pearce sixth sone of Micah Pearce born August ye 18, 1810

John Maxon Pierce oldest sone of Gilbart Pearce borne October ye 11, 1811 on Fryday

Cardilla Samantha Pearce oldest dafter of Micah Pearce born March ye 8, 1812 on Sunday

Zovay (?) Pierce oldest daughter of Gilbart Pierce born August ye 23, 1813 on Monday

Amos Pierce seventh sone of Micah Pierce born March ye 6, 1814 on Sunday

Lovel Bulock Pierce third sone of Benona Pierce born on July ye 26, 1814 on Monday

George Albert Pierce second sone of Gilbart Pierce born October 28, 1815 on Saturday

Calven Albert Wright oldest sone of Anson Wright and Abiga(il) his wife born April ye 10, 1816 on Wednesday

Pheba Mirripst (?) Pierce oldest daughter of John M Pierce and Elizabeth her wife born Novm 20, 1816 on Wednesday at eleven oclock in the forenoon

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