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Place Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located south of the village of Greenville Center on Route 41 (Sanford Corners Road) near an area known locally as Place's Corners, in the Town of Greenville. It is a small cemetery surrounded by a stone wall and it is well tended.  There are 10 unmarked fieldstones in the cemetery.

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Transcribed by Sylvia, Britni and Derick Hasenkopf on July 7, 2000

Stones 5, 8 and 14 are missing in the summer of 2011.

  1. Sarah E., d. May 3, 1862, aged 20m, d/o Erastus and Mariyn Burges
  2. Allen D., d. November 21, 1862, aged 24y, s/o Erastus and Marian Burges
  3. Phyletus R. Welch, b. August 2, 1840, d. September 21, 1864
  4. William Welch, d. September 8, 1852, aged 57y
  5. Esther Jones, d. June 2, 1870, aged 69y, w/o William Welch
  6. John W. Welch, d. May 22, 1863, aged 87y
  7. Hannah, d. August 28, 1857, aged 72y6m, w/o John W. Welch
  8. James W., d. January 10, 1848, aged 1m15d, s/o Orin and Mary Ann Earl
  9. In memory of Sarah Place, d. November 16, 1846, aged 27y4m7d, d/o Jeremiah Place
  10. Jeremiah Jr., d. September 3, 1834, aged 4y, s/o Jeremiah and Temperance Place
  11. Jeremiah Place, d. June 9, 1855, aged 57y
  12. In memory of Sarah, d. November 16, 1832, aged 59y20d, w/o Thomas Place
  13. Thomas Place, d. January 6, 1846, aged 75y6d
  14. Sabrina Burgess, d. December 21, 1866, aged 26y3m, w/o George L. Place, our mother
  15. Maria Hollenbeck, d. August 30, 1865, aged 89y, w/o Henry Whitbeck

Postscript: Transcription completed by the Ontiora Chapter of DAR located. Date of transcription not specified, however the following tombstones were located at the site at that time and were not present in 2000:

  1. Jeremiah Williams, b. August 29, 1794, d. December 23, 1867

  2. Sarah Vincent, no dates, w/o Jeremiah Williams

  3. Thomas Vincent Williams, b. July 8, 1825, d. May 16, 1872

  4. Mary E, Morrison, b. 1826, d. 1869, w/o Thomas Vincent Williams (buried at Suffolk, VA)

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