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Prattsville Town Supervisors, Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace 1833-1883

From Beers, History of Greene County. Retyped by Annette Campbell.

The first annual town meeting for the town of Prattsville was held at the house of Colonel Henry Laraway, April 2nd 1833, in pursuance of a statute of the Legislature.  There were present, Nicholas Decker and Leveritt Munson, justices of the peace, and Frederick A. Fenn, clerk of the meeting. At this meeting, by-laws were passed, resolutions adopted, and other business transacted.
The following is the list of the names of persons then elected to office:  Hezekiah Dickerman, supervisor; F. A. Fenn, town clerk; Nicholas L. Decker, Isaac Haner, and Ariral Blinn, assessors; John Brandow, and Robert More, overseers of the poor; Ezra Disbrow, John Brackney, and Henry W. Shoemaker, commissioners of highways; Cornelius K. Burhans, William F. Brackney, and Willard Marsh, Inspectors of schools; Matthew R. Boughton, Titus Atwater, Samuel Tompkins, and Lawrence Brandow, constables; Micholas L. Decker, David F. More, and Elisha B. Minard, justices of the peace.
At a special town meeting held May 1st 1833, for the purpose of electing two overseers of the poor in the place of John Brandow, and Robert More, who had neglected to take the oath prescribed by law, Zadock Pratt, and John Laraway were elected overseers of the poor.
The followwing is a list of the supervisors, town clerks, and justices, since the formation of the town.
SUPERVISORS 1833-1883:
Hezekiah Dickerman   1833-1834
David More   1835-1836
Leveritt Munson   1837-1838
John Laraway  1839, 1843-1844, 1853
John Sturtevant   1840
Henry H. Snyder   1841-1842
Henry Laraway   1845, 1847
Daniel C. Scudder   1846
Bethuel Sutherland  1848-1849
Samuel Chatfield   1850
Cyrus Smith   1851
F. James Fitch   1852
John E. Bassett   1854
H. Winans   1855
Nicholas Brandow   1856
Ezekiel P. More   1857-1858
Simon Winfield   1859-1860
Omar V. Sage   1861-1862
Zadock Pratt   1863-1864
Erskine Laraway   1865
George C. Fenn   1866-1867
Henry Chatfield   1868
J. H. Chatfield   1869
Burton G. Morss   1870-1877
John A. Erkson   1878
Hiram Cronk   1879-1880
George M. Becker   1881-1882
J. H. Chatfield   1883
TOWN CLERKS 1833-1883:
Frederick A. Fenn   1833-1834
Platte M. Osborn   1835
William F. Brackney   1836-1837
Nicholas Decker   1838
Henry P. Osborn   1839
Hart C. Sage   1840-1841
Nicholas L. Decker   1842
Henry Chapman   1843
James B. White   1844-1845
Philander K. Salisbury   1846
Bethuel Sutherland   1847
Arland T. Humphrey   1848-1849
Lafayette Gleason   1850
Frederick M. Frayer   1851
James B. Gregory   1852-1853
H. B. Montgomery   1854
J.D. Adams   1855, 1859-1861, 1863
James D. McArdell   1856-1858
Erskine Laraway   1862
L. W. Morse   1864
Heorge Hoagland   1865
Elijah M. Rose   1866-1867, 1878-1879, 1882
Henry Chatfield   1868
Andrew Rockfellow   1869-1870
Albert Clark   1871-1872, 1874
James Lewis   1873
L. K. Howard   1875
Dwight Bouton   1876
William H. Jackson   1877
Leslie Bouton   1880
John L. Rappleyea   1881
George Raeder   1883
Nicholas I. Decker   1833
David F. More   1833
Elisha B. Minard   1834
E. B. Minard   1835
Bennet Atwood   1835
N. L. Decker   1836
George A. Chamberlin   1837
B. Atwood  1838
Samuel Tompkins   1838
E.B. Minard   1839
N.L. Decker   1840
Willard Marsh   1841
Harmon Parker   1842
William R. Parker   1842
Harmon Parker   1843
P.K. Salisbury   1844
Willard Marsh   1845
Samuel C. Bidwell   1845
Lewis C. Snyder   1846
Samuel C. Bidwell   1847
Alfred M. Haner   1848
Abram Laraway   1849
P. K. Salisbury   1849
Asahel P. Finch   1849
M.C. Bouton   1850
George D. Chatfield   1850
Henry P. Haight   1850
Jacob Myers   1851
Wilbur Lament   1851
P. K. Salisbury   1852
Ira D. Chatfield   1853
John E. Bassett   1854
Thompson C. Smith   1854
Abram Barnum   1855
Gilbert Becker   1855
P. K. Salisbury   1856
George Hoagland   1857
Sanford P. Christian   1858
Gilbert Becker   1859
Simon Winfield   1859
William H. Jackson   1860
Samuel Crane   1860
G. S. Cotton   1860
Giles S. Cotton   1861
Roderick S. Blish   1862
Samuel Crane   1863
William H. Jackson   1864
Henry Haner   1865
Wallace McDaniel   1865
Gilbert Becker   1866
E. J. Soule   1866
G. S. Cotton   1867
W. H.  Jackson   1868
E. J. Soule   1869
Gilbert Becker   1870
G.S. Cotton   1871
W. H. Jackson   1872
E. J. Soule   1873
Gilbert Persons   1874
James Judson, Jr.   1875
H. M. Bouton   1876
E. J. Soule   1877
J. L. Becker   1877
Charles W. Bouton   1878
John L. Becker   1879
A. P. Myers   1880
F. M. Frayer   1880
A.S. Cammer   1881
E. J. Soule   1882
B. F. Dutcher   1882
B. F. Dutcher   1883
James Judson   1883
The officers of the town in 1883 were:  Supervisor, J. H. Chatfield; Town Clerk, George Raeder; Justice of the Peace, James Judson; Commissioner of Highways, William Stickles; Assessors, J.E. Thorington (full Term), Isaac Searles (vacancy); Overseer of the poor, D. M. Frayer; Collector, George Laverack; Constables, James Mulford, Milton Dutcher, Hiram White, H. Brandow, and Frank Kuran; Auditors, J. S. Miller, C. R. Newcomb and Hiram Persons;  Inspectors of election, Horace Proper, T.M. Mase, and A. A. Disbrow; Game constable, John Maginnes; Town Excise, Owen Morgan.

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