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The Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of Leeds
Register of Members
March 1861

 in the town of Catskill, Greene County, N. Y.

 Transcribed by The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
 Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh
New York City,
February 1920

Copy of this transcription located at the Albany State Library by Sylvia Hasenkopf and retranscribed by Arlene Goldwin

Page 75

List of Church Members as revised March 1861.

James Van Deusen


Ann Van Deusen


Cornelius Rouse, Sen. &

April 1864 dead

Pauline Vail (his wife)


Mrs. J. Platte Rouse


Abram F. Philip  &


Alidah Rosman (his wife)


Mrs. Wolcott

Very aged   dead

Benjamin Chittester


Francis Elting &


Margaret M. Snyder (his wife)


Zerah Perry


Mrs. ----- Ferry


Tertullus Luddington


John S. Overbaugh  &


Harriet Chittester (his wife)


Mrs. Elsie Blackmar


Mrs. ------- Bouton


Albertine N. Cooley

Dead  March 1863

Jeremiah Planck

Dead   Feb. 1862

 Page 76

Ann Plank, wife of John Planck


John Layman &


Elisabeth Borke (his wife)


Mrs. Nancy Vedder


Mr. Isaac Plank

Dismissed Saugerties, May 1st 1866

Mrs. I. Plank


Alfred Henry Plank


Sarah Jane Plank

Dismissed Feb. 1863

Mrs. George Brant


Mr. Peter Brant


Mrs. Peter Brant

Died April 19th or 20th 1866

Nancy Brant


Elisabeth Maria Brant


Mr. Abram Plank


Mrs. A. Plank


Emeline Plank


Sanford Plank


Philo W. Plank

Dismissed June 1866

Jeannie Plank


Maggie Plank


Mrs. Catharine Vedder (widow) Vedder

Died Feb. 1866

Mr. Addison D. Plank

Dismissed to Ch. of Catskill  July 1862

Mrs. A. D. Plank

Dismissed to Ch. of Catskill   July 1862

Mrs. Henry Vedder


 Page 77

John Van Vechten


Mrs. J. Van Vechten


Mrs. Catharine Person


Mrs. Elsie Plank


Antoinette Plank


Lewis M. Plank


Mrs. Wm. Fowks


Carles Wilhelm     German


Ernstine Wilhelm   German

Dead   Feb. 1862

Miss E. A. Mc Glasshan


Mrs. Wardwell


Mary Wardwell


Mrs. Sidney Wilbur

Died Jan. 27, 1868

Mrs. Mary Dodge

Dismissed  Dec. 14th 1861.   Rec’d again

Nehemiah Smith

Dead    died July 1868

Mrs. Luke Van Vechten


Mrs. Salisbury   (mother of
Mrs. W. Fowks


John Bald  &      (German) 


Augusta Jerrald his wife


William Vedder


Mrs.  William Vedder

Dead   died July 1867

Mrs. Osterhout


Mrs. Amos Brandow


Mrs. Fred. Rotzler


 Page 78

Mrs. Jacob Vedder


John Vedder


Mrs. John Vedder


Mrs. Elisabeth Tyler


Mrs. G.F. Searle


Mrs. J. D. Comfort


Mrs. Samuel Dewey


Mrs. Caroline Chittester


Mrs. Catherine Newkirk

Died   April 22d 1866

Mrs. Harriet Hickok


Mrs. ------ Egbertson


Mars. Lavina  Hallenbeck


Mary Catharine Hallenbeck


Cornelius Rouse, Jr.


Mrs. C. Rouse


William H. Thorne


Mrs. Leah Van Valkenburgh


James Sterrit


Mrs. Jas Sterrit


Thomas Wm. Sterrit


Rachael Van Hoesen


Leah Van Hoesen, wife of Abram Hallenbeck


 Page 79

Betsey Van Hoesen


Cornelius Brooks


Mary Brooks wife of Peter Van Valkenburgh


Mrs. ------ Mc Giffert


Joseph Mc Giffert


Mrs. Kennedy


Thomas Sterrit


Mrs. T. Sterrit


Thomas Stewart Sterrit


Thomas Day


Miss Elsie Spoor


Miss Elsie Rouse


Miss Eytche Rouse


Miss Mary Rouse


Mrs. C. Salisbury


Mrs. H. Newkirk


Moses Parmatier


Alice Parmatier


Mrs. Jane Salisbury


Peter Schuneman


Benjamin Comfort


Catharine Comfort

Oct. 1867   dead

Sarah Elisabeth Comfort


Ada Sherman, (wife of Earles at Sandy Plains)


Wm. Mc Gifford

Returned & c.

Lyman Chittester


Chariey Mower, his wife


Michael Cling


Augusta Cling, his wife


Catharine Cling, his mother


Mrs. G. Dubois


Mrs. Moses Parmatier


Susan Bronk,  colored


Isabella B. Sterritt


Resident members 113—114
From 15th Communion Season,
Names to be added to this catalogue.

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