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The Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of Leeds
Members Dismissed and Suspended

 in the town of Catskill, Greene County, N. Y.

 Transcribed by The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
 Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh
New York City,
February 1920

Copy of this transcription located at the New York State Library in Albany by Sylvia Hasenkopf and retranscribed by Arlene Goldwin

Page 101

Abstracted for the Minutes of the Consistory.

July 22, 1833  The family of Mr. Samuel Hall requested dismission to Catskill, it being more convenient for them to attend that church; dismission to be granted if necessary.

Oct. 1, 1833  John Henry Person, suspended

Jan. 27, 1834  The pastor reported that he had dismissed by certificate to the church of Catskill, Mr. Samuel Hall, his wife, his daughter Elizabeth and Miss Hanah Thorp. Note: They were dismissed in November; cf. Page 53.

Jan. 27, 1834  Mrs. Richard Eckler, to the church of Catskill.

May 19, 1834  Miss Ellen Van Liew, to the Ref. D. Ch. of Millstone, N. J.

May 19, 1834  Margaret Sax, wife of Abm. Overbagh, to R. D. Ch. of Catskill

July 28, 1834  Mrs. Van Liew, [wife of Rev. J. C. Van Liew] dismissed to the church at Spotswood, N. J.  the action of the Clerk approved, Sept. 6,1834

Aug. 7, 1835  Mrs. Sarah Van Hoesen, wife of Gedy Van Kuren, to the church of Catskill (Cf. Apr. 2, 1843, page 59)

July 15, 1837  Peter H. Van Hoesen, suspended

Jan. 4, 1840  Martha Barlow, suspended

May 10, 1843  Sarah M. Salisbury, to the church at Elenvill.

May 10, 1843  Lana Ann Sanford, to a church at Elenvill.

Aug. 22, 1845  Mrs. Paulson, to the Ref. D. Church of Athens

Nov. 20, 1845  Mrs. Susan E. Brunk, wife of Mr. Fish, to the ch. at Fultonvill.

Oct. 29, 1845  The wife and daughter of the Rev. Wm. R. S. Betts, dismissed, to unite where they may see fit; letters to be sent when requested.

Sept. 12, 1852  Mrs. Jane Salisbury, to the Ref. D. Ch. of Ellenvill.

Mar. 21, 1853  Peter Rouse and his wife, to some Christian Church in Illinois.

May, 16, 1856   The Consistory have no power, agreeably to the Constitution, to grant Letters of dismission to General [William ] Salisbury and his wife, by Reason of their long absence.

Mar. 23, 1867  Tartullus Ludington, suspended

Sept. 4, 1875  Mrs. Alice Howard and Mrs. Emeline Comfort, dismissed

Mar. 4, 1876  Elder Francis Elting and Mrs. Elting, to the church of Upper Red Hook.

Feb. 17, 1877  Dr. S. W. Deane, suspended

Apr. 14, 1877  Wm. H. Thorn, dismissed

Apr. 15, 1878  Mrs. Jane S. Van Zandt and Miss Margaret Van Zandt, dismissed

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