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The Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of Leeds
Register of Members Dismissed

 in the town of Catskill, Greene County, N. Y.

 Transcribed by The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
 Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh
New York City,
February 1920

Copy of this transcription located at the New York State Library in Albany by Sylvia Hasenkopf and retranscribed by Arlene Goldwin

Page 86

Members dismissed since April 1858 & previous to April 1861

Mrs. Van Hoesen


Catharine B. Van Hoesen


Margaret E. Van Hoesen


Mrs. Winans


S. E. Barnes

Congregational Ch. East

Clarissa C. Barnes

Congregational Ch. East

Maria B. Barnes

Congregational Ch. East

Elsie Mc. Chessney


John P. Collier

2d Ch. of Athens

Mrs. J. P. Collier

2d Ch. of Athens

Mr. Wm. Sager

2d Ch. of Athens

Mrs. Wm. Sager

2d Ch. of Athens

Francis J. Van Hoesen

2d Ch. of Athens

Mr. Jacob F. Van Hoesen

2d Ch. of Athens

Mrs. Jacob F. Van Hoesen

2d Ch. of Athens

Mrs. Tiny Conine

2d Ch. of Athens

Mrs. Hallenbeck

(one year)

Henry Teich & wife

To Catskill

Mrs. Nelly Overbaugh


Willie Van Hoesen


Henry Darringer & wife


 Page 87

Mrs. Mary D. Minor


Alice Minor


Mrs. Anna Van Hoesen

Stuyvesant Falls

J. Newton Greene &


Kate Kerial (his wife)


Jacob M. Plank

Hudson, N. Y.

 Dismissed since April 1860

Mrs. Catalina Dewey, widow of Dr. D. Samuel Dewey, Jr.

Hudson, N. Y.

Miss C. V. D. Dewey

Hudson, N. Y.

Caspar Van Hoesen


Mrs. Lyall (Eliza Van Deusen)


John A. Greene  &


Phebe B. Greene, his wife


Jemima Greene


Elisabeth J. Greene Catskill

Kate Elting, wife of L. White

Pres. Ch. of Centreville

Mrs. Jane Dewey

Pres. Ch. of Greenville

Deborah H. Colyer


Harmon Cole

To Pres. Ch. of Greenville

 Dismissed since April 1861

Mrs. Mary Dodge

To 2d Ch Poughkeepsie

Mrs. Jane G. Moulton

To 1st Ch. Catskill

Mrs. Catharine Brandow

To 1st Ch. Catskill

 Page 88

Dismissed since April 1862

Rachael J. Van Hoesen

1st Church of Athens

Elizabeth Van Hoesen

1st Church of Athens

A. D. Plank

To Ch. of Catskill

Phebe Miller, his wife

To Ch. of Catskill

Sarah J. Plank

Ch. of Saugerties

Since April 1863

Michael Plank


Mrs. Gertrude Dubois


Mrs. Otto Fox (Jane A. Phillip)


Susan Bronk, Colored


Since April 1864

Mrs. John Wolf


Since April 1866

Isaac Plank & wife

(2)   dismissed

Philo W. Plank & wife


Mrs. Isaac Van Hoesen


 Since April 1867

Edward Turner


Mrs. Ellen K. Wardwell


Miss Mary Wardwell


Miss Cornelia Wardwell


 Dismissed since April 1868

Elsie Rouse

To Athens

Eytche Rouse

To Athens

Mary Rouse

To Athens

John S. Overbagh

To Athens

His wife also

To Athens


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