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Pvt. Dennis Judd

Contributed by Seward R. Osborne

Dennis Howard Judd was born in Windham, November 8, 1843, the fourth of seven children [five sons and two daughters] of Jehiel Joel Judd and Sophia R. Snow.
Prior to the Civil War he worked on the farm of Harmon Camp in Windham, and assisted his father in cutting wood.
He signed up for three years and enlisted as a private in Company K,  20th New York State Militia, September 13, 1861, at Kingston, Ulster County, New York. Thus, he followed his brothers, Henry and Jehiel, who had both joined the same company and regiment only six days before.
The 20th N.Y.S.M. descriptive book lists Dennis as being, five feet, eleven inches tall, sandy complexion, grey eyes, red hair, with an occupation as sawyer.
Having been engaged in combat at Beverly's Ford, and Warrenton Springs, Private Judd was severely wounded in the side and leg on August 30, 1862, during the Second Battle of Bull Run, Virginia.
Dennis was taken to a hospital in Alexandria, Virginia and on September 5, 1862,  was transferred  to Bellevue Hospital, New York City, for "amputation of leg". After his operation, he wrote a letter to his Aunt Hannah Judd, dated September 26, 1862. In part, he said that he knew his brother Henry had died [he was severely wounded the same day as Dennis] and he was very sad to hear of it. Henry had died September 8, 1862, in an Alexandria hospital and left a widow and one son. Continuing Dennis said, "there is many a poor widow now in our land[,] we can only feel sorry for them[,] we can do nothing more." Trying to comfort his loved ones he stated, "you think that I am worse than I am[,] for I am getting well very fast[,] my side is almost well[,] my leg is the worst now but it will soon be well and then I think that I can come home." Lastly he wrote, "I want to see Father more then any other live man[,] tell him that it is not every man that can have it to say that he has sent four boys to fight for Uncle Sam."
 Private Dennis Judd died from the effects of his amputation on December 2, 1862. His Aunt Hannah said, "I rose in the night to meet the telegram that told us when his body would be in Catskill. His father sent and had his body brought home to Windham. I saw his corpse and am positive it was his, the face and form though showing marks of suffering and decay were yet readily recognizable by myself as well as by the many friends who knew him here." He was only 19 years old but he had come home at last.

Of the four Judd brothers who nobly served their country, two died in service Henry, buried in Alexandria National Cemetery and Dennis], Jehiel was wounded on July 3, 1863 during the Battle of Gettysburg, by a musket ball through the left cheek, near the eye, causing loss of sight in his right eye. Returning to field service he attained the rank of second lieutenant. The fourth boy, Ezekiel, joined Company K, 120th New York Volunteers. After having fought in the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Virginia, Ezekiel suffered from intermittent fever and epilepsy and was honorably discharged. He died in Georgia in 1911.

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  1. Tombstone of Dennis Judd, who died December 3, 1862, aged 19 years. Buried in Windham cemetery. Verse at bottom of stone:

    Windham gave me birth,
    Bull Run battle of Aug. 30th gave me death,
    Noble NYlady friends gave me my coffin
    and soldier shroud, and young men of
    kindred minds my stone. 

    Erected by the young men of
    Windham in Memory of Dennis Judd

    2.    Tombstone of Jehiel Judd, Dennis' brother, 1838-1914, buried in Haines Falls Cemetery. He survived the Civil War.
    3.    Tombstone of Henry Judd. Henry is buried in grave #269, Alexandria National Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia
    4.    Tombstone of Aunt Hannah Judd, who died Feb. 5, 1890, aged 94 years. Buried in Windham Cemetery

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    Telegram received by Jonah and Hannah Judd dated December 2, 1862: Dennis' body will arrive Catskill Wednesday morning, L.E. Hunting. Note that the date of the telegram is December 2nd, yet the tombstone states he died December 3rd.

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    We the undersigned agree to pay the sum set opposite our name for the purpose of procuring & erecting a siutable (sic) tombstone to the memory of the soldier Dennis Judd, who died in the service of his Country.
    For the sum of $1.25 - West C. Baldwin
    For the sum of $1.00 - Harmon Camp
    For the sum of $ .50 - Cicero C. Peck, Samuel Graham, Dorville Hull, Ransom A. Mattoon, Edwin B. Elliston, Dwight Miller, Orin Landers, James H. Woolhiser, Leroy Lyons, Delos B. Chichester, Wm. H. Freeze, Bruce Miller, Wm. E. McKee, Henry H. McKee, Truman Johnson, Luman S. Hunt, John B. Charidan, Peter W. Brandow, Robert Lee, Berrien Fish, John P. Griffin, Platt Smith
    For the sum of $ .25 - Benjamin White, Oliver Howard, Cornelius Hydecker, Addison P. Roach, Edgar Clark, Leonard Brisack, Henry White, David B. Steele, Daniel H. Perry, Leander H. McKee
    Total - $16.00
    Cost of Stone - $15.00
    Extra Lettering on Stone - $1.00

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