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Athens First Presbyterian

Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 27. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

Whereas the Society denominated the first Presbyterian society in the Village of Athens County of Greene and State of New York in order that they might be incorporated under the third section of the Act of the Legislature of the State of New York passed March twenty seventh Eighteen hundred one  Entitled an Act to provide for the incorporation of Religious Societies did cause public Notice to be given said Society at the place at which said society did meet for public worship on two successive Sabbaths, by the Ministers then officiating that on the fourth day of August eighteen hundred and fourteen an election would be held by the said society pursuant to the provisions of said Act at the House of Ebenezer King in the Village of Athens for the purpose of electing five discreet persons of the Society as Trustees.  Be it therefore remembered that on the said fourth day of August aforesaid the said society did meet pursuant to said notice at the House of Ebenezer King in said Village at three O Clock in the afternoon of that day for the purpose of said election and being so assembled did proceed pursuant to the third Section of said Act to nominate and did nominate Ebenezer Kind and David Clark two of the members of said Society to preside at such election to receive the votes and be Judges of the qualifications of the electors and having been so nominated and appointed  We the said Ebenezer King and David Clark do hereby certify under our hands and seals that we did preside at said Election for the purpose aforesaid and that the Notices of said election were duly given as above stated and for more than fifteen days previous to said day of election that said society on said fourth day of August meet for  the purpose of Chusing [sic] Trustees as aforesaid that hey proceeded to vote by ballot for five Trustees—And we do further certify that David Shaw, William Fraser, Nathaniel Howl and Timothy Witherell, Alexander Fraser Jun. of the said society were then duly elected by a plurality of Votes at said election as Trustees by the na_s of the Trustee of the first Presbyterian society in the Village of Athens to take the charge of the Estate property belonging to said society and to transact all affairs selective to the temporalities Thereof;  In Testimony wherefore have here unto set our hand and seals to this instrument  at Athens this fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fourteen.

The word first in the first line
The word by the names of the Trustees
of the first Presbyterian society of the                                                 David Clark      {seal}
Village of Athens   In the 33rd line from                                              Ebenezer King  {seal}
Top  Interlined of Notice

State of New York Greene County   SS

Be it Remembered that on the fifty day September in the year one thousand Eight hundred & fourteen personally appeared before me Isaac Northrop one of the Judges of the court of common Pleas in & for the County of Greene   David Clark & Ebenezer King to me known to me the same persons who sealed & subscribed the within Certificate who in Examination by me acknowledged that they signed and sealed the written said Certificate for & in pursuance of the purposes in the within said Certificate mentioned and I having examined the same and finding no erasures or interlineations therein but what one noted do allow the same to be Recorded pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided

                                                        Isaac Northrop

Recorded the 6th day of Sept 1814                                                                                                              Jas. Bill Clk

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