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Cairo Methodist Episcopal
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 46. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

Pursuant to a Legal Notification given according to the Statutes Law, a meeting was held in Cairo for the purpose of Electing Trustees for the Methodist Episcopal Church March 1st 1828            

                                                           John Bangs     President
Joshua Benedict Secretary
Samuel Jones
John Deniston   Trustees 
                                                        Harvey Mead

We do Certify that Samuel Jones, John Deniston and Harvey Mead where at that Meeting above named Unanimously elected Trustees for the Methodist Episcopal Church in Cairo as Witness whereof we have hereinto set our hand and seals this first day of March 1828

Walter Mead                                John Bangs  LS
Horace Austin                             Joshua Benedict   LS

State of New York
Greene County     SS           On the first day of March 1828 the above named John Bangs and Joshua Benedict to me known did in my presence duly execute the foregoing instrument & Severally Acknowledge the Same as their Acts & Deed to & for eth uses and purpose therein mentioned.  I allow the same to be recorded.    
Horace Austin  
                                                                                            A commissioner for Greene County

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