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Cairo Methodist Episcopal
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 86. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

Whereas on this 21st day of August in the year 1852 a Meeting of the male members of the Methodist Episcopal Church was held at the Meeting house in Cairo  Village for the purpose of Incorporating a Board of Trustees for said Church and whereas it is found ___  ___ the said meeting didn't give  any title to the Board of Trustees  Elected. In ____ of which neglect it is believe said board never had any legal existance said church have thereof resolved to reorganize & form a new board of Trustees.

State of New York        }
County of Greene          } ss   We two of the members of the Church hereafter mentioned certify that on the seventh day of May 1860    the male members of full age who statedly meet for divine worship with said church in the village of Cairo & County of Greene  according to the rules of the Methodist Episcopal Church  (and which is believed to have been incorporated for it ___ ___ ____) being convened at the Meeting house the place of Public Worship heretofore occupied by said Church in the Village of Cairo in said county present to public notice having been given fifteen days and in two successive Sabbaths for the purpose of Incorporation said church   Electing Trustees & designating a name or title by which said board of Trustees in law & in Equity Should be hereafter Known.  Nor thereof in presence of the ____ of at State of New York in such case made & provided Reverend George Woodworth was appointed Chairman & who thereupon nominated Orrin Slater & Edward T. Stevens two of the male members of said church of full age to preside as the election of the at the election of the Board of Trustees  receive the ____of the electives Judge of the qualification of such electors who than severally by a plurality of voices duly election be ___ as aforesaid

That said persons the male members of full age of said church did then & there by like plurality of voices determine that there be five persons elected to constitute  a board of Trustees for said church to take into possession all the estate of said church on which may hereafter may come into possession of said church by purchase or otherwise and to take charge of all the temporalities of said church & that said persons did then & there by a like plurality of voices elect  John Stuart, Edward T. Stevens, Orin Slater, Henry Steels & Henry Brass  members of said church as the Board of Trustees of said church.

And the  said persons did then & there by a like plurality of voices designate this said board of Trustees & their successors in office will always be known both in Law & in Equity as the Trustees of the Cairo Village Methodist Episcopal Church.  The said Trustees elected as beforesaid were the divided by law into three classes as  follows

First Class     }                Second Class        }               Third Class
John Stewart }                Orin Slater            }               Henry Steele    
                                         Edward Stevens  }               Henry Brass

Given under our hands & seals this 7th day of May 1860 & we do hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct certificate of the above meeting & it proceeding    

In the presence of                   Orrin Slater  LS                                                         
                                                  Edward T. Stevens  LS

State of New York    }
County of Greene     }  ss on the 7th day of May in the yare 1860 Orrin Slater & Edward T. Stevens to me known to be the persons mentioned _______ and ______ in  & who are executed the ____ certificate personally came before me and severally acknowledged the ____ of the same  

                                                                 Augustus  Hill
                                                              Justice of the Peace 

Recorded May 8th 1860
At 1 pm.
Jas Cooke Clk

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